27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-5-22

  1. Good morning. Off to Moscow bright and early. The stars are still brilliant, I think I heard a raccoon snag a chicken out of the chicken tree this premorning.

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  2. Blessings on you, Mumsee, as you serve . . . following Jesus.

    I turned on the heat this morning. It was 52° outside and it will soon be in the 40s so it was time to see if it is still functioning.

    I need to buy a big bag of candy to give to the church for Trunk or Treat. I did not participate in that at my previous church, but since this church has a more evangelical outreach, I think I can in good conscience support it here because it can be used to invite people to a church that has an effective outreach to all people for Christ.

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  3. Good foggy morning all! Oh this forest is so cozy and chilly this morning! The milkman did not have to put ice in the milk box today!

    So I could hear Chas saying “I don’t know what it is but good morning”!!
    We see bee hives in that shape up in the trees but nothing so wooly!!

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  4. Good morning. I was also wondering what it is. I thought of a spent cattail, but do not see a thick stem for it to be sitting on. Enquiring minds want to know.

    Thanks for a new vocabulary word yesterday, DJ.

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  5. I found that Publix had a deal, buy two bags of candy and get one free, so I bought $30.00 worth (would have been $45.00) of the ‘good stuff’. I dropped that along with two nice backpacks I’d bought for a previous Backpacks for Appalachia drive that never happened, along with a large drawing of a lesson on teaching Fruit of the Spirit to children at the church. Surprisingly the pastor met me at the door because he was in the education building to teach a lesson on the Trinity to the Classical school students.

    At last night’s Bible study the pastor’s wife said it had been difficult to find good curriculum on teaching the Fruit of the Spirit that shows all the Fruit is developed by God and is not naturally in us (she said it a bit differently but that was the gist). Has anyone here seen any good curriculum for the younger ones that is not just a fruit tree with fruits labeled with the Fruit of the Spirit names glued on?

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  6. I have a very lightweight “marled” pullover sweater I wear often as it’s mostly black and is a longer length, loose-fitting, it works perfectly over another top and black pants and looks semi-dressy for work assignment purposes when needed. Not expensive and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of that one.

    I just went online to the disability claim site to see if I could update my expected “return to work date” (from Oct. 28 to Oct. 12, the latest date provided by my surgeon). I’m trying to avoid a situation where I’ll get overpaid by the state and then owe them back payment money.

    I’d love to stay out until the 28th, but there doesn’t seem to be a legitimate medical reason to do so. So … it’s back to work I go, a week from today.

    I see where there’s a place with the online claim site that you can also report “I’ve returned to work” so I’ll also do that on the night before I actually go back.

    I’ve already told HR of the new, sooner return-to-work date.

    As it is, I was out for 2 months which is a lot longer than I’d anticipated going into this (but needed). I was hoping to have a full month off, but wound up with two under doctor’s orders. So it’s been a significant break from work (which I also needed).

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  7. I just ordered Paul Tripp’s latest book on Kindle, “Reactivity,” about social media engagement in this chaotic and politically-charged digital age.


    ~ Reactivity: How the Gospel Transforms Our Actions and Reactions
    By Paul David Tripp

    Bestselling Author Paul David Tripp Helps Christians Communicate Biblically in a Culture of Outrage

    Digital media and technology are altering the way people act—and react—toward each other. Criticism, outrage, and controversy dominate social engagement and unfortunately many Christians have joined in the chaos. It’s a troubling contrast to Jesus’s words in John 13:35: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

    Award-winning author Paul David Tripp instructs believers to view digital media and technology through the lens of the gospel and points them toward a biblical framework for communication. Explaining how God wants the church to engage with culture and each other, Tripp encourages Christians to think wisely about their interactions and be a beacon of light in an age of toxicity. ~

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  8. Has anyone tried this special edition Coke? The front label puts it as:

    Zero Sugar
    Zero Calorie Cola
    Dream Flavored”

    Nightingale bought some. The cans are small – 7.5oz.

