52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-24-22

  1. Thank you RKessler.

    I’m off to bed, 6AM rise, pick the cake up at 7, church by 7:30.

    Then married at 11, reception at 12, home by 4-5ish.

    That’s the plan anyway. 🙂

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  2. Good, good morning! I am having the happy thrill today because the house is chilly with autumn upon us. Miss Bosley is especially welcome to be here in the coolness as she feels like a hot water bottle wrapped in fur. Also happy thinking of the wedding today. How special to be wed right as summer has turned to fall. It’s serious cuddle time😀 Perfect timing for a wedding, IMHO! In My Happy Opinion

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  3. Mother of the bride may be a bit more. 😀 So nice to celebrate the good stuff, however.

    Mumsee, that woman is something else. Glad you could step in and help both your dad and stepmom. Older people are so vulnerable. It takes me back to some issues with my own mom and the disrespect I sometimes saw.

    I hope things work out okay to the boy, Kizzie.

    Dj, you were probably wise to go with Anderson windows. I wish we would have. Our windows are not bad, but if I knew now what I didn’t know then, I would have gone with the Anderson. Sometimes expensive saves a whole lot of aggravation and money down the road. My parents had their windows for decades and I know other who also did. All Anderson.

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  4. The Anderson door is very solid (I also had Anderson replace the double-hung bathroom window which had been turned into some metal contraption with louvre slats — ugh).

    Real Estate Guy gave me a hard time about the sliding door being too expensive, but I think it was worth it for such a major piece. It’s wood frame on the inside (which I still need to stain someday) and has a trim that matches the old casement windows in the front of the house.

    Oh, and I guess they also did the big sliding window in the back office right next to the kitchen, that also had been turned into a thin, aluminum-framed horror circa 1950s or so :-). It always leaked when it rained (back when we used to get rain) so I’d have to roll up bath towels to put on the window sill; they’d be soaked by the time the rain stopped.

    I heard from a friend from church last night, he came down with covid this week also. Hmmmm.

    Think I’m figuring out where the spread was.

    Wonder how many others?

    Sadly, Covid still lives.

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  5. Morning all. Today I am meeting the electrician. Not sure if he is just looking or planning on working. I got the three fans so he can do that and take out the florescent lights in the kitchen. Then I will come back up the hill for my grandsons soccer game.
    I am going to ask my sil if I can borrow his truck this week to go to Placerville. It seems Home Depot just tells you which stores have what you want. And I have friends I hope to visit over there. We will see.

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  6. Jo, is this a new house? Or your former house you’re just able to remodel now?

    Yeah, no fluorescent lights. 🙂

    Wish I could have done a few more things here, but the money ran out! And I did get a lot done, the most important things, especially with regard to the house “infrastructure” (new sewer line, etc.).

    Still sick, but a feeling a little better this morning (though that vacillates throughout the days).

    I’m hoping to get the prescriptions delivered today, you have to do all of that through the pharmacy app. As of late last night they only had one of the 2 prescriptions ready.

    I’ll be over this before I get them!

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  7. Good morning, all. Bible and exercise done followed by a run to town to drop off fifteen to finish her job from last night (I had forgotten the key) and then over to medicate twenty one and take her grocery shopping. Home now and it is Saturday morning cleanup.

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  8. Oh happy wedding day!! They should be hitched by now and enjoying that cake!!

    We went to the DMV to transfer titles of cars and register mine. Only took an hour with the most lovely and happy clerk! Then off to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with husband and daughter…a quite pleasant morning around here.

    Now to wash some laundry and put my feet up before taking a walk. Trying to prepare myself for the stress test this week in hopes I don’t collapse on their treadmill!!

    Dj I do hope they get your prescriptions to you today! And of course praying you feel better inch by inch.

    I would love to replace all my windows and doors but 27 windows is a big ouch for replacement. Friends had a quote of 80,000 to replace 15 windows by Anderson….yikes!
    And I would love to replace the front door but that would be probably 10,000. The old ones work so I’ll just be happy with them for now 😊

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  9. Congratulations AJ on tge marriage of your daughter! Such a perfect time of year for a wedding.

    Mumsee, it sounds like a stressful week for you. Prayers that it works out in the end, and that you have peace and strength for tge task.

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  10. Yes, happy wedding day.

    I chose not to replace my windows that were historical. Not the most energy efficient decision, but cost-effect and one that appealed to me the most in this house. It would also have cost a fortune, more than I had or maybe ever would have, to replace all of those large casement windows.

    Interesting online discussion today with a liberal Christian friend. I’m still a little unclear of her faith status, she has a lot of resistance to some biblical teachings. For now, considering her a fellow believer with some stubborn misunderstandings that may or may not ever be cleared up for her.

    She’s quite prickly about “conservative” Christians (she has a liberal Methodist background, currently no church that she’s attending, has especially strong feelings about pro LGBTQ, a topic I’ve stayed clear of as it only muddies the water at this point).

