65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-22-22

  1. Rain was supposed to come here at 10, now it is not showing any rain. That is good as the plan is to take all of the old carpet to the dump. Hoping that the lines are not too long as we need to make several trips.

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  2. Nancyj, The plan is to be in by mid December as that is when the flooring installer can work. I am fine is things slow down a bit. The flooring is not even ordered yet. Oh, and I need to pick out toilets.
    I have this house until mid December and he will begin the flooring in my bedroom. Then I can get the bed that I ordered and move all of these clothes.

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  3. When we built, we were always told that something would come or be worked on in a week to ten days. That did not usually happen. Our area was in a boom time when we built. Actually, we would have bought an older home if the area was not booming. We were almost forced to build and in the long run we are happy we did.

    We started our bathroom remodel before Covid, and it is yet to be finished. Technically it was finished, but the floor was not right. The vanity will have to be removed again and possibly the toilet to redo the floor. I was not happy with the plumber. He was the one who did the floor, too. I thought the store would send someone else to do that. They are sending him to do the floor again but can’t get a commitment from him. I wanted to redo the kitchen (it is stuck in the 70’s somewhat) but I don’t want to use this store. Plumbers are scarce; tradesman are scarce. I would like to be finished with the bathroom completely before doing anything else. I could not recommend this local business because of this nonsense.

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  4. Jo, it sounds like you are getting a whole new house. Amazing!

    I got the charger from the car and now my power is up over 35%! Praise God for solutuons even when they seem to
    take a long time. I also ordered 2 new charger cords to arrive tomorrow.

    I used my creative chef abilities this a.m. to make a quick new dish to send to the office this morning along with salmon patties I made last night. I cooked a sweet potato in the microwave, took it out and cubed it. I put some light olive oil (baking and frying type) in a small skillet and added the cubed potato with salt and cinnamon sprinkles. I broke up some walnuts to add and quickly stir fried. When done I added some canned pineapple chunks with a little juice. A very tasty, quick, and healthy side dish . . . my own recipe. Will make again! And I made yhe salmon patties with garlic and lime. a new and good variation.

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  5. It is amazing the amount of food God has provided for our enjoyment and good health. And how much we have to fix it to our poor health and detriment. I appreciate your journey toward good health, Janice, and like the sweet potato one especially. But I don’t have a microwave so will use the toaster oven (thanks, DJ!)

    You all have been such a help to me over the years!

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  6. Jo, it may have actually been cheaper to buy a new house! haha

    Good to be getting things as you like them, though, and it’ll be especially good when you’re done. It’s all exhausting, I know.

    That does sound good, Janice. I picked up some green beens at the Sprouts deli the other night, seasoned in garlic. So, so good — I had them with their citrus-herb seasoned salmon steak.

    I’ve been doing stories on our 1950s Star-Kist canning plant (closed since the mid-80s) and received a delightful email last night from a reader, along with a photo of his grandmother who worked there back in the day. He spotted his grandmother also in one of the historic photos we ran with the stories.

    The women would all wear white uniforms and when work was done they’d take the ferry back to town and climb onto all the city buses — reeking of tuna, of course.

    Anyway, from the email I received:

    ~ … I could remember my grandmother coming home from work and all these cats would be following her has she smell of tuna as all the ladies did if you were ever on the bus with them on there way home from work. My grandfather was a fishermen as was my step-father. … ~

    The part about the cats just made me laugh.

    I began working for the paper there (now closed) in ’81 so I remember the last few years of that era and how, on very warm days in a heat wave, the mainland just across the way from the canneries would smell of tuna fish.

    Michelle would have more vivid memories of all of that having grown up there.

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  7. Janice, that sweet potato dish sounds lovely – I will have to try it.

    We have finally processed all the fresh tomatoes from our garden. Roasted, chopped, bagged and then frozen until all were done. Today I’m making my mild salsa from the last of the fresh ones and some of the frozen sauce. So glad my garden provides so much – green peppers, one salsa pepper, zucchini, celery and of course the tomatoes. I do add some garlic for extra flavour, but NO onions. I currently have a very large canning pot full cooking on the stove. I want to see how many containers that fills for freezing before making a second batch. Husband needs to seed and chop all his salsa peppers and then we’ll make the hot salsa.

    No baby or puppy news yet.

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  8. So difficult waiting, Kare🙏

    The salsa sounds wounderful. Wish I could indulge my tastebuds with nightshade plants which are all delicious!

    I think the sweet potato recipe could be done with butternut squash, etc. Whatever one has available . . . I had to use what I had available this morning.


