11 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-21-22

  1. Kizzie,

    The world is full of scammers.

    Helgard Muller, the author of the Trump book you posted about, is merely just the next one.

    Do an internet search. Likening him to Osteen and his ilk was accurate. He even has a book on how to make you a millionaire.

    The book has been out since Jan, but Dems are desperate, so here we are talking about it now.

    I’m sure he’s sold tens and tens of copies, mostly recently and to journalists and Dems desperate for anything to use on that bad orange man is my guess. 🙂

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  2. AJ – Did you see my last post last night? I do not believe that many Trump supporters are falling for that, but I thought it beneficial to be aware of it in case we come across (probably on social media) someone concerned about it. The author is giving them out at Trump rallies, so there are more out there than however many have been sold. Trump opponents, and some who love to smear Christians, are becoming aware of it. (And according to Amazon, the book is #10 on the Christian Commentaries list.)

    As I said last night, it’s like the Starbuck’s Christmas cup “controversy” from a few years ago. A teeny-tiny minority of believers seemed to be upset about their plain cup that year (and probably not even that many), and so folks on the internet were convinced that a lot of Christians were upset about the stupid cup. No, we weren’t.

    I shared about it as a matter of interest, as something that perhaps we should be aware of.


  3. These may be (we hope) outlier viewpoints, but I agree that it’s still good to know about, especially when it’s spun as being somehow biblical and is being distributed among professing believers or even just the spiritually curious in the local mission field around us.

    And sadly, a lot of outlier views become more prevalent than we’d like. Education, common sense, discernment and, most of all, biblical grounding are the best defense against these notions that may get legs.

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  4. Talcum X is a fraud, always was, as was his BLM scam.

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  5. I’m sure this Latisha fraud’s new “indictments” are totally legit though…

    And our fraud media will run with it either way, because orange man bad.

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  6. Read this comment from HRW last evening:
    Reagan destroyed the middle class. His continued adoration among the right of centre only illustrates their weakness for heroes and great men of history.

    So if you are around today I wonder who to you are those “great men of history”?
    Reagan was President just as my husband had graduated from college. We were not even middle income at that point as we were a family of four trying to make it through (no one was going to give us free student loans)
    Under the Reagan administration we made a good living working hard and being wise with our finances. We paid a couple of loans off within the first year of employment and purchased our first home within 3 years. So we did not experience Reagan destroying the middle class. I do not “adore” Reagan..I respected his leadership and love for God, country and his fellow man. There are many great men , women and “heroes” I respect and admire…but none do I “adore”….

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