    Strange taste. I can’t make it out, but it seems kind of like a combination of cola and lemon-lime, perhaps. Or maybe not. I would probably like that better than this. Tastes more like a distasteful dream than a good dream. 😀

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  9. Coca Cola has made some major mistakes with new products in the past. Art likes the original Coke. I am sure he would not like this new nightmare version out for Halloween and April Fool’s mashup.

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  10. My fav is Dr. Pepper from Waco, TX. We have been to visit their museum. We have never been to the Coca Cola museum.😀

    A while back GA Power had tree trimming crews in our neighborhood. I reported that they had left some limbs dangling in my yard from the neighbor’s tree. They never got back to me. My brother trimmed the main dangler when he mowed on Saturday. Today a lady from the Forestry division of GA Power called and said she was out front to take care of the problem. I said no need but she said there was another limb that still needed to be taken out. Okay. I went out after she’d gotten it down and was cutting it in pieces. She apologized for how the crew (not their regulars) had left it.

    I just walked on the driveway and on the street in front of our house. I looked over and saw she had left a limb laying on the yard. I just have to thank God for giving me patience for living in this area for so long. All the little things . . . day after day.

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  11. Even in our small town, I occasionally see on Facebook complaints about town services not doing things right or things not getting taken care of.

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  12. I read the last paragraph first without the context and my mind immediately went to a spare leg or arm.

    What in the world? I said, quoting mumsee in the red jacket.

    I’ve been busy clearing off the home “work” desk, getting some things filed, other things discarded or sorted.

    Making a dent. But just a dent.

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  13. Doors are going in at my house. Turns out they don’t do the finishing of the sheetrock around the door. He said I would need a sheet rock guy. So these guys know everyone. So while they are working today he called someone he knew and the sheetrock guy is coming tomorrow.

    I asked them to pull out the stove with a microwave attached on top. It was too heavy for my friend and I to do. And for the new ones, it needs to be painted behind it, and propane put in and new electrical. Hard even for them to pull out.

    But so funny to see what was under it. Probably been there for 40 years. Lots of balls and marbles and then acorns and seed pods. I think some of it must have come through the exhaust fan.

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  14. I now have two empty file cabinets in the basement. I moved all of my things to my house. The four drawer will go to someone, but I will keep the smaller one.

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  15. Our yard looked better before the lady came to ‘fix’ the problem. There was no debris on the yard and it looked nice after it had been mown. She came and left a limb. I guess it was a warning to not bother them again. I don’t mean to sound complaining about it. I mean only to be as an observant onlooker and wondering about her motivation. My neighbor’s tree that they “trimmed” actually looks butchered. If anyone complained, she is the one who would have grounds, but she stays inside mostly and I can tell, at least at this time, her yard is not a priority.

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  16. Jo – When we moved our old fridge out of the way before the new one was delivered, I found some things under there like little toys and whatnot. But I also found about three of our spoons! Boy must have lost those under there when he was little. 🙂


  17. Speaking of community services: for the second time in a row, the garbage people did not pick up the garbage. The bins were out in time on the day and the truck drove by at least three times but never got ours. Daughter loaded it into the back of the car and we dumped it in the dumpster considering it fair because we were living at the folk’s house at the time. Sister in law will call to find out what we are doing wrong.


  18. As to the folks: yesterday sis in law and I were able to get step mom interested in crochet. She used to make blankets and wash clothes and other items but quit many years ago. She cannot see but her fingers still remember. Trying to convince her to stop trying to use the eyes and let the fingers do their thing. She was delighted and my dad was delighted to see her have something to do besides sit.


  19. And as to the other folks: Husband took a flight to Florida as his step mom fell after she had his dad taken by the paramedics. Husband took her in to the hospital to visit this morning. A social worker told her grandpa would need to go to rehab and she said he was not going, he would come home with her and she would take care of him. Then added, “but I can’t”. The doctor was able to persuade her so we will see how that goes.

    They also told husband with a straight face that Duane caught covid from the pneumonia. Talk about follow the science…..


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