35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-6-22

  1. Morning all! The owls are hooting away and it’s 39 degrees out there….
    I am going to the Social Security office this morning….wish me well as it may be a very long day of people watching whilst waiting my turn!!

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  2. I hope you are surprised by a shorter line, NancyJill.

    Our area has exploded with color. Fall came in with a bang this year. Suddenly our big maple is mostly gold, and the lawn underneath is mostly gold, too. The aspen trees are gold, and the many maples and others are beautiful oranges and reds. It seemed to be summer one day and fall the next.

    Today will be, oh so cold. Those temperatures in January would seem, oh so warm. 🙂

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  3. Sitting here waiting for a call from whomever is coming to measure my house for new flooring today. They are supposed to call and give me a three hour window for when they will arrive.

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  4. I hope to be around a little more if things settle down at work. A colleague, the second-longest member of our group of four whom I’ll call #2, left on two weeks notice. Given how specialized we are that’s a little short, and we had to scramble for those two weeks to download the contents of his brain to the rest of us.

    Then Saturday right after #2’s last day colleague #1 landed in the hospital with a serious ailment, just as we were heading into the quarter-end financial reporting activities that our group provides systems support for. So that left #3 and #4 (me) to hold the fort this week, doing things we’ve never done before with little transition and training.

    But I’ll be back someday and hope for a chance to catch up on my fellow wanderers’ goings-on.

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  5. Thanks, Kevin, for reporting in. I left a baseball story for you some days ago and I thought you never saw it. Glad to know you are okay, just overworked and stretching yourself thin!


  6. I’m feeling at loose ends, as they used to say. I’ve probably been off work too long, though I am exactly looking forward to going back in less than a week now. But the time is approaching and maybe it’ll be good to jolt me out of this feeling a bit lost (though much of that still is from the rather difficult past couple years I’ve had).

    I have someone from the window place coming over (no appointment yet though) to check on the new wood windows that they installed. The one still doesn’t latch right on the bottom, I’m worried that it’ll need some work — and possibly my own fault for failing to get at least a primer coat of pain on the inside of that frame and sill (outside is painted).

    So I asked them for a couple painter referrals as well.

    Coffee is ready, maybe that will perk me up.

    I need to get back to clearing off that work desk today. I have two appointments tomorrow, PT in the a.m. along with an eye appointment in the afternoon, so time will be short tomorrow.

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  7. Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs M…. How many years again? Does he remember that detail? 🙃

    I survived the Social Security office. Not too many people there but it did take me 2 hours of waiting to see the rep for 1 minute! She could not tell me the status of my application but she could scan my marriage certificate! She said I’m one step closer. It’s been over a month since I applied which they say it will take 2-4 weeks. The rep on the phone yesterday said they have 60 days and if I haven’t heard by then give them a call….our government in action..or not.

    Kevin praying you get a moment of catching your breath and finding someone to fill the shoes of the recently departed coworker. Did he retire or find a new position?

    Praying you get enough rest in your reserves before hitting the pavement next week Dj!

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  8. NancyJill: Co-worker left for another company.

    Janice: If you remember what day you left me the story, let me know. I may never get to go back through all the days I missed.

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  9. Coffee helped my mood and energy levels.

    The tamale guy walked by a little while ago with his push cart. “TAMALES! TAMALES!”

    I’ve never bought one — they’re supposed to be good and we have a couple “tamale guys” who compete over neighborhood territories. I believe my Latino neighbors are regular customers but he must generally do well here as he’s pretty much a daily presence.

    Ah, the Social Security office. Major bureaucracy. I had to call them last year to get more taken out of my check for taxes, had the hardest time connecting and receiving any action. Person I finally spoke with said they were still all working from home, juggling a lot of calls.

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  10. When I signed up for Social Security, it was over the phone due to the pandemic, and then I had to send in the required information. (IIRC, we did that via certified mail to be safe.) I’ve had to do something on their website since then, but didn’t have a problem, which was surprising, since I’m not too savvy with those kinds of things, and government sites are often poorly done and confusing. I guess I got off easy. 🙂

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  11. I’ve spent too much time on the government benefits website during my temporary medical leave time, just to make sure everything was filed and payments would be coming.

    I’ve gotten it down now, finally (now that the leave is about to end), but it took a lot of time in those early days and weeks just to get everything set up and confirmed, including a separate online process through our HR department and the surgeon’s office.

    And much of that had to be done, by government requirements, after the surgery was completed when people aren’t feeling very well. I understand the need to do those things when the leave “event” has actually happened, but it was like trying to navigate it all through a post-surgical haze.

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  12. Our social security office is wonderful. When I went in July, I was the only one there. In August there were some others, but it didn’t take long. Then to tell them when to begin my Part B just took a phone call.

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  13. My doors are in. No one said anything but it is obvious that I am expected to stain them. My friend said that she would help. And she is a pro at home repairs, her husband does the yard stuff and she does the painting, etc. Such a good decision. They called my bedroom door, closet doors. and the laundry room door was half glass with a doggy door below. Now I have a solid door.

    So the good news is that the tape and texture guy came today and looked closely and found everything that needed doing. Then he scheduled himself for next Monday and Tuesday.
    Bad news is the cost… Oh, well, it is what it is.

    So I contacted the painter and said that I was ready to schedule and now I need to call the plumber.

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  14. oh, almost forgot the best news. I met the guy there who was measuring for my new flooring. According to him, they can do my stairs, they just use something a little different. I wanted them to do it and them I will add a runner so they won’t be so slippery.

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  15. Nothing cheap about houses. Glad you have the money to do it all.

    Took my daily waterfront walk a little while ago, so refreshing but I still need to build on my walking distance and stamina. But it’s coming. I have to remember I’ve been out of commission for a while as I popped the knee early in the pandemic around the same time that the dogs were aging and walks had to become shorter and slower anyway, all of us suddenly had issues.

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  16. Although it has been a few weeks since I had Covid, I’ve noticed that my legs feel weaker when I walk up stairs. So I decided that I should work on strengthening them.

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  17. I had a Zoom writer’s group meeting at 7 p.m. so I did my driveway walking for 45 minutes while I listened to a program on doing research. I was not energetic to go for the full hour. And I was walking slowly. I am still trying get my stamina back, too. My energy level fluctuates with the temperature. Lower temps encourage faster walking!


  18. This is great news. 🙂

    “66 Abortion Clinics Have Stopped Performing Abortions Since Overturn Of Roe”


    “Sixty-six abortion clinics in 15 states have stopped performing abortions since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June and returned laws related to abortion to individual states.

    The research was released on Thursday by the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion-rights organization.

    “Prior to June 24, these 15 states had a total of 79 clinics that provided abortion care. As of October 2, that number had dropped to 13, and all of them are located in Georgia. This means there are no providers currently offering abortions in 14 of the 15 states,” the institute stated in its press release.

    “Among the 66 clinics where abortion is no longer available, 40 are still offering services other than abortion, while 26 have shut down entirely,” it added.”

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