54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-15-22

  1. Good morning. I posted a link to the Friday Funnies late last night. I meant to get it earlier, but or kitchen cabinet guy showed up and then I had to go to work. And since we have no kitchen sink we ate out for the second night in a row.

    Have a blessed weekend, Wanderers.

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  2. I remember our first home in Germany. No kitchen sink and no idea how to get one as we lived out on the economy and did not speak the language. We did have a stove and oven. We moved there in early spring and at Thanksgiving, we still did not have one. I remember washing the turkey in the bathtub. I don’t actually remember how we managed but we did not eat out very often! Somewhere along the line, we must have decided we did not need one.

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  3. Good morning, Wanderers!

    Peter, anytime is a good time for funnies! Notta problem. Thank you for posting.

    I just finished watching the debate I had tried to watch last night. I really am challenged to use the tv remote on my own. And I got tied up with a phone call so could not watch on social media.

    So glad for the recording. Our local Fox newscaster did a great job as moderator. I think the team we have for the morning news is the best ever.

    My mind was not changed by watching the debate. I did learn some things I did not know.

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  4. Interesting, Mumsee. Necessity is the mother of invention😃

    That is a neat header, but I am wondering if it is an
    upclose photo of a coin or is it a historical marker?

    I think my fever is gone or almost gone but I still have swelling and twinges of pain. This is my setback, not the same as Dj’s Covid, but still a less than desirable intruder to feeling fully recovered.

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  5. That looks like a grave marker to me.

    I raked some leaves last evening, although they were still wet from the earlier snow. This morning they are under a whole lot of snow again and it is still snowing. Beautiful, of course.

    Debra, I love your expression of gratitude for grace. So true.

    I cannot imagine Jesus being called winsome or Paul or Peter. There are so many words in scripture about how to approach others, but winsome is not one of them. Not that I would bother arguing about it. Treating others as you want to be treated comes to mind; being gracious and graceful towards others; loving your enemies; speaking the truth in love. I could go on and on.

    When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, he first spoke of her sin. She could have responded with anger but didn’t. When he healed on the Sabbath, the Pharisees and their ilk responded with anger and determined in their hearts to persecute him. (John 5:16) I think we have some mistaken ideas of how loving others makes us speak. As a result, we miss opportunities to reach some for Christ. Walking by the Spirit helps us. Maybe I should speak for myself, though, and I do.

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  6. The reason I have used the word “winsome” at times is because there are Bible translations that do use the word in the verse I mentioned (and maybe elsewhere), so I was using it as a biblical word and concept, not merely as my own idea. But since some do not like the word, I will refrain from using it on here anymore.

    I agree that what Debra wrote about grace was beautiful.

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  7. Kizzie it’s not that I dislike the word it’s just a word I don’t use and wouldn’t connect it with the word or meaning of grace. Honestly I looked up the word winsome to remind myself what the official definition was!! 🙃
    As believers we look to our Saviour for direction in how to respond to others in situations good or bad. It is His very nature to respond in love as it should be ours. It’s interesting that my nephew likes me even though I have not affirmed his choices. He looks at me with one eye squinted but he most assuredly knows I love him…and I even believe he knows I cover him in prayer as I do indeed!

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  8. I think that the word joy or joyful, one Fruit of the Spirit, indicates light-heartedness, not being heavily laden with burdens even in the toughest of times, because one has surrendered so much to Christ. He offers to take our burdens and give us rest. We need to exhibit that to a watching world that is always ready to pounce and say, “Where is your God?” I think of in the past when I heard the word that shall not be mentioned that I associated it with a joyful attitude. We know Jesus as part of the Trinity expressed a joyful attitude at appropriate times because it would be one facet of God.

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  9. Hello everyone! I was up too late and slept too late. That happens al ot since I’m on 2nd shift. Late to bed, late to rise may do little to make one healthy, wealthy or wise, I’m afraid. But it does pay the bills. :–)

    My account still seems to be messed up so it’s harder to post and I can’t ‘like’ anything, otherwise I would.

    Please do not change your vocabulary on my account, Kizzie! I am not in any way offended. That’s part of what I meant by people being gifted differently, and it’s not only with different functions, but different expressions of the same function. It’s part of the manifold witness of God’s glory in creation. Just because it’s not a word that I respond to doesn’t mean it’s incorrect or not effective when used in its place.

