17 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-22-22

  1. Nice chart, Kizzie. Very clever. It might even work, but I suppose I should take off the red Ultra-MAGA hat before dinner? (Only kidding, as my choice of various head covers do not include baseball cap styles.)

    Our holidays will probably be spent with a couple from our church, and their Russian Orthodox children and grandchildren. It was very interesting last year, and enjoyable enough for all that our hosts invited us back again. Either they are gluttons for punishment or we were not obnoxious enough to be banned. Maybe we won’t need the flow-chart placemat after all. :–)

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  2. As someone who has had family literally screaming at me in a restaurant and even at a wedding, I think that might be a good placemat to have. Of course, those who could benefit will think it is needed by you, not them. After all, you made them have to scream at you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. The freak show that is the Biden admin continues to devolve.


  4. Clowns clown, it’s what they do.

    Right Tom?


  5. The media continues to beclown themselves….

    They’re mad he won’t sit for gotcha interviews with people who despise him.


  6. @8:38 I’m sorry you have gone through that, Kathaleena. It’s particularly distressing when it’s family.

    @9:04 We can somewhat fight against these things by voting and being politically active and by prayer and repentance. These are worthwhile pursuits and may buy us time for a season. But in the end, we must learn to be yelled at. Either that or say nothing, smile and refuse to agree—and even that will eventually get you yelled at or worse. I don’t think evil can be appeased. It always wants more. Wherever evil rules, it must eventually be actively confirmed and bowed down to or else. Get used to the ‘or else’ or at least the idea of it. Christians in other countries have dealt with this for entire lifetimes. God is still in control even then.

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  7. Itโ€™s way more important that we arenโ€™t the ones doing the yelling.

    Canโ€™t control others but we know how we are to behave as believers.

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  8. And much of that more desirable behavior on the chart echoes what our pastor often says on how to behave biblically in discussions where you may disagree with someone.

    He’s participated in many public (organized) debates through the years (with atheists, other believers on theological issues, others on cultural issues) — I’ve been to a few of them — and I’m always inspired by his beliefs so clearly stated yet coupled with grace and even warmth toward his debate partner. He cares about his opponent and the goal is to end the time with communications left open for further discussions, whether private over dinner or future public debates.

    He exhorts us always to listen, to make sure you understand what the other person is saying (often by repeating it back to them so they know you’ve heard them) rather than just charging ahead to scream back. lol (which is our human nature).

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