16 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-1-22

  1. Well that seems classist, and kinda racist too.

    “Nancy Pelosi: There’s A Workforce Shortage, So Immigrants Are Needed In Florida To “Pick The Crops”…”

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  2. Democrats continue to allow folks who are mentally deteriorating before our eyes to hold high office in order to maintain their tenuous grip on power.

    Biden, and now DiFi.


    “‘I don’t even know what that is’: What ‘confused’ and ‘angry’ Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, said to staffers when they briefed her on the bill to continue funding the government

    Feinstein, 89, has served as a Democratic senator from California for 30 years, and has voted on dozens of continuing resolutions (CR) to fund the government

    According to a private conversation overheard by Insider, Feinstein struggled to get her bearings on the walk to the Senate floor to vote

    ‘This is a vote on the continuing resolution. Do you have any questions about it?’ a male staffer asked the senator, before she snapped at him

    Democrats on Capitol Hill have in recent years expressed concern over the Senate’s oldest member and her mental fitness to serve ”


    This at the same time Old Joe is calling for dead politicians to join him on stage, and can’t remember his own staff’s names.

    But it’s fine. Everything’s fine….

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  3. Biden’s woke military.

    “First Openly Transgender Army Officer Indicted for Trying to Give Soldiers’ Medical Info to Russia”


    “A federal grand jury in Baltimore indicted Jamie Lee Henry and his wife, Anna Gabrielian, on charges of conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information. According to prosecutors, the couple met last month with an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian diplomat and offered medical information from Fort Bragg, the home of the military’s elite Delta Force.

    Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins University, told the undercover agent during an Aug. 17 meeting that “she was motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail,” according to the indictment. Gabrielian gave the undercover agent medical information on a spouse of someone who works in the Office of Naval Intelligence, and “highlighted” a medical issue that “Russia could exploit.”

    Henry, a doctor at Fort Bragg, gave the undercover agent information on five patients at the military facility, according to the indictment, first reported by the Baltimore Banner.

    Henry has been praised as a pioneer of the transgender movement after coming out as transgender in an interview with BuzzFeed News in 2015. Henry claimed to be the first known active-duty Army officer to come out as transgender, and the first to legally change their name while in service.

    Henry told BuzzFeed his experience transitioning helped him in the medical field.

    “I find my trans experience has allowed me to relate to people, because all of us suffer, and I could relate to people’s suffering. I’m able to comfort people that feel isolated and lost and alone and broken,” Henry said.

    Henry lamented in another interview that year about the lack of privacy afforded transgender people receiving medical care.

    “I felt very vulnerable while being treated as a patient in the same hospital I worked as a physician. What made it worse was that, as a soldier, my medical records were not private, and when the question of mental illness came up, I felt stark naked,” Henry told Bright Young Things in 2015.”


    He’s worried about a lack of medical privacy, yet he does this?

    This is exactly why in the past the military denied entrance to the mentally ill. They’re too easy to exploit.

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  4. The un-American treatment and detainment of US citizens continues.

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  5. Disgusting.


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  7. I will not mock these woke idiots…

    I will not mock these woke idiots…

    I will not mock these….

    “American Academy of Pediatrics: Don’t Send Home Kids with Head Lice to ‘Prevent Social Stigma and Psychological Stress’

    In the name of equity, all the kids now get head lice!”


    “Civil liberties are at issue.

    …[C]hildren who are infected with lice should be allowed to return to school, the AAP says, even if they are not lice-free yet.

    The AAP even suggests that zero-tolerance policies on lice infections “may violate a child’s or adolescent’s civil liberties.” The AAP says it discourages such policies and asks schools to address their legal counsels about them.

    My son would routinely get sand in his hair in pre-school, which would routinely get called “lice eggs” by one of his teachers. I spent a bit of time shampooing his hair with “Nix.” He appears to be a happy, healthy, well-adjusted individual today.
    Head lice do not cause disease and are spread chiefly by contact with the hair of an infested individual.

    In the United States, infestation with head lice is most common among pre-school children attending child care, elementary schoolchildren, and the household members of infested children.

    Although reliable data on how many people in the United States get head lice each year are not available, an estimated 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children 3 to 11 years of age.”

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  8. Well he is a traitor, we already knew that.

    So not really surprising. Mittens will always side with a fellow cultist like himself.

    “Reports: Mitt Romney Trying to Undermine Mike Lee Re-Election Effort

    “If you’re not going to have the back of your colleague in your state who is a fellow Republican, how will I know you’ll have my back?””


    “In Utah, Senator Mike Lee is running against the #NeverTrump candidate Evan McMullin, and the race is a little closer than most Republicans would like.

