37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-21-22

  1. Good morning! Attempting to catch up on what has been going on in your lives. We are alive and kicking. Back at work for an 8 day stretch. We had a short trip to see some cultural history. I continue to pray for each of you. We were at a rock shop the other day which reminded me of Chas and his lost pet.

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  2. I was thinking of Chas too, as yesterday would have been Elvera’s birthday. 🙂


    Once again, I got a bald eagle shot, but not from a decent distance. He’s on the log on the left side.

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  3. Morning all!
    Good to see you rk…and you did see some amazing features on your trip! I hope it was as relaxing as it was enjoyable!

    Aj I immediately thought “what is that giant bird on that log out there?”!! Nice shot!

    It is still dark in this forest and they have removed the possibility of moisture in the forecast. We are now in “high fire danger” range once again with high winds. Summer needs to loosen it’s grip and let Autumn take it’s rightful place! 🍂

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  4. Good morning, RKessler and AJ!

    Good capture, AJ, even from afar.

    I have really enjoyed your Facebook posts, RK. Through your photos I have seen an area I have never been to. Fun! It’s so different from anything we have here except for a little area I have never been to, Providence Canyon. But still very different from that, too. I will get a link to that if I can find one.

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  5. Heading down to my house this morning. Screen doors are to be delivered and the electrician is coming to work. I need to get the dirt out of there. On Sunday I am going to Florida. The painter won’t make it today so she said that we could meet on the 31st while her team is doing prep work. WHAT!! I did not know that we had a date to begin. So I need to get a few things done today.

    I asked my family to borrow a truck as we need to take the old carpet to the dump. What i would love is if the grands would come today to help get it done. Just wishful thinking, I suppose, but oh how that would make my heart glad.

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  6. We’re off to get flu vaccinations and then run errands. Should be a great day weatherwise. I am hoping to get out to rake later. We do have lots of leaves still on some trees.

    I am sorry to hear you are in high fire danger, NancyJill. We have areas of drought close by but seen to be okay ourselves.

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  7. The contractor we had come by last week to take a look at things and give an estimate, “no job too small” guy, contacted us to say things have changed and he no longer is available. Hmm. Is that the day he is washing his hair? We wanted the roof, deck, and under the house fixed, a rain gutter, and a door frame. Enough to keep him and his sons busy.

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  8. Window guy who came by yesterday said everyone’s booked in this (allegedly) post-covid era, but he’s going to try to get their folks over here before January.

    Although January, shockingly, isn’t all that far away, is it?

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  9. It’s in the 60’s now and will be back to the low 40’s tonight. We are in a deficit for rainfall for the year. We’ve had only two days of rain in Oct. At least we got that. Things were so dry and withering before that.


  10. It’s supposed to be dryer and warmer than normal throughout the southern part of the country this winter — and the southeast & gulf states will have drought conditions according to the predictions (for whatever they’re worth).

    Colder and wetter in the north which will make heating costs even higher.

    See how I’m looking on the bright side? Some days I’m like that. But not always.

    But this is good news: We have our marine layer back, much cooler temps here again. And it’s Friday!

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  11. Daughter was in good spirits this morning. We did her shopping and I left her with a guinea pig and plans to prepare chili and hot dogs for the potluck she is going to. Hoping, if she starts the crockpot at seven thirty, it will be warm by eleven. I won’t bring her the things until Saturday night, in hopes of her not starting it today and eating it all before the potluck.

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  12. Drier or dryer? I think drier is preferred. Dryers are for clothes.

    My car absorbs extreme temperatures when left just sitting, then the thermometer catches up to the “real” outdoor temp once it’s getting on down the road.

    Lots of excitement over some rare bird sighting in our area, a first for what’s usually a more northerly species, so our local birders are in a frenzy, chasing it down.

    I have no other details.

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  13. Janice @1:38, interesting piece.

    And when seen in the context of generations and family histories (that affect generations to come), slavery and its immediate aftermath wasn’t so very long ago.

