59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-27-22

  1. You tell us. My SIL needs to transfer to a bigger hospital, but there were no rooms available for her last night.

    We are getting a bit more rain. We are on clay and the ground is spongey. We have a lot of moss growing. Everything is lush and beautiful, but fall colors are starting. The tomatoes aren’t ripe yet, but the plants are tired looking.

    I found some petunias growing in a stump! I have a pot I keep on the stump and have had petunias in it. The ones growing in the stump are not at all the ones that are in the pot. They are a different kind and different colors. They are beautiful. What a nice gift!

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  2. Morning! We had some rain last night. The air is cool and autumnal this morning. Change is coming🍂

    Hoping you can find time to rest and decompress RK.

    We found a petunia once growing alongside the driveway last year Kathaleena…such fun surprises!

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  3. And that appears to be a bluebird sitting on top of the nesting box? We will miss them flitting about and I am not quite certain where they go!


  4. Good morning! Beautiful blue bitd header photo. It looks like a young one.

    Success! Miss Bosley is boarded. All the prayers helped. I gave her the med around 6 a.m. and then went back to sleep next to her to keep her calm and let the medicine work. Later I got up and fixed eggs. I then got her bag of food to carry and she heard the bag rattle. She came in the kitchen and walked wobbly. I then scooped her up and sat on the couch next to the hidden carrier ready with its open door. I stuffed her in without a fight. Art said it was the best yet as far as getting her in. She never even cried. Now I can get things cleaned up and not worry about her being all over the clean bed. I will make smallish baggies of litter to use for that chore (the full box weighs 30 lbs. or so) when we get her a week ftom today. What a relief for today. But I do miss her!

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  5. aw sweet Miss Bosley. She is going to miss her human and her human is going to miss her. But oh the joy of getting back to “normal” soon! Praying you through this slight interruption of normal ♥️ 🐈‍⬛

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  6. Yes, may the time away from Miss Bosley pass quickly and be capped by her sweet return home within days.

    Prayers, Janice, I know how those last couple days “go” (though mine were fairly calm, most of the running-around having been taken care of by then). But I also experienced some calmness by then, a time to just sit with God and the knowledge of his care for me, breathe in/breathe out.

    My surgery doesn’t carry the weight of the one you’re having, clearly, but we both are benefiting from so many medical advances that weren’t even available to this degree just a few years ago.

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  7. Thank you, Nancyjill and Dj. I am feeling the calm and peace provided by God. I need to really go back over the physical instructions about movements, how not to rwist my body because that could open up the incision, I suppose. How to sleep and get out of bed . . . the routine that ceases to be routine for a bit.

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  8. So nice to hear that things are going well for both of you. Janice you are thinking so clearly about what needs to be done and this will make things more peaceful.
    Dj, you sound like you are doing better, too. One day at a time.

    I want to do something with someone. I would especially like to go to the ocean for a couple of days. I just need the peacefulness of sitting on the shore. I would like to go with a friend, but we will see.

    There are only two more weeks before everything begins again. Other than that quick trip to get my suitcase. I haven’t done anything. not even a trip to the lake.

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  9. okay, my daughter is brilliant. When I was talking to her last night I mentioned how hard it was that I could no longer get on the Ukarumpa web site. I felt like when my email got changed, I lost that too.
    Being wise, she said you don’t know that Mom, maybe you just need to reboot your computer. So I thought that I would try and it works again. So nice.

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  10. Janice, I remember all that, I was concerned about getting in and out of my super-high bed and just decided to sleep on the sofa for the first several nights, which worked fine. (Your bed is likely more of a normal height — but yeah, there is a temporary “new-way” of doing so many otherwise routine things.)

    I just bought a knee pillow from Amazon which I’m supposed to be using for side-sleeping; keeps your spine and body, including legs, knees, better aligned.

    All the ‘instructions’ they hand you (before and after) can be really overwhelming.

    The hospital I was in was very crowded also, the recovery room (where I was the whole time afterward) was packed and the nurses were having trouble finding rooms for folks. They had a lot of staff out that day as well.

