24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-30-22

  1. Good morning, Tuesday.

    Any big plans for Labor Day weekend? Other than working at the cave. we’re going to celebrate a 2 year old’sbirthday.

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  2. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Continuing to have smoke filled mornings with around thirty five fires in the area, but nothing too threatening to us. I believe I heard somebody lost a combine a week or so ago,

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  3. Labor Day weekend will be trying to stay cool out here. We’ve had an (almost) unusually mild summer this year but the next week will be “brutal” according to weather reporters — triple digits throughout much of the sate.

    Here on the coast, where it’s always somewhat cooler than elsewhere, we’ll be seeing 90+ degree temperatures.

    Stangely, my house feels cold this morning so I’m writing this with a heavy hooded sweatshirt on.

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  4. The good news is the heat isn’t supposed to come with extra high humidity. If it stays a “dry heat” — more common to this area — that’ll make it a little bit more tolerable.

    But still, hot is hot.

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  5. Too much hot. Our forecast calls for 100 for every day of the weekend. Thinking of escaping to the mountains, but I’m sure that there will be hordes of folks there.

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  6. Morning all. We are having the neighbors adjoining our property and the neighbors across the road over for dessert and drinks on Monday. We will be staying indoors due to the overpopulation of mosquitoes around here!

    It is supposed to be warmish and dry in these parts for the next week or so. Maybe I can get the deck cleaned and painted before Monday 😊

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  7. And those birds up there are amusing. The one lower on the branch seems to be saying “ would you just look at that show off up there spreading his wings”!!

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  8. We have a Labor Day run-walk over the bridge on the holiday every year (The bridge is closed to traffic to accommodate the event, and that’s been workable because longshore doesn’t work on Labor Day so not a lot of traffic on the bridge anyway).

    It’s usually hot for the bridge run every Labor Day, but this year will be especially so.

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  9. As promised, we’re getting a toasty day today, this is supposed to be Day One of the weeklong heat wave (let’s hope it only lasts a week).

    I have the fans going and the strong, cool ocean breeze we usually get in the afternoons is a no-show.

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  10. Hot here as well. Around ninety, supposed to get warmer tomorrow.

    A trip to town this morning for her meds delivery. A trip to another town this morning for her dr appt. Another trip to town this evening for med delivery. Even though she is not here, she takes a lot of time. Those trips add up. But we are having good conversation and she is doing well.

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  11. I commented somewhere earlier, but I don’t see it here. I had ladies Bible study that took most of the morning, and I have my first ladies Bible stufy with my new church tonight by Zoom.

    I am doing better today. Two prescription pain pills, one at 10 last night and at 3 am worked well, and I just had my 2nd Tylenol as a step down med for today. I have had so many people to update today, phone calls with various folks, etc., still not as many as Kim gets though😀 I did have to call the doc’s office about wound care at the tube site. It was different than the printed aftercare procedures. Just wanted to be sure I got it right.

    I wish I had time to post more. Thank you all for the prayers and love you expressed yesterday. It was much appreciated! I sure love all of you, too. And Happy 10th Anniversary!

    I am sad about AJ’s news but know God will again see you through. Cancer is a tough bugger and we keep fighting and praying and in God’s timing and ways He deals with it.

    Also sad to hear Kizzie’s Boy has Covid. Prayers for a mild case and no spread to others.

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  12. I did post earlier, Mumsee. Scroll up and see.

    I just posted this on the Anniversary page:
    “I just found time to look through the photos and read the posts. Wonderful collection you put together, AJ. It made me joyful to scroll through them.

    And thank you so much, A J, for keeping us afloat, when all of a sudden it seemed we’d been thrown overboard without a life jacket. Your ministry here is such a blessing to us all.

    In that song, Count Your Blessings . . . name them one by one, each of you individually are on my list!

    What a joy to go to a place each day where everyone knows your name, but not only that, they are Christian and will pray for you in the name of Jesus. Thank you all again for praying for me at this time of need.”

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  13. Janice has seemingly been a lot more active than some of us.

    I’ve done a couple rounds of exercises, trying to keep walking and not sitting. And the breeze has finally appeared, not as strong or as cool as it usually is, but it’s there. And along with open windows, I actually have the front door open.

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  14. hmmm…. I haven’t even been outside today, since I got so worn out with all of the shopping yesterday. I think I’ll take a drive and check the mail and deliver my new ladders to my home


  15. I watered Charlie Brown 2 in the back, talked to a couple folks on the phone, discovered that, yes, we are getting the ocean breeze after all, though it arrived late.

    Fans are going — and will be for days and nights to come.

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  16. Husband plays his regular jam tomorrow, assisted livings on Thursday and Friday. One of his fellow players has a pot luck jam on Saturday. Otherwise, we have no plans for the weekend. There are always picnics with all the politicians coming out, but I don’t know that we are going.

    This evening, I picked a bunch of Aronia (acai) berries that grow next to our deck. I never picked them for years since the bush was listed as ornamental. The berries were not considered worth picking, but they have a whole lot of antioxidants, so are popular now. They are chokeberries (as opposed to chokecherries) and have seeds like blueberries. Not sure if any here uses them at all. They are not delicious. I have mixed the juice with chokecherry juice for jelly; made chokeberry/orange bread with them or mixed them with other berries for on pancakes. There are many left for the birds.

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  17. Well, folks, I am now on the countdown to the five year anniversary of Hubby’s death. On this date five years ago, we had our last “date” which was lunch at Costco after some shopping, and then stopping at our favorite ice cream place for some delicious soft serve.

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  18. Still sad that you lost Leon in what seems way too soon in our human thinking, Kizzie. I was always impressed with how you said he made that turnaround in his life. I am so glad you witnessed that and know that onr day you will see him again for eternity.

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  19. I feel beat tonight. Wish that both Bible studies had not been today (yesterday since it is after midnight). My pastor’s wife led the Bible study tonight and said a wonderful prayer for my healing.

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