  9. I saw that story on the wires yesterday, Kizzie, amazing.

    And here’s a lowdown on our rare bird:

    ~ 1st continental U.S. sighting of rare Wood Warbler happens in Long Beach
    A Long Beach resident, who teaches at Fullerton College, discovered a bird more common to Siberia. …

    “I knew I had something weird, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was,” Dawson said after finding the bird …

    But Dawson, a microbiology teacher at Fullerton Community College, posted photos and a detailed description on eBird, the go-to website for bird sightings around the world, and within a couple of hours, it was IDed as a Wood Warbler.

    Dawson’s find actually turned out to be a rare bird indeed, an unexpected trans-Siberian migrant common throughout northern Europe and in the extreme west of Asian Russia. The entire population winters in tropical Africa.

    “Wow, that’s not one that was on my radar,” Kimball Garrett, research associate in ornithology at LA’s Natural History Museum and co-author of the book “Birds of Southern California,” said in reacting to the news.

    All 10 previous Wood Warbler sightings in North America have been in Alaska. … ~

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  10. Hello all. I attended the funeral of my friend’s husband. Several of his friends spoke. She was also the “live of his life”.
    They would have been married two years in November. She told another friend Sunday afternoon that she knew it was God’s will but she was having a hard time and she was just going to rake leaves and work in her gardens.

    My new stove arrived today. I have so far boiled water for a cup of tea.

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  11. I imagine keeping busy and working in her gardens is just the thing for her to do right now. Death is an enemy and grief is real. Interesting that we have to be told to ‘grieve with those who grieve and rejoice with those who are rejoicing’. That must be so sad for you too, Kim.

    Nice about the new stove.

    I was so shocked once when attending a family history day at a grandchild’s school. We walked around and met a student whose grandfather had been a slave. He was Armenian. It was fascinating history and one I was not familiar with at the time.

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  12. I am home again, two trips to the dump today. My friends are quite the packers or loaders. I figured four or five trips and we did it in two. Also there were no long lines which helped.

    So all of that carpet trash is gone, praise the Lord.

    Now to clean up and pack as I leave for Orlando in the morning. It will be tough to switch the time zones.

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  13. Well, I can’t compete with a Saturday spent taking trips to the dump.

    I did head out to walk on the waterfront but we had some unscheduled light rain after a very cloudy day. It was more than a mist, maybe not quite a sprinkle, but enough that I would have been pretty wet by the time the walk was finished and I wasn’t exactly dressed for that. No one was out on the pathway when I was there.

    So I went straight to what was to be my second stop, Sprouts, and picked up some salmon, green beens and some baked chicken. And two small pumpkins that are now sitting on my front porch rail.

    Kim, I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss, that has got to be heartbreaking for her. And I agree, gardening and yard work sounds like a good plan.

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  14. Hey all.
    Husband left at 1am for his trip across the country…Pip awakened us at midnight barking at deer outside! It’s been a long day!
    I have been sneezing all the live long day with stuffy nose…there is something out here that is causing an allergic reaction with me! I took a couple Sudafed and that knocked me out for much of the day. Feeling better tonight

    Thanks Aj. The appt went well and they do not believe I am in any danger of a heart attack but the mystery pain is still a mystery. They said “for my age” the heart is working pretty well. It may be Costochondritis which causes chest pain. It seems that condition is more of a bother and not something to be too concerned about. I’ll see what my GP says about it all this week. I appreciate the prayer covering ….

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  15. Very glad to hear there is no heart issue , NancyJill! It’s ragweed season here, but usually time does take care of that, and hopefully yours will clear naturally as well.

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  16. Jo – Your mention of your friends being good packers reminded me of my dad. Dad was good at fitting more things into a space – such as groceries into an almost full fridge or too much luggage into a car trunk – than one would expect to fit.

    Chickadee may have inherited that knack, because she was the one who I could turn to to fit a bunch of Thanksgiving leftovers into an already packed fridge. 🙂

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  17. NancyJill – My mother had costochondritis a couple times, I think, but hers was in her rib area on her side. I’m not sure, but I think she was given something to ease it. Maybe a muscle relaxant or something for pain. Not sure. Praying this will clear up soon for you.

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  18. Kizzie mine started out in the chest area and would circle around under the left armpit down my arm and into my rib area. From time to time my rib area hurts but the area on my left chest area under my collar bone hurts like the dickens when pressed upon. I am in hopes this will go away sooner than later but remain thankful the cardiologist and the mammography both cleared those two areas. 😊

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  19. We had a nice visit with daughter this evening. We have moved into the hotel bar rather than sit out in the rain and wind. Well, kind of the hotel lobby and kind of a room of the bar. The bartender brings us popcorn and pop or water and adjusts the temp for us. We played a game of Dutch Blitz which twenty one used to win quite often but she completely is starting over as she has forgotten the game. We had fun though. Fifteen won.