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  11. I posted a link on the political thread to a Jerusalem Post article wondering (as I have) whether God’s judgement is at play with so many of the downward trends in the US, from mass shootings to political dysfunction to even some rather jarring weather events including wildfires.

    We don’t (and can’t) know, of course, but I wouldn’t put national judgment outside the realm of possibility.

    The author, who is Jewish, ends with a call to prayer rather than cynicism.

    And it reminded me of a retried pastor in our denomination who would fill in when pulpits needed an ordained minister to preach, provide communion and other services during a Sunday worship time.

    He was older and had suffered a stroke so preaching was a bit of a challenge for him, but over the years he got better and better.

    But what I’ll always remember about him was his benedictions.

    As he would enter the pulpit to lead us in that closing blessing, he would thrust his arms up straight toward the ceiling, declaring in a loud voice “LOOK UP!”.

    I’d always smile when he did that — mixed sometimes with a few tears as it was such a verbal and visual reminder of what our position should always be in this world.

    He’s since passed on, but still think (and smile) at that memory of him. And the cry of those words still come to mind, including when we believers wind up wrangling over politics.

    LOOK UP!

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  12. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here, may stay in the seventies.

    I am fine with God being done with this country. It is sad as we had so much to offer, but God is still there and still doing things in His time.

    But I am also fine with God bringing revival and waking people up to Him and how to live for Him.

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  13. I took Little Miss to a birthday party at the Fairhoper’s Park. We got there early and she ran to one of the swings. As I walked up something shiny was on the ground. It was a cross. I picked it up. It said God Loves You. There was also one in the women’s restroom but I left that one for someone else.

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  14. Kim, that is so neat about the cross. The little God Winks!

    I saw on Rants and Raves that something is taking the tops off of some of Mumsee’s crops. For two years I have been trying to grow a blueberry plant my brother gave me. For two years something has taken off its top. I think my brother may have a little cage for it. I can’t imagine what is getting it. In all our years here I have only once seen a deer roaming the neighborhood. Maybe rabbits? But I have not seen any on my street in years, either.

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  15. My covid pre-op test at the hospital was two days before surgery — they told me if it was positive I’d get a call right away, but most likely it would be negative so I’d not hear back from them and not to worry. But the next day a nurse from the hospital called for the day-before surgery interview and she (casually) mentioned the test had come back negative which I’d anticipated (no symptoms, no exposures that I was aware of).

    So today is a so-so day. Not great, not horrible, but blah. I can’t seem to get comfortable, knee hurts, it’s been worse and it’s been better; I’m doing some of the exercises though and I did take a shower this morning. But I must of tweaked maybe my lower back or something as I have some new tingling in both legs and feet which is bugging me. I’m trying to walk it off, stretching, but it’s still there (though very faint).

    Annie Oakley was disturbed when I got back from the hospital (same day as my surgery), cousin was here and what’s up with the walker? She didn’t like that much at all. So she seemed wary but has settled in with the “new” routine. She also (I think) was a bit disoriented by the dogs being gone so suddenly last month.

    She’s overdue for a vet check and shots, but there’s still just too much going on for me to deal with that just yet. And I have quite the bill I’m still paying down from the last year of the dogs’ care.

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  16. I am sorry to hear you don’t feel quite as well today, Dj. Maybe it’s two steps forward and one step back but still progressing all along.

    I’m stirring the oil into a jar of natural peanut butter to have ready for easy sandwiches. I will soon make egg salad and use a portion of that to make potato salad to keep Art smiling. A friend has offered to bring us nice meals one night.

    That is my friend who saw a stray cat at Quik Trip and while on the phone with me she stopped and gave the cat her peanut butter crackers and some water and then said she’d go back today with real food for it. She has an amazing heart for homeless animals.

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  17. I measured my bed and it is 28″ from the floor to the top of the bed. I think I remember when I was young and quite flexible that it seemed a stretch to get on a ladies’ 26″ bicycle. No wonder Miss Bosley claws her way up. Is that super high by your standards, Dj?

    I keep trying to decide on what to wear to the hospital. A soft button down shirt is required. I keep going back and forth like trying to decide what to wear to a class reunion. Surgery day fashion . . . now there is a market to tap into. Business casual or casual sloppy?

