11 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-7-22

  1. The people running our govt are clowns.

    Clowns that support the killing of children above all else. This is the DoJ weaponized against peaceful pro-life protesters yet again.

    No arrests yet in any of the numerous attacks, fire bombings, and vandalism on crisis pregnancy centers, but they’re all over this.



  2. More clowns….

    Clutch those pearls harder…


  3. Everything old is new again….

    Funny that.


  4. As with The View clowns above, he is the rot of which he speaks.

    Poor David thinks he’s the victim here.


  5. I guess this is the mud slinging HRW spoke of….

    Nice to see they remembered what their job was, for a change.


  6. Ooops. Never mind….. they forgot again…..


  7. Dana Loesch’s use of the word “skanks” is unnecessary, to say the least, and even offensive. Some old book says something about not casting stones unless you are without sin, but that book is apparently considered irrelevant in political discussions these days.

    In reference to whether or not Herschel Walker actually paid for an abortion, Dana Loesch said, “I am concerned about one thing, and one thing only, at this point. So I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles — I want control of the Senate.”

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  8. Dana Loesch’s comments reveal the rank hypocrisy of some on the right. Abortion matters unless of course its inconvenient. Walker’s hypocrisy and lack of moral foundations is further revealed by his own son; “”You’re not a ‘family man’ when you left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence,” Walker wrote in one tweet.” Has Walker’s behaviour changed since then; nothing suggests it has.

    As for the pro life protesters, you break a law you open yourself to charges. If I break the speed limit, my defence can’t be everyone else is speeding despite it being true. Despite the behaviour of others, they still broke the law. I often wonder how effective the street protesting and preaching really is, from my perspective it would be counter-productive. Do people really listen or do they become defensive and critical?

    Fetterman worries the RNC. And Oz is a really bad candidate. The mud slinging I refer to is questioning Fetterman’s mental competency following a stroke etc. “Light duties” is not mud slinging just desperation. The best attempt by Oz to throw mud is stating Fetterman wears hoodies in order to kick authority in the balls. And there Oz gave people under 30 just one more reason to go to the polls.


  9. I don’t see any hypocrisy in voting for Hershel Walker. I’m pro-life. It’s terrible to kill an innocent human being, and I think we ought to discourage it by discouraging abortion, murder, war, etc. I don’t live in Georgia, but if I did, I might well vote for a candidate like Hershel Walker. Abortion is a state issue, so I’m really more interested in my senators’ positions on war. I’m so disgusted with the pro-Ukraine, pro-war hysteria, that I might not vote for either of my current republicans.

    I always thought ‘skank’ was a slightly more polite term than ‘whore’ and more well understood than ‘serial fornicator’ or some such . I don’t really even know who Dana Loesch is, so I’m not going to throw any stones in that direction (like some old book says). Of course, if you read it, that old book isn’t always exactly polite. Sometimes, it’s quite blunt in its terminology—offensive even. ;–)

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