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  20. My 16 yr. old granddaughter loves to play Dutch Blitz because she can win quite easily these days. Double solitaire is easier for me now, but I am not as fast as I used to be. That is okay as all grandchildren enjoy winning when they can.

    Glad you made it home safely, mumsee.

    We did a whole lot of raking yesterday. It was in the low sixties, so quite warm for this time of year. We have a bit left which I hope to get to later today. Rain and dropping temps will be here tomorrow.

    As inaccurate as predicting weather can be, I don’t think we appreciate how much we are able to know about the weather ahead of time. Years ago people did not have that knowledge and it led to far more death and destruction. There are some fascinating books about that, such as All Hell Broke Loose about the Armistice Day blizzard here in MN way back when. Being able to plan appropriately is such a blessing.

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  21. That is such a good point, Kathaleena. We do take our weather reports so much for granted now. We know when to cover plants to keep them in bloom longer and that is such a minor thing compared to the ability to save lives by knowing early about approaching deadly weather.

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  22. I managed to lock myself out this morning. Though we don’t normally lock our doors, I do lock my area as we have the gun safe and meds in there. And currently there is a son in the area who would not hesitate to borrow things. He leaves today I think.

    Anyway, God knew about it long ago. He gave the creative daughter a plan to build a stile for our fences but she built it too steep so it has been a plant holder under my bedroom window for years. Today, I got to find out if it holds weight as I was able to use it to climb through the tiny window I forgot to lock. Thanks to God, as always, for His foresight and preparation and the kick He probably gets out of watching us find His hidden treasures.

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  23. On another note, twenty one has been excited for a couple of weeks that the church she is currently attending is having a potluck this morning. She was trying to think of what she could bring. I mentioned she could use a crockpot and make chili and hot dogs. She liked the idea and then didn’t but then did. So last night I brought chili, dogs, crockpot, tongs, serving spoon and gave detailed instructions to start it before I arrived with the morning meds. When I got there, she was not happy. I asked how it worked and she said it didn’t. Turns out she did everything correct but did not realize it takes a few minutes for a crockpot to heat up and it does not give signals. By the time we arrived up in her room, the pot was getting hot and she was delighted. And so the adventure continues.

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  24. Mumsee, you lead the most interesting life . . . the ups, and downs, and all arounds! Climbing up into the window, handling the down over the slow cooker, and being a transport system worthy of Star Trek . . . “Beam me here, Mumsee, beam me there, and let not freezing precip hinder!”


  25. Oh, Dj, visions of Winnie-the-Pooh, after being too much into the Honey Pot and trying to squeeze into the front door, are swirling in my head! Also thinking of Art once again trying to find a shirt that fits this morning. Surely, Mumsee is sleek and slid right in like Olive Oil.


  26. Stafford Springs was once a resort town, with its famous mineral springs (which still exist). Here is a piece about when John Adams came to visit for the purpose of partaking of the water. (I may have shared about this sometime previously.)

    Supposedly, Hubby’s mother’s side of the family was descended from John and Abigail Adams. There was a genealogy of the family that apparently showed this, but I don’t know what became of it, or how accurate it was. (Hubby’s uncle had worked on it, I believe.)


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  27. Sixteen and I went topside and roof cemented several sections of ridge cap. Hoping that will resolve the problem and save us thousands on a contractor that does not exist.

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  28. Kizzie, I had to laugh when it talked in that post about water turning everything a rust color. So many have water conditioners to stop that from happening these days. Plus, there is so much talk about removing impurities from water now. Some of those impurities are minerals. Interesting history in that post.

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  29. DJ – These days, it’s considered kind of New England redneck. 😀 Although our little main street has shaped up over the last decade or so, and has some nice businesses.

    Kathaleena – There is still a fairly high mineral content in our town water. If I didn’t clean the toilet bowl regularly, a reddish tint would begin to show on the porcelain. But the water tastes fine.

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  30. Wait a minute. Just in case anyone gets this thought in their head. . .No, I do not mean that the water in the toilet tastes fine. I mean the water from the tap tastes fine. 🙂 I have never tasted – and never will -the water in the toilet.

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  31. Every dog will agree that toilet water tastes fine.

    Reminds me of an episode of “All in the Family” when Archie Bunker believed that the water in the toilet came from a different source than the tap water. I wonder how many people actually believe that.

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  32. I have been banned from playing Dutch Blitz. I’m too competitive and must win, so I get very intense and it takes me a long time to calm down afterwards. I have made small children cry with my ‘enthusiasm’ for the game.

    W said ‘grandpa’ today on the phone. H just waved. 😊❤️

    No baby or puppy yet, but it is definitely getting closer…

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