24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-31-22

  1. Good morning! Cool header photo!

    I am still feeling beat from the activity of yesterday. Really, why does it have to be that two Bible studies happen on the same day?

    I just put another ice bag under my arm and need to take Tylenol. And I am feeling the hormonal changes of going back on that blocker med.

    A friend brought by a bouquet of flowers and some strawberries and cherries we can enjoy. And there is talk of a meal train which is nice but not really needed now. I have no place to put more food since I stocked up already.

    I’d love to walk but can’t really much at this point because I can’t get sweaty😀

    We are getting a cold front with less humidity so that is welcome, but it won’t really be cold.

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  2. I get to go grocery shopping with twenty one again this morning. She got her refrigerator working so that is good. I asked her last night how her groceries were holding out. She told me she had the last of them the night before. I suggested she let me know a little ahead of time so she does not run out. Not that she starved. Lots of folk in town feed her but trying to get her to be a bit less reliant on everybody else, thus burning bridges.

    She also returned a book that Mike had bought for her and had shipped to her. Watership Down. It is a favorite of hers so she had specifically requested it. Sadly, husband did not notice that it was printed in Romanian. We don’t read Romanian.

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  3. Morning! Coolish but will warm up this afternoon. The flowers are glorious but their green foliage is appearing a bit worn…soon they will all be but a memory.

    A mostly do nothing day…hurray! Tomorrow afternoon a day at the hospital downtown for diagnostic tests..mammogram and ultrasounds and such. And the way they promote this hospital women’s center is “like a day at the spa”….oh sure it is!

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  4. Lol, Nancy Jill, you can’t blame them for trying to make it sound fun. Hmmm… A spoonful of sugar and all that.

    Janice, you need lots of rest for your body to recover from all that invasion. Nice to have all the thoughtful people around you.

    Mumsee, we had to throw out so much food when our loved one passed away. Actually, I threw out so much just in moving him from apartment to apartment to assisted living. Much was from food shelves. It made me sad. You cannot donate outdated food, even though it is probably fine to eat. So much waste. You can lead a horse to water and all that. Junk food is always easier to grab and seems so much more satisfying. I am praying for her (and wisdom for you).

    I had a ladder out yesterday when I picked the berries. It worked great for putting a bucket under the branches, so that I could pick straight into it. However, I could not stand on the ladder, since it would sink right into the ground. Our ground is still like a sponge. There is drought not all that distance from us, but we have had so much rain. Glad that it is not winter, all that snow would be a challenge. Oops! Let’s not think about winter yet.

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  5. Praying that dj’s PT is going well. I think I am already feeling a little itch that I can’t scratch like when wounds scab at the edge.

    I went outside and looked for God surprises and found one. A spider lily planted two years ago is in bloom for the first time! I also saw the fall sedum has buds on it and the ageratum has grown so tall with all the rain so the blue mist will soon be breaking out.

    I must admit I am so glad Miss Bosley is not here right now. Art said we can board her another week but I can’t bear to do that.

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  6. Janice, you just had surgery! I think I was still drooling on the second day.

    My knee/leg is still bandaged — I should get them off tomorrow — and are occasionally feeling itchy, but nothing too extreme. Still, I’ll feel good what all that comes off. There are bandages but they’re all under a “shrink-wrap” plastic that’s on pretty much forever until the doctor removes it.

    Nancijill, a spa, haha. That’s a good one. Can’t fault them for trying, but really?

    I go back to PT this Friday, he was booked up this week so we’re only getting the one appt in, but we’ll be back up to 2 a week next week, I think. Doing exercises at home.

    Janice, take it easy — I was rather surprised by how “crummy” I felt during the days, off and on, after surgery but my GP said it was all normal, surgery is a trauma to our entire bodies and it takes awhile for us to fully come out of that, especially as anesthesia begins leaving our bodies. Actually I remember feeling OK the first day after but then it got a bit rocky after that, takes a few days for all of that to get out of your system and for you to begin to recalibrate, physically.

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  7. okay, looking at the weather app on my phone for the next few days: 100, 99, 101, 103, 105, 104, 99
    oh, my not what I was looking for
    and this is totally dry heat with no humidity or very little
    the ocean???

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  8. Our temps look to be in the mid to higher 80s for the coming week (according to my phone) which is better than the inland temps to be sure. But my guess is it’ll get above those numbers in our case, these are pretty early forecast #s.

    It’s a “heat dome” sitting over us, apparently — my friend in Arizona said they’re getting it too, but they are grateful for the lack of humidity.

    “They say” dry heat is easier to tolerate, which I tend to agree with — I’d never survive the humidity some of you do in so many other parts of the country.

    But it’s still HOT.

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  9. I am feeling spoiled. My friend who brought flowers and fruit yesterday dropped off talapia meals for Art and me. I had just had a bowl meal of lentils and quinoa but could not resist eating some of the warm fish and mac and cheese. There is brocolli and a nice roll, too. Art will enjoy this. Long time no Capt. D’s.

    My other friend is at the hospital with her sister so I have been praying over her. My brother is helping a guy who has demrntia try to get services so now I am afraid he might be exposed to Covid and should not help Art with the colonoscopy next week. Life is so complex.

    Art and I both got messages from my Sunday school teacher wanting to provide a meal and I found out Art responded kindly and similarily as I did that I had prepared ahead.

    I am very touched by how Christians care for each other at times of need.

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  10. It’s 87°and feels like mid 90’s now, but when I went to the mailbox it felt very pleasant with a breeze, clear skies and no rain in the forecast. It even smells like fall. Today is so much more restful than yesterday.

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  11. And I have failed Janice and DJ… I haven’t been on top of things so you have recieved no flowers, no cookies, no Door Dash gift cards, nor anything to let you know your Wanderer’s care.

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  12. Oh, Kim. It is not up to you. We receive lots of love through the words expressed here. You already have too much going on right now. Dj has neighbors and a cousin in her vicinity and I have here in my vicinity my Bible study ladies. Please don’t take on the weight of the world. It was herculean of you to drive us to Chas’ service! We all wish we could do more but God has provided well for us where we are planted!⚘

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  13. Earlier today I looked through the blog anniversary photos, and posted this. I thought I’d repost it so you don’t have to go back there.

    Some great photography here, nd cute pictures of children and pets, as well as wildlife.

    This song was going through my head while I looked at them:

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  14. Peter – The 70s music station that I like to listen to plays that now and then, and a few years ago was playing it quite often. The last verse feels personal to me, and my voice would crack with crying as I sang it out. . .

    May be beautiful and yet
    What’s too painful to remember
    We simply to choose to forget.
    So it’s the laughter
    We will remember
    Whenever we remember
    The way we were.
    The way we were.”

    Hubby and I had some serious issues and went through some very difficult times throughout the years, but we could always (or almost always) laugh together. We laughed together a lot. I often felt that that was a huge part of what made our marriage a good one.

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  15. We had the unexpected fun of realizing my ID card expired tonight and twenty one’s expired on her birthday. So we had to make a quick run to Lewiston as the guy charged with renewing those was headed out on bereavement leave. It was one hundred eleven in Lapwai, one hundred three in Lewiston. Other than the ID card, I stayed in the car for their shopping excursions. It was much more pleasant than going into stores.

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  16. I had Lucy over this afternoon, she is four. We were reading books, etc. Then I saw the yearbook I had been sent from Ukarumpa and thought that I would show her the pictures of my class. I opened the book and started flipping pages from the back. All of a sudden I saw pictures of me. No one had said anything, but there was a four page spread of me with some of my different classes and thanking me. I had no idea.

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