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  18. I wore baggy pants and a loose T, but then I was in and out the same day. How long are you staying?

    My bed is 35″ from floor to top so yeah, it’s too tall for me, like climbing onto a horse. I already use a footstool.

    The dogs used to leap up with no effort, I’d find them both snoozing on the bed regularly in their younger days.

    I took a nap so am feeling better. But yes, this recovery is up and down and I expect that’ll be the way it goes for a while. I see my surgeon for the followup and shrink-wrap bandage (& suture?) removal next Thursday.

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  19. Speak of class reunion. I heard from a high school buddy that her brother died so we have been chatting. She wants to locate one of her brother’s friends. I suggested she post on our class reunion f/b page. The funeral will be military and he will be buried near where my brother lives. I told her my brother would probsbly go and I would if this medical stuff allows it. She had no idea about our medical stuff. I hated to mention it. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding.

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  20. I chatted with my high school friend all the way to the bitter end of the Braves and Cardinals game. I had no idea she is such a Braves fan and has only been to one game in het life. They lived farther outside of the metro area.

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  21. I think my surgery also was about 2 hours, they’ve got these knee procedures down to a quick science, 1-2-3, Next.

    So you’re also going home the same day?

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  22. The gal who lives next door, 91, called tonight to say how much she enjoyed my talk last Monday, especially the pictures. I put the pictures together the half hour before as God gave me the idea. What an encouragement!

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  23. Sorry to hear that about the knee, Jo, the cold packs help. And Advil if you have some around. You might check in with PT to get their take on it, they deal with all of these issues pretty regularly. An MRI is the best way to “see” what’s going on inside, I didn’t get one until I hit the 1-year mark (following 4 months of PT and various shots) and the orthopedic MD said it was time to see if we’d been “missing something” as I was sort of at a standstill in seeing any long-standing, real improvement.

    Nice you heard some feedback on your talk.

    Janice, on what to wear to the hospital, my doctor’s office just told me to wear loose-fitting (drawstring?) pants and an easy, loose-fitting top (no buttons?), comfortable shoes with a good tread — because you’ll be taking all that off shortly after you arrive and will spend the whole time in their hospital “gown.” You’ll only put on your clothes again when you’re ready to leave, so the most important thing is that you are wearing something easy to get into and out of and that will be as comfortable as possible.


    Our troubled young man next door is back in the picture after being away for the better part of a year. He’s shown up a couple times in the past week but tonight came again and wound up in yet another shouting match with his mom — he left when she called police. So here we go again. Guess I’ll not leave my windows open as much after dark for the time being.

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  24. Actually the first thing I had done with regard to checking out the knee was an Xray by the GP which showed no bone problems and not a lot of arthritis (though MRI a year later showed more arthritis). All good as far as it went.

    And the knee’s “range of motion” at the first PT appointment was quite good — and not a lot of pain when therapist manipulated the joint — leading to the decision to move forward w/therapy to see if that would get things back to good working order.

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  25. The weather guy said this August in Georgia has been the 20th wettest on record. He also said, “It’s going to be a hot one today. The high will be 90.” Lol . . . nothing like that Hot we knew in June.

    Art said the big storm last night woke him up (unusual for him to be awakened). I did not wake up, slept right through the storm. Ah, a good night’s sleep without the cat beside me. I do feel like she is still here though after 10 years of her constant close attachment to me, the Velcro Cat.

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  26. Good morning all. We will be heading off to Moscow later today. Not staying long, just for dinner and then back in time to medicate daughter. Today is stepmom’s one hundredth birthday. They do not want parties but one of the caregivers wanted to have a little dinner with the children (all in our sixties or seventies). So we will attend and try to make ourselves scarce as the elders get a bit frazzled with commotion. But it will be short and sweet and she will be honored.

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  27. Had an uneasy night with the son next door coming back a couple times harassing and screaming at his mom (and once calling out to me by name saying, ‘I’m home!’) as he could see I was still up — I’d signed the police complaint to verify the mom’s statement of what had gone down when they took him away the last time.

    The mom called the police again last night which got him to leave, he said he was going to sleep in the parking lot at a nearby store (but he came back after that anyway).