    Senator Mitt Romney, who is not up for reelection this year, is doing next to nothing to help Lee’s campaign. Some GOP senators are getting annoyed by his lack of support.

    Mollie Hemingway writes at The Federalist:

    GOP Senators Baffled By Mitt Romney’s Ploy To Oust Mike Lee — And Maybe Thwart A Majority

    Republican senators are growing concerned by colleague Mitt Romney’s refusal to help fellow Utah Republican Mike Lee decisively win his re-election campaign — a posture that could potentially keep their party from gaining a majority in the November elections. Unlike every other Republican senator, the 2012 failed Republican presidential candidate is declining to express a preference in Republican Lee’s re-election effort against Democrat-endorsed Evan McMullin.

    “I respect [Romney], and I understand that each state has its own dynamics, but I do not understand why he is remaining neutral,” said one Republican senator who asked not to be identified. “Whatever our differences, we all try to support each other around election time.””


    Loyalty means nothing to this loyalty pledge signing but not honoring it fraud.


  9. Remember, the violence always comes from the left.



  10. Read the room clown.

    Punishing the suffering to own the Gov.

    This is the modern left.

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  11. Fienstein, Pelosi, etc all need to retire, and that includes Trump and Biden. Its time for the boomers to reire and let the millennials take over. Gen X doesn’t want the job – we enjoy being left alone. Both Biden and Trump make the occasional gaffe but still manage some coherence. Old age is not the sole criteria – my dad at 95 is more coherent than both of them – but a mandatory retirement age for politicians is not a bad idea. Fienstein should have been primaried years ago.

    The idea behind being open about sexuality and gender is so federal employees and armed forces personnel would not be susceptible to blackmail. In this case, other motivations must have been at play.

    You break the law, you will be arrested. Once under arrested, the US justice system is fairly tight and hard nosed. It’s not politics, it’s what happens when you get arrested in the US. Of course, any political motivation of a crime will be more harshly punished – see the environmentalist imprisoned for seven years for what was essential vandalism.

    The idea of party loyalty is weird and reminds me of 1984. Romney and Cheney have different ideas for the direction of the Republican party; so be it. The Democratic party has similar dissidents, but tolerant them slightly more.

    “Violence always comes from the left”??? Rather ironic since a previous post was on the violence of Jan 6th. Violence is on all sides of the political spectrum. The right likes to hit people with cars, carry guns to demonstrations and sometimes even use them, etc. This is a case of glass houses and ye without sin casting the first stone.

    There’s been quite a bit of chatter on the left side of the internet about DeSantis’ hypocrisy and the irony of Florida accepting federal aid when it just wasted a million dollars on a publicity stunt. Of course, there were assorted jokes about throwing paper towels, asking who they voted for, using a sharpie on map, etc as they mocked Trump’s response to disaster and compared it to Biden.


  12. My school board has had a similar lice policy for at least a decade. Its dumb. We inform parents if their child has lice. The parent then has the option to buy the shampoos needed, pick through with a special comb or otherwise try to delouse their child. Or they can simply send their child back to school the next day. All it takes is one selfish parent and the cycle of lice in the classroom continues. Previously the child was asked to stay home a minimum of three days and was checked to see if treatment was successful when they came back. Apparently this embarassed the middle class child and in working class families where they had to work, the parents resorted to various quick cures — shave their child’s head, wash with gasoline (a child suffered first degree burns when a parent did that with a cigarette) or spraying with pesticide. So now everyone goes to school.

    Both Newsom and the Republican state governors are making the same mistake; politicizing the human body. The medical age of consent varies and is ambiguous even with one state – depending on a doctor’s opinion and the context of the situation it can be 12 or 18 or in between. By setting a specific age, the politicians are ignoring a tradition of taking context and individual cases into consideration. Newsom may think his intentions are good but it’s the wrong solution. People need to recognize trans people do exist, but people also need to recognize puberty and adolescence can be incredibly confusing for some. As much as I understand the need for early intervention in the case of trans children, I also understand that haste is not always the best policy. In 26 years, I can only think of one case where I sure that the child was trans, the rest of the cases were children on the spectrum or those who suffered childhood sexual abuse. And when you prescribe puberty blockers and surgery for the latter, you might be creating more problems than you solve. Doctors, psychologists, and the person involved all need a voice – the politicians no matter their viewpoint does not.


  13. Term limits and age limits would do wonders for our broken govt.


    This is BS.

    “You break the law, you will be arrested. Once under arrested, the US justice system is fairly tight and hard nosed. It’s not politics, it’s what happens when you get arrested in the US. ”

    A judge has waived their constitutional right to a speedy trial. That’s a fact, and unprecedented for “parading”. Hundreds have been held longer than the sentence for what they’re accused of. Again, unprecedented.

