27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-8-22

  1. Good morning! I see Waldo in the tree but with my poor eyesight I can’t tell what Waldo is, maybe a cat or squirrel. I thought a cat at first, then raccoon, then squirrel.

    Yay! Art carried me to Publix this morning and I shopped liked usual. And I had the best sleep last night since the surgery because I decided I could sleep, finally, on one side instead of my back all night long.

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  2. Good morning, all. We have still never seen one of those here, though there are many in the woods and towns nearby. Apparently too great a span of fields and prairie from the woods to our place. Which is fine, I have enough.

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  3. Squirrel!! Do not say that word in my house unless you want to be run over by two dogs!!
    Morning! Our weather guy says it’s going to be hotter than a blast furnace today.
    Janice I am happy to hear you slept well and had a “normal” shopping outing!
    I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a very low flying helicopter …. It sounded as though it would land on top of our house. Not sure what that was all about!

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  4. Squirrel!

    Helicopter sounds are common where I am.

    We’re on Day 8 or 9 of our heat wave, another one to go tomorrow. …

    It feels endless. Nancyjill, how are your friends in Hemet? The fire doubled in size last night, according to the news. Still only 5% contained.

    Janice, I know the feeling 🙂 I also had to sleep on my back for a while, knee straight, and loved getting back to my more normal side-sleeping position. And getting “out and about” does feel so good.

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  5. It is 77° and the high will be 83° and when I swept there was a breeze. It’s almost like we switched weather with CA. As I was outside I had the thought of how there are many fewer abortions happening in GA right now. Perhaps the God of Creation is showing His favor . . . but I know that is not PC, gotta just say “Climate Change”, the magic words that indicate man is in control.

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  6. Helicopter sounds overhead are alarming, Nancyjill, especially if searchlights are on. They are looking for someone trying to hide in the neighborhood. We frequently hear them passing, but the circling an area with those lights makes a perspn antsy. You want to go outside for a better look (and to wave😀) but you know you better not.

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  7. Dj, I wish we could have a compromise on the weather, bring yours down a few degrees for ours going up a few degrees. My CA friend in Mt. View has told me how hot it is there😳 but claims it’s not so bad because of low humidity.

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  8. My friend Lisa posted a photo of the flames just over a hill close to her. Taillights were in the photo as well … residents leaving 😞

    I didn’t get up to see if searchlights were on that helicopter but it was way too low over this forest. We will see hospital and military helicopters overhead but never at night and that low.

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  9. Our humidity has been going up where I am so that adds to the misery in the past few days. The cloud cover is good in one sense — it’s holding down that intense, unfiltered, glaring sun which is just baking the land dry (well, drier) and the people, too.

    But the temps are still way too high for comfort and now we’re getting 50%+ humidity levels — low for your folks perhaps but high for us. We’re not used to humidity out there.

    All our hopes now are pinned on this shrinking storm making its way up from Baja Mexico — it’ll turn out to sea as it comes north and not hit us directly, but the effects of it will (we’re being told and are hoping) produce some rain and lower temps in Southern California.

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  10. I am resting my right arm today after all of the mountain and coast driving yesterday. I enjoyed to botanical garden yesterday, but the rhododendrons were not blooming. Another friend wanted to see them and had called and was told to come now. Other things were blooming, but not those. So perhaps we will go back in the fall. But it is a very long drive. Going we followed directions and ended up on a very bad road which I will not be driving again.

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  11. We get helicopters and try to remember to pray as they are usually medical flights picking up folk in distress. Occasionally Arnold Schwarzenegger or the ilk come by to the neighboring ranch. Or Fish and Game.

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  12. I’m just in from waiting for more than 2 hours for a prescription that was supposed to be ready yesterday at 11.

    Fortunately, I had Hoopla on my phone and just read a mystery.

    Then I looked at Twitter, and my eyes filled with tears.

    Since it was nearly 12, I needed to make changes in my plans (as in, NOT go to work), so I approached the desk to ask.

    While the poor woman scurried around, I commented. “I sat here so long, Queen Elizabeth died.”

    I didn’t mean to be funny, but several people in line snickered . . .

    Anyway, a lovely and godly woman is now without sorrow or pain, rejoicing with the Savior she served so well.

    And the double rainbow over Buckingham Palace showed God’s pleasure.

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  13. The Queen was indeed a most gracious Lady ❣️

    I have not heard from Lisa as to whether or not they evacuated. I am supposing they have.
    Another friend here in CO just told me her Grandparent’s home in Hemet has been destroyed. They have been gone to be with the Lord but the old home on 5 acres I believe remains in the family. Her Grandfather worked for the road division and he would rescue tortoises, creating a refuge on his land. She has sweet precious memories which will last a lifetime.
    My neighbor and friend with whom I walk with is from Hemet as well! She hasn’t heard if her childhood home has been hit but her friend who still lives there is keeping her apprised of the situation .


  14. I’ve also been tearful over the news about the Queen.

    And, yes, the rainbow was a nice touch, wasn’t it? From all accounts, her faith was strong and lifelong.

    Then there were those corgis 🙂


    Cleaning Question:

    Does anyone have a fix for a dark “pet” stain on wood floors (Tess in the end was on a medication that caused incontinence — I did my best to provide floor coverings, including painters tarps, but I guess I missed a couple spots and accidents soaked through while she slept).

    I’ve read about using hydrogen peroxide, vingegar, all in diluted forms; another website said no, don’t do that, use this powder formula with other steps (which they’re selling, of course).

    Any advice welcome. There are 2 spots, one in the living room and a less obvious one in the bedroom.

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  15. We have a new king. King Charles III. I wish we could have skipped over him and gone straight to William. Oh well.

    Lots of changes now. Court of Queen’s Bench is instantly Court of King’s Bench. I wonder if I should stash some money that has the Queen’s picture on it as new issues will have Charles.

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  16. Yes, I heard about the “Dorgis”

    Kare, yes, I was thinking about William as well. Sounds like he and Kate have been carefully groomed for those roles that they also seem ready to take on when it’s time.

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  17. Watching the Rams tonight, first game of the season, home game.

    There’s an eerie look outside right now, it’s almost 7 p.m. but 90 degrees (down from a high of 98). Smoke from fires. And hot, I haven’t even been able to open the windows yet. There’s a breeze, but it’s just a hot breeze.

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  18. I sorta rushed back from the coast in order to go to a meeting at church last night. It was to show pictures and discuss a planned trip to Israel next April. Michelle, are you ready to go? They said that we were welcome to invite friends. Flight, nonstop, leaves from San Francisco.

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