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  28. I am assuming that the reason Janice was told to wear a button-down shirt is because it may be painful to raise her arms after the surgery and pulling a shirt over the affected area could cause pain or some such thing.

    Praying for you, Janice!

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  29. I listened to the service on my phone instead of attending in person. It was so good, about assurance of salvation. If anyone needs a link to a sermon about that for someone in their life I will post it.

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  30. Thank you, Kizzie, for praying. Yes, pulling on a shirt will probably be a no no for a bit. I am not suppose to twist. I am to keep shoulder and hip aligned. Now I ask, how do I get home from the hospital without twisting to get in the car and to put on the seatbelt? I am probably over-thinking, but, hmmm . . . I need to consider myself to be a mannequin with only certain movable parts!

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  31. Ah, of course (about the over-head shirt). That makes perfect sense.

    For me it was all about making sure pants were loose and easy enough to pull on and off with plenty of room to fit over bandages and a swollen post-surgical knee.

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  32. So we may have at least a “for now” resolution to the issues next door. Police caught up with him here a couple hours ago and read him the order that is now in place (along with a little bit of the riot act thrown in, good for them).

    He’s not to be within 100 yards (a football field) of his mom or her property, including house, garage, car, anything that is hers. He’s not to harass her or contact her in any way, ever, for anything.

    He kept objecting that he was told he still could lawfully live in the garage as this was his “home” address (and an earlier court had said that, according to what his mom had told me probably a year ago now).

    LAPD Officer: “Negative.”

    He cannot live there and, in fact, and this is “no longer your address.”

    If he violates any of this, he will be found and arrested.

    He’s to sell or turn in any gun in his possession within 24 hours (not sure how that’s enforced, or if he has weapons but let’s hope not).

    When police told him he was “free to go” he took off on foot down the driveway, so police said the car he left behind (apparently it is registered in his name) was free for them to impound. But his mom balked at that, I’m sure thinking this would be his only shelter, so someone was tasked with driving it out and parking it somewhere on the street at least 100 yards away from the house.

    Pray for him, that this may finally be a wakeup that will get his attention (he’s 37) — and for his mom who’s had such a hard 10 years, losing her husband to a heart attack, her other son just a couple years ago, and now potentially this son (a loss of a different kind). She’s devastated and goes from “he’s not my son anymore” to tearfully wondering if there’s more she should be doing or should have done.

    (Officers talked to her today about not enabling him at this point which has been her tendency.)

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  33. I have a special treat for you all tomorrow.

    And then I got another via email.

    That’s what’s known as a shameless plug right there.

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  34. We just had a delightful rainstorm move through complete with thunder and lightening!

    We wrapped up our study in Peter this morning at church with a comment/question answer time.

    Pip suddenly has bumps on her nose and one by her eye. I thought maybe bitten by the bazillion mosquitoes but now someone a few miles south said on Nextdoor that her dog had been infected by a Botfly!! I am a bit freaking out. Calling our vet in the morning😳 this dog!!!!

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  35. Botflies are horrid. I think my brother may have dealt with one before.
    I am trying to arrange for a friend to take a box of food to the food pantry at church that I never got to take in. The food pantry is in great need as the hardships of these days are so great.

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  36. Took a nap and dreamed I had a dog. 🙂

    We’re getting a strong breeze here this afternoon, creating something of a cross-breeze through the house.

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  37. Eww is right! In all my years of having dogs we have never dealt with such. I have known 2 friends having to deal with it with their dogs though.
    I am in hopes it is mosquitoes or allergies but I’m just not certain. I looked at photos and her’s do not appear to be Botfly and she doesn’t itch or scratch at all. But to be on the safe side I will give my Vet a call in the morning and perhaps run her in to have him take a look.


  38. Janice, it sounds like someone else will have to buckle you in when you are leaving for home and unbuckle you when you get there. I am sure it will be a challenge to let others do things for you. Prayers.

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  39. And remember: Don’t try to get out of bed as soon as you wake up from surgery (I apparently tried but was wisely restrained).

    (A) You’re basically naked.

    (B) You’ll be really weak and will fall flat on your face on the floor — in front of untold numbers of people, possibly even your doctor.

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