    They’re held in solitary, denied visits, even with their lawyers for some. And beaten by guards, as I’ve shown on several occasions including just last week.

    But you keep pretending this is how a system in country you have no experience in the judicial system of operates.

    And I’ll keep calling BS and telling you you’re wrong, and you are.

    It’s un-American fascist garbage, but you’re OK with it because Orange Man and his supporters are Bad.


  14. Un-American is what this admin and it’s media henchmen do best.

    “Enemies list? Fed-backed censorship machine targeted 20 news sites

    Just the News, New York Post, Fox News, Epoch Times and Breitbart were identified among the “most prominent domains” whose election coverage was cited in tweets flagged by the Election Integrity Partnership and its collaborators.”


    “The private consortium that reported election “misinformation” to tech platforms during the 2020 election season, in “consultation” with federal agencies, targeted several news organizations in its dragnet.

    Websites for Just the News, New York Post, Fox News, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, Epoch Times and Breitbart were identified among the 20 “most prominent domains across election integrity incidents” that were cited in tweets flagged by the Election Integrity Partnership and its collaborators.

    The Washington Post, New York Times and CNN also appeared on the list, though the consortium’s after-action report emphasizes most of the mainstream media reports “were referenced as fact-checks” that played a “corrective role” against “misleading narratives.”

    The report also identified the 21 “most prominent repeat spreaders [of misinformation] on Twitter,” all of them politically classified as “right.” Actor James Woods led that group, followed by The Gateway Pundit blog, Donald Trump Jr. and President Trump himself. The report emphasized 15 were verified by Twitter.

    The Stanford Internet Observatory, University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, think tank Atlantic Council, and social media analytics firm Graphika claimed their consortium had a 35% success rate getting flagged content removed, throttled or labeled.

    The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the State Department, and liberal groups such as the Democratic National Committee, also flagged purported misinformation through the consortium.

    “No news organization should be subjected to an enemies/censorship list for reporting newsworthy facts” Just the News Editor in Chief John Solomon said in a statement. “It’s even more egregious that this censorship machinery was prodded, aided and sanctioned by the federal government.”

    Individuals and organizations named on the lists told Just the News they put no stock in the designations.

    “Gateway Pundit is reviewing its legal options,” General Counsel John Burns wrote in an email, calling the “fascist, public-private partnership … a very simple nexus or entwinement case, with deep Supreme Court precedent.”

    “How is this any different from what happens in Communist Party-controlled China?” publisher Jim Hoft said. “The scary thing is, the EIP is only a single office within the greater government-wide Ministry of Truth.”

    “We noticed a massive drop off on and around the 2020 elections. It got really bad after [Jan. 6, 2021],” paired with apparent “increased leftwing bot activity,” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk wrote in a text message.

    “Compared to my engagement on every other platform, there’s no question that this new revelation fits with our lived experience on Twitter,” he said. “That tax payer dollars are being spent to censor half the country is a travesty and whoever is behind this must be held accountable.”

    “The definition of ‘disinformation’ is now any reported facts that go against the world view of the political establishment,” Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alexander Marlow wrote in an email.

    The consortium “relies on innuendo and insinuation to imply we are not trustworthy and thus should be censored” rather than accusing Breitbart “of publishing inaccurate stories,” he said. The company is being targeted for “having a massively powerful platform that leads the political conversation every single day.”

    “We’re in the middle of what I would call the ‘Great Suppression,'” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Just the News. He was suspended by Twitter for several months for comments on hydroxychloroquine.”


    And they plan to do it all again, to benefit Dems, of course.



    “Outsourced censorship: Feds used private entity to target millions of social posts in 2020

    Biden administration gave millions in tax dollars to groups after election, records show. ”


    Bought and paid for by your tax dollars solely to help Dems censor info that makes them look bad.


  15. My simple point is political violence is always treated more harshly than conventional violence. Envornmental activists were sentenced to seven years for vandalism, if they were simply drunken fools on a Saturday night they would get 90 days. Leonard Peltier has been in jail for 45 years for aid and abetting in two murders while he was a member of AIM. It’s not a left/right thing nor Dem/Rep nor Trump supporters being victimized; it’s a simple fact, political violence is always treated more harshly. This is true in almost any country not just the US.

    My secondary point was a simple observation that the US justice system is harsh and in comparison to the rest of the Western world , it is. Sure I enjoy the irony of the weeping and gnashing of teeth from Trump supporters as they realize what the left has been saying for over a century; the justice system is harsh and is even harsher if you commit political “crimes”.

    I read a partial list of those sentences so far — a few pled guilty to assaulting a police officer and received less than four years. They’re being treated quite leniently all things considered.


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