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  11. Well it’s done, the happy couple has checked into the honeymoon suite and we won’t see them for 4 days. 😁

    My wife has the week off and we will get to spend some time together just us 2 before the surgery on the 7th.

    Looking forward to it. 🥳🥰

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  12. Glad that you have some restful time with your sweet wife, Aj.

    Electrician did not come, probably forgot. I am working away at getting wall paper glue off the kitchen walls. I think I need to hire some kids to help and offer pizza for lunch. I can do the middle, but not the top or the bottom. How much do you pay 13 year olds???

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  13. Dj, this is the house that I purchased in 2004. I only lived in it for six weeks. It has had renters for this long time and needs work. I am getting rid of wall paper, looks like I will be replacing the kitchen faucet. Widening the back door, replacing the laundry room door, and having my bedroom door changed from a four foot wide double door to a 36 inch single door. I finally looked at my bedroom door and it doesn’t even have a latch.
    Now I am trying to find security screen doors online. Which stores might deliver??

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  14. oh, after the doors are done, then I will have the whole place painted, waiting for that bid. Then finally get rid of the smelly carpet and get luxury vinyl plank floors. I want to do the same thing on the stairs, but Home depot won’t do that. But I discovered that they do sell the bull nose, or what ever you call it, that finishes the edge on the stairs. My stairs have a landing and a turn mid way so not that long.
    Any opinions? I don’t want the stairs to be the only place with carpet.


  15. Jo I believe you can order online like at Lowes or Home Depot and there is an option if you want to pick up at store or have it delivered to your home. We have ordered from Home Depot and had a snow blower delivered to the house and the bonus was we didn’t have to pay city taxes because we live in the county 😊

    Our floor guy did our stairs…16 steps…and he didn’t pull out the foundation of the steps. He slid a wood sort of covering over them already with the bullnose. Maybe you could call a flooring company to see if they could do just that? When we had our stairs done in our old house in town we were charged 135 dollars per step for taking off carpet and replacing it with wood.


  16. Glad to hear the wedding went well.

    Carpet-be-gone is a good philosophy. 🙂

    I finally had to get a friend to pick up the medication from the pharmacy. After reading all the cautions and possible side effects, I don’t think I’ll take much of it. Kind of terrifying from sudden death to constipation to breaking out in hives. Maybe not.

    It’s for the cough and my coughing seems to be really easing up right now. (This medication, I think, is to replace the old-style prescription cough syrups with opioid-like affects — doesn’t sound like a very good alternative to me.)

    NyQuil and other OTC stuff seems safer, if not as effective.

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  17. Home Depot will not do the stairs. So I will have to find someone else to do them. And whoever vacuums their stairs? it just doesn’t seem to happen.
    Speaking of which, I need to buy a broom. I am missing some of those essential tools. Unless they are hidden in the back of my closets.

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  18. I vacuum my carpeted stairs.😀

    My neighbors are having a party on their deck. I don’t know the music. It may be foreign, maybe a Hispanic song now, but how would I know, except I think this one has an accodian which is now accompanied by the noise of a passing train. Fun percussion!

    Has anyone heard from Six lately?

    An almost blind person should not dress wounds. I ended up putting tape on part of my incision this morning and leaving it on all day. I guess it was okay since I did not feel any pain from the mistake, but still feel concern that it was not sterile. It was the paper tape so not very sticky. It did not hurt to remove it for my shower. But still . . . not good.

    So glad that AJ and family had a wonderful day for a sweet wedding. I hope we see photos soon! And glad AJ and Cheryl will have some couple time after all the energy and focus were on the younger set.

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  19. Morning all! It is 38 degrees here this morning..brisk!

    Haven’t seen 6 around but know that she sometimes takes a break..if you are reading this 6 know that we think about you often! ♥️

    When I had carpeted steps I vacuumed them all the time and it was fortunate I had a long hose on the vacuum. And I didn’t want anyone walking on them afterwards because they were clean and fluffed!! 😊

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  20. I’ve vacuumed plenty of stairs myself. My SIL just told me that he would not want to remove carpet again and would gladly pay someone to do it. Surprised me since he is fairly a DIY kind of guy. Hardwood (or smooth) stairs can be slippery.

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  21. Though I have often dreamed of discovering a surprise 2nd story to my house. Those are fun dreams. It usually has a large fireplace, and is reminiscent of an old apartment I once looked at in Long Beach (but didn’t get to rent as someone was there before me). Funny, but that dream “room” turns up in my dreams from time to time, usually as part of an undiscovered 2nd story of this house.

    Last night’s dreams included saddling up a horse but then getting distracted and walking away and forgetting him, figuring he probably galloped off somewhere as a result. NyQuil dreams.

    Still very “stuffed up” and congested this morning. Covid does hang on.

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  22. Interesting dreams, Dj. I really hope Covid will cease and desist immediately. Covid is indeed a criminal intruder into lives.