    I’m reminded of a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago at work with a christian wife and mother who is a little younger than my own children. She was talking about how she draws out those at work who are in a lesbian relationship. She encourages them to talk about their wife, because, she said, those are families too. She tells them ‘you do you’ and she was encouraging me to do the same and implying that my attitude might need some adjusting in these matters.

    As she spoke, I admired her willingness to engage, but only smiled, shook my head, and kept my lips closed. And that very obviously said everything to her that I needed to say.

    I don’t want to discourage her from engagement: she knows these activities are sinful, and will in her own way and time express those ideas too, I think. It’s her way of being a witness. She went on to say that she told her 17 yr old son if he ever got into those perverted type of things she wouldn’t say a word or lay a finger on him—she’d just pack him up and take him to Grandma, and Grandma would sort it out in no uncertain terms. I looked at her and said ‘ I AM Grandma.’ Then she understood.

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  10. Sort of reminded me of years ago when I was starting a new job and noticed a car in the employee parking lot with several Christian bumper stickers on it.

    I wondered, “Who’s the Christian?”

    I guessed it was the one guy who was so friendly and seemed to go out of his way for everyone, always kind.

    But no, it was another guy — who was really something of an outspoken crank! Go figure. lol

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  11. Nightingale has worked with an outspoken Christian who acts very hypocritically at work. For example, she insists that the nurse on duty before her not leave any work for her to finish up, even though that is a common practice since there is really too much to do in each shift. But then she leaves her unfinished work for the next nurse so she can get out on time. (I think that most of the nurses work a little overtime to try to catch up. Nightingale does, at least.) Because of this, she is resented by the other nurses, and her faith is not taken seriously.

    I am glad that Nightingale has enough experience with good Christians to not believe that we are all hypocrites, as some unbelievers claim.

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  12. That’s true, DJ. Only fools and pharisees need not beware their speech, having condemned themselves with it already. Those who fear God are more concerned with how he sees and judges.

    And btw, I did not mean to cause you or anyone to not use any terminology you want in any way you see fit. Only to be aware when using it that not everyone sees it the same way. Some words are so popular in Christian circles that otherwise you wouldn’t know. You are one of the more gracious voices on the blog and no offense is intended. I am the last person who should be overly bossy with others terminology, as you well know, I use my own as I see fit. :–)

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  13. Has “winsome” been a currently popular word to use? If so, that’s not why I was using it as it’s a word that I have used for a long time.

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  14. Kizzie @4:54,Iin that case I suppose the faith would be better served if the inconsistent christian just kept her mouth shut. And by that standard, so should the gal at work I talked about earlier. She also confided that she can be very vindictive when crossed. She went on to describe an example, and yes, it was quite petty and vindictive in my opinion. But God is growing her as he is growing me and you and all who trust in him. The faith is sturdy and can withstand our petty immaturities until we grow into the fullness of what God intends for us.

    In the meantime, in my experience unless God is actively dealing with a person, unbelievers usually have a ready excuse for their unbelief. With or without hypocrisy. Sometimes we just make it easier than it needs to be.

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  15. Speaking of words, one time a Facebook friend used a word in a way that I thought didn’t fit. So I looked it up and found that my friend had used it for one of its more obscure, or less used, definitions.

    Another time, that same friend took issue with me for referring to something that was not humorous as “funny”. But I was using it with its alternative definition of “strange” in mind.

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  16. Winsome? I think I’ve heard it on Moody radio a lot. Janice mentioned Chip Ingram and he is one I have heard using it, but there are others too. It’s not a bad word just as ‘likable’ is not a bad word.

    Maybe it’s me, but when I think of speaking the truth in love, love is the controlling factor. If I can’t have love, then I don’t need to be speaking that truth at that time. But love is not squishy. It’s robust. Like a fit vessel, it can handle carrying truth.

    Winsomeness is less robust. It seems to want to cut truth down to fit itself. Some truths will fit fine in a winsome way, but many truths won’t. (Of course, not all truths need to be spoken at once. And certainly not by me.)

    I don’t know if any of that made sense. If it doesn’t, feel free to view me as the crank on the thread today, and laugh it off. :–)

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  17. It is a grave marker.

    I have a couple pics and the story to go with it for Monday.

    Plus Janice sent another picture of anorher historical marker.

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  18. Can’t use ‘winsome’ on here? What? I guess that means I can’t tell you how I am when playing games. I can’t say I win some and lose some. 😉

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  19. Hey, look! The Apostle Paul (who definitely spoke English 😉 ) hid a message about being winsome in I Corinthians 9:19-22!

