38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-20-22

  1. Good morning! Lovely pink flowers to greet us. Beautiful. Even Miss Bosley would approve if she felt like lifting her head from napping in my lap to look. The flowers match her paw pads.

    Bible studies marathon day. Time to go get in the Good Book to get ready. Have a blessed day, Y’all.

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  2. I agree with DJ’s comment yesterday about the long day for the British royals. They all looked exhausted.

    And I couldn’t help but notice the only woman wearing sensible shoes was the Danish queen.

    But, maybe it’s our age.

    A lovely service–I couldn’t stop tears just watching the highlights.

    And now, for me this morning, off to start teaching on the book of Acts of the Holy Spirit and Jesus! (A better name, don’t you think?) 🙂

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  3. I’m also off to Bible study across the parking lot at the church. This study took me hours to do. A lot of homework.

    But first I have to make an appointment to choose doors.
    I finally remembered where the doorlocks were that I got in New Zealand. So it is down to the basement for me to look.

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  4. I’m off to physical therapy again in a couple hours. I also may be going beyond September for my neck issues, too much computer work has really given me neck issues through the years. I was in PT for that some years ago for the neck pains but feel it’s time to go back so my GP said she’ll write up a note for that.

    She had me do some neck movements (during our virtual appt yesterday), asked a few questions, and it does just seem to be just aches and pains and weakness from issues of posture, ergonomics. So strengthening the muscles will help. There is no tingling or numbness or other signs of anything more serous, range of motion is still good.

    She also seems to think I can call my HR and they’re obligated to work with me to get my work station (even at home) set up correctly, but HR is in Denver and I’m not sure we have that available locally (though by law we probably do have to provide something like that).


    Yes, the shoes at that funeral, I saw a photo of Meghan Markle curtsying and wow, those high heels! They look so elegant and graceful, but those of us who have worn them in the past can’t help but think of the reality.

    And just all of the slow walking, marching and standing still in vigil — made my legs hurt. Did you see the one guard who finally just fainted & fell, in a full face plant, onto the floor while standing vigil a couple days ago?

    I didn’t see any New Balance shoes anywhere.

    But it’s true, everyone looked royally perfect — handsome and beautiful, all of them.

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  5. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…so it goes with sweet pea as well. I wonder if Shakespeare ever beheld the scent of a sweet pea?!

    Dj after your comment about neck range of motion movements I tried. Oh my the cracking going on in there! It feels much better now and the cracking and popping have ceased! I need to get in the habit! When stitching my neck is bent over a lot!

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  6. She had me look all the way up, all the way down, all the way to the left, all the way to the right. But yeah, a little crackling in my neck too, it’s much worse as the day wears on.

    I am thinking that maybe a desk top computer might be in order going forward for work purposes. Right now I use a small laptop on the desk, not really a very good setup.

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  7. From World Magazine’s story on the Queen’s funeral:

    ~ Retired British expat Alec Clelland watched the funeral on Monday morning from Munich. He told WORLD that Welby’s message was poignant because it spotlighted Queen Elizabeth’s unique leadership.

    “She became a servant. Hers was a soft power that didn’t give commands, but gave advice when asked,” Clelland said. “So many leaders today, including evangelical leaders, seek after power and influence, and that’s not the Christian way. The queen, even though she had power, didn’t do that.” ~


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  8. The neck exercises! I am suppose to do those, too. I tend to do neck and arms while doing my driveway walking. I may be getting a reputation in the neighborhood as the crazy lady with all the moves. At least I don’t rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time😀 And I do hear crackles when I move my head around, reminiscient of Rice Crispies with milk poured over them.

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  9. I will check on HR, Michelle. But I think I’ll wait until it’s closer to going back to work, I’ll fiddle with the desk set up here at home in the meantime (after I clear the poor desk off!), see if I can raise up the laptop a bit … but I still am thinking an old-school desk top computer with a separate keyboard that can be positioned lower might be helpful.

    Good workout in PT, they had me working some of the exercises with heavier weights, did 30 leg pushbacks on the “shuttle.” They’ll increase the resistance next time.

    The knee bends practically all the way back now (lying down, they have you tuck your foot as far back toward your butt as you can with knee fully bent up and take measurements).

    The skin on the surgery site is still sensitive — both painful to the touch but oddly also sort of numb — and the plastic stuff is slowly now beginning to peel most of the way off the remaining sutures. Makes me squeamish to look at it, frankly.

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  10. When I had a laptop, I’d set it on top of a stack of books at the kitchen counter and work standing up.

    I’ve got two EHS folks living in my house–they both provide suggestions when visiting others . . . They also oversaw their company providing ergonomic office equipment for home offices.

    I also swing my arms around when I walk, Janice.

    Got to keep moving . . .

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  11. DJ, I have an extra monitor on my desk that connects to my laptop. Still use the MacBook for the keyboard. It’s really nice to have an extra screen and then you can adjust the extra monitor for good height for your neck.


  12. I have an old desktop monitor, a computer that’s hasn’t been updated in eons (and wouldn’t take the more recent software). Could I connect the new laptop to that, I wonder? Probably not if it’s not compatible to the newer software, I guess?

    I use both my own and the work-issued laptop so I do use 2 screens simultaneously sometimes when covering a meeting and having to take notes which is easier on a separate laptop.

    I put a new fall wreath on the front door today. Our temperatures are suppose to start rising again, however. Typical September out here.

    I ordered some stackable plastic file boxes from Amazon but some of the lids arrived cracked/ broken so now I’ll have to haul those to the UPS store for a return.