    I think it’s hard for us to understand how that still reverberates through our Black neighbors’ lives and families and financial and educational situations, despite the changes that have occurred. It left an entire race of people broken and still scarred in so many ways and the nation still lives with the echo of that sin.

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  14. Just got an updated report from Ancestry about my heritage breakdown:

    Scotland 81%
    Germanic Europe 6%
    Sweden & Denmark 5%
    England and Northwestern Europe 5%
    Ireland 3%

    Additional “communities” based on DNA:

    * Northern Ireland & South West Scotland
    * West Central Scotland
    *Scottish Lowlands, Northern England & Northern Ireland
    *St. Louis, Mo (? hmm) and Western U.S. settlers

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  15. ~ The Lowlanders were of Anglo-Saxon descent, spoke English, and were generally Presbyterian Protestants. Most immigrants to America were Lowland Scots who came via Ireland. These Scots-Irish are also referred to as the Ulster Scots. ~

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  16. Mumsee – Re: this portion of one of your sentences – “I left her with a guinea pig and plans to prepare chili and hot dogs. . .”

    Makes me sad for that guinea pig. Just what kind of chili is she making?! 😀


  17. One of my cousins did that ancestry thing, and was so disappointed to find that there never was that “Indian great-grandmother”. I told him that I think that a lot of people like to think that they have some Native American in them, but often it is merely a story passed down over a couple generations or so.

    Supposedly there is a photo of this great-(or great-great)-grandmother, but apparently we now know that she was not a relation.


  18. A friend sent this to me on Facebook. I have never seen or heard of it before. Is it true?
    “When pregnant, the cells of the baby migrate into the mothers bloodstream and then circle back into the baby, it’s called “fetal-maternal microchimerism”.⁠

    For 41 weeks, the cells circulate and merge backwards and forwards, and after the baby is born, many of these cells stay in the mother’s body, leaving a permanent imprint in the mothers tissues, bones, brain, and skin, and often stay there for decades. Every single child a mother has afterwards will leave a similar imprint on her body, too.

    Even if a pregnancy doesn’t go to full term or if you have an abortion, these cells still migrate into your bloodstream.

    Research has shown that if a mother’s heart is injured, fetal cells will rush to the site of the injury and change into different types of cells that specialize in mending the heart.

    The baby helps repair the mother, while the mother builds the baby.

    How cool is that?

    This is often why certain illnesses vanish while pregnant.

    It’s incredible how mothers bodies protect the baby at all costs, and the baby protects & rebuilds the mother back – so that the baby can develop safely and survive.

    Think about crazy cravings for a moment. What was the mother deficient in that the baby made them crave?

    Studies have also shown cells from a fetus in a mothers brain 18 years after she gave birth. How amazing is that?”

    If you’re a mom you know how you can intuitively feel your child even when they are not there….Well, now there is scientific proof that moms carry them for years and years even after they have given birth to them.

    I find this to be so very beautiful.”

    Of course it made me think of Michelle’s recent post on the prayer thread.

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  19. Yes, DJ, I do know a mother whose late life pregnancy put her arthritis in remission. She was very worried about having a baby with the arthritis. Later she thanked God for the little girl she had. Her daughter did some babysitting for me. Later I contributed to the adoption of a mixed-race child she and her husband did. She had several children herself and two adopted, one from China. She and her husband are wonderful Christians.

    No doubt some would have encouraged the mother to abort the baby since she already had her own medical issues.

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  20. I got my screen doors. They had said between 8 and noon. Then around 9 they called and said it would be between 11 and 3. Of course they came at 3. A long day. Electrician got two more fans with lights up. Then took notes for his last few projects: plugs for the new stove and microwave and bathroom lights.

    Then I went to the hardware store with a funny piece of plastic that was part of the soffit for fluorescent lights. It was for them to measure. As we need two solid pieces of lumber to fill in for the plastic and make a place to put cam lights. Then I had to buy some stain for the doors and the soffit.

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