    “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more; and to the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might win Jews; to those who are under the law, as under the law, that I might win those who are under the law; to those who are without law, as without law (not being without law toward God, but under law toward Christ), that I might win those who are without law; to the weak I became as weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” 😀

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  20. A little while ago, I was thinking about how tone of voice does not come across well on here. Sometimes we can tell pretty well what tone is intended, but not always. So, to be clear, I hope you all know that although my posts were written in a serious manner, I was not trying to be argumentative with any of you. If I was repetitive, it was because I wasn’t always sure that my thoughts were coming across as well as I wanted them to.

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  21. A chilly morning here, we had some more thunder last night but no more rain to go with it. It probably rained somewhere, just not here.

    I see that winsome discussion here had legs. 🙂

    Dodgers lost last night and are officially out. Just not their season. It happens. Makes the winning seasons that much sweeter when they happen. Wishing the surviving teams well as they go on.

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  22. DJ – (re: “I see that winsome discussion here had legs.”) Don’t be a trouble maker! I can get into enough trouble on my own, thank you very much!

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  23. We are having a birthday party here. Daughter was going to bake a sourdough cake this morning and make sourdough bagels but had to wait fo the power to come back. We did have the fall back option of the camp stove for boiling water and the barbecue for baking, or a dutch oven.

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  24. I think my little daily haiku and photo outreach to be a bit winsome because many who read it and like it are not Christian. I give credit to God the Creator at the end of each post. For those who worship nature as many in the poetic and artistic world tend to do, I am hopeful a seed is planted to begin at the beginning of God’s story and ponder, think, and seek to see what our God is all about. Some people may be open to finding out more from reaching into their interest. It goes along with the verse from Paul that Kizzie quoted.

    And Peter continues with his great sense of humor.😀

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  25. Today is expected to be the last to hit 80° for this year. We will get a winter blast this week. The forecaster said we will go from summer to winter.

    Braves are out, too. Art said for some odd reason, they can not win a day game. The only game they won this time was on the rain delay which made them have an evening game time. I told him that maybe they are all nightowls.

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  26. 43 degrees here currently and total cloud cover. Wintery cozy day.
    Church then meal together afterwards which is out of my comfort zone but I stay trying to make connections due to husband’s request. None today as I sat alone while husband helped put equipment away. I am inclined to skip the next few…a bit overwhelming for me.

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  27. My church had lunch after the service, too, which I would have loved to attend since I had over time gotten past the awkward stage at my former church of having potluck for table mates, and determined to enjoy it no matter what or whom. I really struggled with it early on, like you said, Njill, but went with worst expectations that eventually did result in new connections with other wallflowers.

    I did online church and dozed through bits of it so may listen again. It was excellent, and the worship leader was back but only did keyboard as he is still recovering from his major accident/concussion. A visiting lady worship leader led most of the service and was excellent. At the end she did that song, Is He Worthy? which I love.

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  28. Agh, I HATE potlucks (unless good friends are throwing them). Husband and I often end up sitting alone because most of our friends are doing the helping thing. I try to meet people and will introduce myself and husband but then people just kinda go back to their own family and don’t continue the conversation. I’m too introverted to keep it going as well.

    Before Covid, our church had “soup on Sunday” every month. We would do dishes – that was good fellowship being in the kitchen with friends, working and chatting away. But eating the soup was usually not fun – especially since husband can’t eat onions…

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  29. My family is visiting others and I am sitting here getting my Bible studies done. The last question in BSF was “What evidence of God’s grace have you seen this week?” Even though I am feeling sadness because of things that I see in my family, I just kept listing more and more things that Had happened this week. So much goodness. And my son is taking such good care of his children and kept doing the dishes and such here. Really warms a mother’s heart.

    I had the wonderful privilege for the first time in years of having one of my children and three grandchildren attending church with me. And these children get along and the girl is modest and they love the Lord. No, not perfect, but just praising Him for them.

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  30. Our potlucks are set up with place settings/chairs at long tables so you take a seat and you’re always surrounded by folks, shoulder-to-shoulder, sitting across from other folks, so no one seems to be sitting alone, you’re pretty much hemmed in, and the conversations usually go on for too-long a time (which is why I don’t often stay, though I should — but when I do, I don’t get home until late afternoon and Monday, of course, is a always work day).

    I put up some tiny orange – wire lights around the fall wreath on the front door, so at least I have a little something out for fall/Halloween.

    And it’s about time to get down to the waterfront for my walk.

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