20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-19-22

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Or at least, I suspect it is. Too dark to tell at this point and will be for another couple hours but we have places to go and people to see.

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  2. Good morning! That is the Birthday Tree in autumn. Soon all those leaves will fall on our driveway.

    I was first in line and Art second at the library at 7 a.m. for advanced voting. Praising God we got that done considering our afflictions.

    Along the way home we stopped at Bojangles to get ToGo egg biscuits and I got a gravy biscuit, too. I have not had a fast food biscuit since Kim and I traveled together for Chas’ memorial.

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  3. Morning all! The sky is beginning to brighten up just a tad bit and it is a brisk 28 outside. The furnace is definitely on in this house! Aj you must have a well insulated home but when it is 65 in here our furnace kicks on! Brrr

    Having lunch with two ladies from our small group at our former church. It will be good to catch up!

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  4. It was 37° but has warmed to 39° and feels like 34°. We tied yesterday afternoon, when it was blowing in the cold front, for the lowest on record. All that global warming! I was super bundled up to go out at 6:30 this morning. The guy who took my voting info said I looked like I was dressed for Alaska😀

    It was interesting to notice that after years of seeing all black pollworker teams, that this morning it was a mostly white team of pollworkers.


  5. Smart to be bundled up, Janice. Although, I am still wearing a warm fall/spring jacket myself. That is when I am not going to be out for a long time, however. My husband did wear a winter one the other day. We should have a warmer weekend (possibly 50) so it should be good for raking leaves.

    The deer are back eating the crabapples that have fallen. They are welcome to those. They are not welcome to the cedar bush or garden plants. They do not seem to care about my rules.

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  6. And it’s going to hit 90 degrees here today. 🙂

    But it’ll be short-lived, going down to 80 tomorrow, then to the high 70s the next day, then hitting into the 60s as a high after that for a while.

    Busy day today, a port virtual news conference starting in 90 minutes discussing the economy’s impact on consumer buying and how it’s affecting incoming cargo (which is slowing) and the supply chain issues; I’ll have to duck out of that a little early to get to PT and then write it up after that.

    Tomorrow is a groundbreaking for a “piazza” that will transform a small park in our harbor-downtown, part of the new Little Italy district that was launched a few years ago.

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  7. I keep looking at the wall clock in my office room.

    It stopped sometime during my medical leave when I never came in here so I didn’t notice it until I started spending my days in here again. It’s always 4:52.

    And I keep looking at it to check the time, even though I have a watch, a computer in front of me with the time, my cell next to me with the time …

    If it’s in the afternoon, I keep thinking, “Oh, the work day’s almost over” before I remember wait, that clock’s battery is dead.

    I need to move a stack of file folders in order to reach it to change the battery.

    So I’ll keep looking at it out of habit. 4:52. Every time.

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  8. So funny about that clock and how our minds jump to grab any optimistic view of the world.

    Then thete are the Eyores of the world. This morning in going to vote, I wore my long down coat with hood border-lined in fake fur and I carried a folding chair in the car expecting to wait in a line outside to vote. I could hardly believe my eyes when we arrived and there was no line. They actually let us go into the building right before 7 a.m. and fill out initial paperwork, but I could not cross the blue tape line until the clock hit that magic 7.

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  9. I actually looked over the ballot issues this morning. Most were very easy issues for me to decide. Especially the first one which was pro abortion. Sorry, but can’t vote for that. I decided on a no vote for most everything. I am not in favor of opening up gambling for everyone.

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  10. Lunch was wonderful and it was good to see the “matriarch” of our old small group. Her husband passed away in the Spring and he was our “patriarch” at 91 years old. Dearest couple and oh so encouraging in our walks with our Lord. We are now planning on lunch once a month 😊

    I haven’t looked over our ballots yet. They came in the mail yesterday but I am pretty much certain how I shall vote on all of the issues and candidates.

    Janice when I saw that photo up there I immediately thought it was the Birthday tree!

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  11. Jo, I think everyone was otherwise occupied. I had a few things to vote for or against, one was about allowing a special ad valorem break for farms and I said no because there are not that many farms in this district and who knows what angle or scheme someone might be thinking up to get a break on taxes paid by all. Another one was about continuing to pay an elected offcial at a high level in state government if they are convicted of a felony and I voted to not continue their pay. There were maybe two more things other than candidates to vote on. Really not much controvetsial here.

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  12. I had a nice call with a childhood neighborhood friend this morning. She and another friend I am pals with will be in town for the 50th class reunion and they want us to get together so they can take me out for a meal or maybe just to a park. If weather permits, the boardwalk trail will be perfect. We talked a long time. Then I had another call from up in AJ’s vicinity from a Bible study friend who is settling an estate. We caught up with each other and at the end prayed for each other. She really sounded so much better at the end. It was amazing how her voice that was raspy and wheezy sounded nornal. God is so good.

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  13. I got my bone density test and even asked for a copy, not that I know what any of it means. Then I went out for a treat, a bearclaw, yum.

    I am so proud of my self that then I remembered that my car needed an oil change. Turns out that my car needs synthetic oil so it was almost 100 dollars. So the tag they put on said that I didn’t need another oil change for 5000 miles, but they also put a date on the sticker and that is in 6 months. I doubt that I will be returning in six months.

    I was surprised that they didn’t wash my windshield. They used to do that and vacuum, or maybe I am just remembering in PNG.

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  14. So much has gond to self serve, Jo, here and Covid made a big leap forward to continue that trend. Let the customer work for the right to pay a company for the bare necessities.


  15. Jo @2:47, I’m with you on those propositions. But I need to get my sample ballot out, too.

    My car needs the fancy oil, too.

    I looked at the wall clock a little while ago. Had to smile as it happened to be right at the time when my watch matched it! I actually WAS 4:52!

    A stopped clock is right twice a day, as they say.

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  16. Oh, good, Dj agrees with me. The only one I would vote yes on was one that said to keep the law not to sell the flavored cigarettes. Tricky the way they worded that one. Now I have to look at the local issues.

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