23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-30-22

  1. Good morning! Where is our substitute master of this site with the Friday funnies?

    Have a blessed day, Y’all. It’s going to be a windy one here . We had a low of 62° overnight. Yesterday morning it was 64° in our house, very chilly for me. I think the house is a tad bit warmer today.

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  2. I just caught up with yesterday’s thread.

    On Ecclesiastes 1:2 – I’ve always heard it meant “futility” or something along that line.

    Janice- Take the pie. If the neighbors don’t like the kind gesture, that’s their problem. At least you tried to make peace.

    Kim- I like gas stoves, but Mrs L grew up with electric, so that’s what we have.

    Jo- Since you’re in California, can you even get a stove or heater that uses a fossil fuel like propane?

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  3. Morning all!
    A friend posted that yesterday was national coffee day and that today is proclaimed to be international coffee day! Yippee for coffee! ☕️

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful cloud filled day here. Mid sixties in the house this morning, fifty outside shooting for sixty one. We may consider putting the stove back into action soon.

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  5. Kathaleena from last night, absolutely, but their focus is on finding the least cash flow from her farm (their inheritance) and getting off for their six month Arizona life. I do not have any idea what they think my motive is but they do not like me so don’t understand that I have been caring for their mom for months and am happy to do it free of charge so they only need to pay half time care. The least expensive route is to keep her home with all of the children pitching in a day a week or a week every two months but that is not going to happen.

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  6. Morning all. My friend texted that her grandson wants to earn money to go to prom so will come work on getting the wallpaper glue off of my walls today. He is much stronger than I am.

    I seem to be walking better now. There is a nice wide path in the state park next to me. I walk a half mile out and then back. I might go further, but after that the trail forks and someone shared that there was a rattlesnake right there. I am sure that it is gone, but I will just turn around. It is much nicer than doing laps around the church.

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  7. Glad you have a scenic trail, Jo. I hope to soon get back out to the nice board walk trails near here. I think I walked about 45 minutes very slowly in the driveway yesterday. Since I have not seen the dog out I have not carried my big stick. Still need to take that pie over when Art can arrange to be home during daylight hours which seems to never happen.

    Waiting to hear storm impact news from SC.

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  8. I’m going to start walking in my backyard, I guess. But looking forward to going off my property again for a walk!

    I’m still getting a ‘positive’ result on at-home covid test, so still contagious according to that, although I am feeling better and have resumed at least some of my knee exercises. Hope I haven’t lost too much ground. Frustrating.

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  9. Dj, you will slowly but surely get back “on track.” Maybe the setback actually kept you from moving too fast and doing too much before you should have. Still thanking God that you have done great with it all even with Covid.

    I would like to utilize my back yard for walking, but it is all overgrown and one big slope, too easy to fall.

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  10. My backyard also is a bit uneven, all dirt but with a big hole in the middle, a landmark left by Tess in her young vigorous digging years. I’ve tried filling it in a couple times, but needs to be packed down harder I guess as it keeps reappearing.

    I just walk around the outskirts, but there are some low-hanging tree branches I also have to duck around. Trees need trimming I guess.

    We have our marine layer and fog back again today, nice and cool, I have all the windows open (which they recommend when one has covid, interestingly — but I just like them open anyway).

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  11. I drove into Elizabeth and enjoyed time in a non crowded small town. Visited with the owner of my favorite antique/gift shop and purchased a cute shirt for fall. As I was driving home the skies opened up and the rain fell…what an blessing to have wet roads and land for a bit!

    Aj we continue to ask the Lord to bring you calm in the storm. Being frustrated is very understanding and realizing it has become weird with Covid is even more frustrating.
    The receptionist asked me where my mask was yesterday when I was called back..in my purse. She said she realized Covid has been officially declared “over” but other germs and flu are around so she preferred me to wear a mask…mmm…ok…but there were many walking about there with no masks!! And I’m thinking Covid is not “over”! (There were no signs anywhere stating masks were required.)

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  12. Interesting about the mask, Nancyjill. Here they are required in medical offices. I am thankful I can feel at home in my masks at least going to the doctor. About half the people wear them grocery shopping (this is a big medical community so more compliance to mask wearing simply because they already were in the habit before Covid). But at church no one has been wearing masks except some of the blacks who may have chosen to not get vaccinated.

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  13. CDC rules, DJ, say 5 days isolation and then you can wear a mask in public.

    I wore a mask today to get my hair cut–because it made my hairdresser more comfortable.

    Got a great haircut.

    In other news, my daughter’s kitchen arrived today in 24 boxes. My husband and our handy friend Daniel will install next weekend.

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  14. My doctor’s office requires them and they make certain you have a mask on before you can get off the elevator on the third floor. There are signs warning you must have a mask.
    I would say most do not wear masks around here. Some choose to do so and that is fine but I don’t. But I did have to wear one during my stress test! I was “sucking wind” at one point and the nurse practitioner came over and pulled my mask down…she laughed and said it was nuts to try to get that vigorous of a test all the while not being able to breathe! We were in the testing room with no one else around.

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  15. Thanks, M, I have read that somewhere but seems like I also read conflicting info about testing negative before heading out.

    We still have folks wearing masks here, I “generally” do when grocery shopping and going to other stores, but sometimes have skipped it — medical buildings definitely still require them, including my PT office.

    And last time I got my hair cut everyone pretty much was wearing them, it’s close quarters in the salon and you’re there a while.

    There are still folks who are at greater risk so I think that’s also worth remembering.

    We’re all sick of all of this, of course. It’s been a very long stretch with a very wily virus.

    Guess science hasn’t defeated all our natural foes in the world just yet.

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  16. I don’t know if people around here wear masks, can’t say I notice it anymore. I wear one if going into a med facility (speech therapy) but that is it. Of course, I don’t go anywhere else.

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  17. You were in one of my dreams recently, mumsee, so you went there.

    I was — for some ridiculous reason — changing careers to become a teacher and had to go to this big orientation meeting up in Hollywood in a big building where I used to work many years ago. I arrived late, and the place was very crowded and somehow I spotted you there, you were wearing a red jacket.

    Oh look, I thought, mumsee is here, glad there’s someone I know.

    No one was wearing masks.

    So there you go, you go more places than you realize.

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