    I decided to not do in-person church today. My tummy is a bit rumbly for some reason so the decision was easy because of that. The pastor’s sermon was from Acts 1 since he is doing a series on that book. Very powerful, and he hit on some points from Galatians which the ladies are studying on Tues. evenings. I love to see coordination in a church like that. It seems so orderly and well thought out, edifying on a grand scale level.

    Jo, did you find the broom? You know it’s that time of year when someone may have flown away with it😀

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  23. Janice – Thank you. It did seem to go well. After school on Monday, while Nightingale will still be at work, I will casually ask him about it some more. He often tells me things about his dad, and his time with him, that he doesn’t tell his mom.

    Nightingale and I have an agreement that I will remain someone who Boy can confide in, but that I will let her know if anything concerning comes up. As for Boy’s relationship with X, I think he realizes that his mom doesn’t really want to hear much about X. Although it is also likely that X tells him not to mention certain things to her.

    One thing about X that bothers me is that he is always bragging to Boy about how expensive his gifts to him are, but that he got a great deal for whatever it was.

    The latest is that he is claiming that he has discovered that the three-year old dog he recently got from a shelter is a “purebred black mouth cur”, worth hundreds of dollars, but he got him for $150. The dog does look somewhat like a black mouth cur, but I doubt that he would be a purebred.

    And I think that X specifically used the word “purebred” to impress Boy, because when Boy asked me to google images of that kind of dog, he insisted that I include “purebred” in the name.

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  24. DJ – I often have those hidden extra story on the house (or different house altogether) dreams, too. They are so interesting!


  25. Glad it went well, Kizzie. Some people are prone to exagerate and others go in the opposite direction and downplay wealth and cost of their possessions. Maybe at some point you could talk to Boy about that but probably not when this is so fresh and it might add a crack in building a foundation for their relationship. You know the old ‘pick and choose your battles’ scenario. I do understand that you don’t want Boy to imitate that behavior.

    I have had the extra rooms in a dream, but it is always in the old farm house my mother grew up in. There were stairs that went up to an attic I never got to go in so it must be related to that. Also, I was probably a preteen when my dad and uncles decided to take down the old smoke house, and they would not let me get near there for fear that rattlesnakes would emerge. It’s so difficult to stand and watch at a distance when you really want to be helpful!

    I enjoyed going up in the hay loft there. I can still smell it when I let myself dwell in memories. One other place I never went into and really wanted to was the underground shelter they had for escaping from tornados.

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  26. Maybe these secret story rooms dreams foreshadow our many “mansions” in heaven. 🙂

    Last (afternoon) Covid dream was about how they were making those copper-bronze colored appliances again. I wanted a stove that color and some friends were trying to convince me to go for “mint green.”

    It’s either Covid or the medicine I’m taking for it, but the dreams are entertaining at least.

    I’ve slept most of the day away. Yesterday was a good day, today, so-so, just a lot of fatigue still. But the cough and chest congestion seems to be gone, now mostly head congestion that’s lingering.

    Still, this has gone on much longer than most colds or even the flu. And I feel like it’s put me behind on my knee recovery — no walks feeling like this and being quarantined. When it cools off today I’ll try to get out to do some watering that’s overdue, maybe walk around the backyard some.

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  27. In my kitchen: a non-working avocado dishwasher, a stainless steel refridgerator, and a white stove with black top with a white washer. Guess that covers quite a few years for fashion colors😀 Eclectic Electtic😀

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  28. Janice has it all covered.

    I kind of like the Tuscan steel (not that I’m actually shopping for a stove, but I may have to one of these days) — I lean always toward the warmer tones, I suppose, so the stainless and black never did much for me.

    My appliances now are all white, the classic/basic look for an older house, but with copper tones and cookware coming back into style for kitchen ware it seemed like manufacturers would begin to move in that direction soon.


  29. Best show on Fox, Trey Gowdy. So refreshing to have a program where folks on all sides are interviewed with grace and respect (and interesting to see how they all then respond in kind), whether they agree with each other or not. It can be done.

    And we’re all the better for it. I think more viewers are looking for that. Enough of the angry conservatism and angry liberalism, the shouting, frantic discussion show hosts. Ugh. Mute button, please.

    There was something to be said for Olasky’s idea of a compassionate conservatism.

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  30. Interesting evening. It is Monday in PNG. I no longer own my flat, but it turns out that there was earthquake damage. They didn’t see anything but when the construction department checked they found that both water tanks were empty and ruined. Not sure what status is for the pump, which could have burned up. But perhaps not as no one was there and maybe there was water in the header tank.

    Anyway the other flat mate, Hollie, is in the village doing translation. The only insurance that she had was for contents. jan, who is in the states, has no insurance. I had dwelling insurance, which may cover it as I had paid for a year.

    So on top of everything else, I may now need to fill out a form to file a claim in PNG. This could get interesting.


  31. Good news is I finally got my bid from the painter. It was very reasonable. I am pleased. I was very worried that it was going to be three times as much. So I will have to see about scheduling. The doors need to be done first, but they could work on the downstairs.

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