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  13. Not sure if I’m right, but I believe that you can buy just a keyboard and attach it to your laptop. Then your monitor would be higher and your keyboard wherever you like it.

    I listened to the Lord today and told the gal how hurt I was from last week who told me rabbit trails and then ignored me. Turns out she is in both of my Bible studies. My plan was just to stay away from her, but a little voice told me to clear the air. She was very receptive.

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  14. Yep. I’m typing on an external keyboard right now. 🙂

    For those of you who don’t get my newsletter, you might enjoy this map of the spread of Christianity. It’s about 90 seconds long.

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  15. On my way home I got behind a pickup truck that had lettering on the back window:
    FOR THE LOVE OF THE HUNT Deer Retrieval Service.
    Then I saw the personalized tag: BLUDTRL
    While I respect this person for finding an opportunity and filling a need, I have to wonder what self respecting deer hunter would not have access to their own pickup truck to retrieve their own deer.

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  16. Dj, be glad they waited so long to remove all the surgical protective skin. It really helped in providing a sense of protection. It’s felt unnerving from day to day to know what to do for my wounds, to cover or leave more exposed (under loose garments or under tight fitting sports bra?) It has been such a guessing game. I have supplies for dressing wounds but what is right? I know each person heals at different rates so it’s such an individual thing. Without any experience at such things, we now take on the role of being quasi nurses. And no antibiotic is given for the healing process, at least in my case. That is probably different from when my mother had a mastectomy.


  17. Yes, the surgeon offered to rip it all off on my first followup visit — or, he said, you can just let it peel off in pieces as it starts coming loose on its own, keep trimming the loose edges with some scissors. So I opted to the latter.

    Therapist is now encouraging me to “pick away at it” and start doing some actual peeling, but I feel squeamish about that, am just keeping an eye out for the ragged edges and taking care of clipping those off as they come loose naturally. It keeps getting smaller.

    Therapist said then I should to wait until all the scabbing is gone (once the plastic is off) before using ointments on it. But I can sort of start rubbing it now (just not in opposite directions, always together to keep the sutures where they are).

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  18. I suppose all my sutures are inside because I see none outside. There were sutures holding in the drain tube and I felt each snip. I had forgotten to take ibupropin. Of all times! I warned I might scream. She said that would disturb the other patients😀 But she said pulling the drain tube would be fast. It was, and I was brave and did not make a peep.🦾🏋️‍♀️😳

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  19. Wow, you are brave!!

    About to go to simpsondoor.com to pick out some doors. Two exterior doors, both on the back of the house. One is the main door for entering, the other is the laundry room door. Then inside I need a door for my bedroom as it has a double door which I do not want.

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  20. I have glass knobs on most of my interior doors, old brass push-down type hardware — don’t know what you call it — on the outside of the old front door. A lever on the new back sliding door.

    I love old hardware on older houses so I tend to want to save them.

    But levers are supposed to be easier to operate.

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  21. Janice, glad you didn’t scream! That would have been startling.

    I heard a man let out a big yelp today in PT, caught everyone’s attention. He said he was OK.

    Just listened the “Ask Ligonier” livestream with Buck Parsons, very edifying. Issues included humility, homosexuality, witnessing, and many others.

    He talked in the end about the value of listening to our elders in the faith — he remembers just sitting and listening, mouth shut, with older men (and some women) who were from various streams of Christianity, Brethren, Mennonite, later Presbyterian & Reformed. “Listen to the old ways.”

    Ok, I need to go walk.

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  22. Jo, my daughter is an interior designer, and she recommends the lever handles. Better for older hands for sure. We just got new exterior doors and have the lever type handles. I like them. My only problem with them is that I often would hang something on the old knobs to remember to take it with me. That is fine except when someone else uses the door. Then I find whatever I had hanging on the lever on the floor. Just something to get used to.

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  23. thanks for the advice. I am sure the doors I am looking at are quite expensive. I think that I will just tell her that I am a missionary on a modest budget and don’t want anything fancy. I also want whatever might be in stock so that I don’t have to wait so long.


  24. I have lever handles on our exterior doors – very handy 😀. Duke has managed to open the door once or twice by himself. And I do worry about bears opening the door!!

    DJ, I have an adapter that fits the cable to my laptop. My work is all in one place and I take it along with me on the laptop if I work from home or elsewhere.

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  25. Just came in my back sliding door, it’s not a lever, just a handle attached at the top and bottom and you put your hand in the middle. If that makes sense. 🙂

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  26. We take our laptops to “work” as well, when we actually have a work space. No more fully outfitted work stations with stationary computers or files, we have to haul everything to and fro, which is fine since we mostly now work from home anyway.

    I remember the days when our local HR would come down to your dedicated work station and help you get all set up so you were sitting in just the right spot, at just the right height and angle, with your computer adjusted so carefully and your chair “just right.”

    Those days are clearly long gone.

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  27. Kare – We have a lever handle on the back door, and Janie knows how to use it to open the door. That is why I keep the chain lock on while she’s outside. 🙂

    It’s not so much that I don’t want her coming in, but she’ll swing the door wide open, and if I don’t see that in time, our indoor cat Rudy could escape.

    On the old door, the lever handle had an old-fashioned look, with a nice curve to it. and a golden color. That’s what I wanted when we had to replace the backdoor, but they (the men working on the house and Hubby, I guess) got a plain grey metal lever handle. Well, someday Nightingale and I will get around to replacing that, hopefully.

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