18 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-19-22

  1. PA’s soon to be new Gov. (because I’m surrounded by daft individuals) is a real peach.

    “Pennsylvania Dem Senate Candidate Wants To “Legalize Heroin” And Allow Taxpayer-Funded Drug Dens”

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  2. Sure idiots, whatever you say.

    “Former Intelligence Director Bashes Republicans, Agrees They Are The Most Dangerous Political Force In The World”


    “Former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden bashed Republicans on Wednesday, saying that he agreed with the claim that there was no more dangerous “political force” than Republicans.

    Hayden made the comments in response to a tweet from Financial Times editor and writer Edward Luce. Luce tweeted, “I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world over my career. Have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.”

    The former intelligence director shared the statement, saying, “I agree. And I was the CIA director.”

    Hayden, who was appointed to be CIA director by former President George W. Bush, led the agency from 2006 to 2009. Previously, he was first appointed by former President Bill Clinton to be director of the NSA, a role he held from 1999 to 2005.”


  3. Overreach.

    “Arizona to Lose 21 Percent of Its Colorado River Supply as Feds Announce Water Cut”


    “The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and Central Arizona Project (CAP) released a joint statement addressing the recent news from the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) that the state’s water supply from the Colorado River System will be reduced by one-fifth in 2023.

    “It is unacceptable for Arizona to continue to carry a disproportionate burden of reductions for the benefit of others who have not contributed,” said ADWR Director Tom Buschatzke and CAP General Manager Ted Cooke. “Arizona is committed to work toward a comprehensive plan that assures protection of the system through equitable contributions from all water users.”

    The Arizona Sun Times reached out to the ADWR for more information but did not receive any comment before publishing.

    According to ADWR and CAP, Arizona has been working with other basin states and the BOR to identify steps to conserve between two and four million acre-feet (MAF) of water in the CRS. However, no plan has yet been produced. Allegedly, Arizona and Nevada put forward “an aggressive proposal that would achieve 2 MAF of reductions among the Lower Basin and Mexico in 2023 and beyond,” but that plan was rejected. The joint statement emphasized that achieving the necessary conservation will require “significant contributions” by all CRS water users.

    The BOR stated the action comes as prolonged drought and “low runoff conditions accelerated by climate change” have led to historically low water levels in Lake Powell and Mead. While the department said it has been working with Colorado River Basin partners on drought response operations, the current framework has not done enough for the river system, which is why this additional action is needed to protect it.

    A BOR study showed that Lake Mead will reach its lowest level recorded in 2023, triggering its first-ever Tier 2a shortage condition. Under the shortage, Arizona’s water supply will be reduced by 592,000 acre-feet of water in 2023, roughly 21 percent of its annual allotment. Nevada will have eight percent of its water withheld and Mexico will lose seven percent, while California will not receive any cuts.

    Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake reacted to this news; if elected, she said she would fight for reasonable solutions.

    “The Feds force AZ to take more cuts to our water allocation while CA gets a pass,” Lake tweeted. “As Governor I will fight for fair & equitable solutions. We will not allow the Feds to dry up AZ while others like CA don’t do a thing.””


  4. Your tax dollars hard at work helping the needy…..

    “Millions in PPP loans to companies linked to Pelosi’s husband, a Kardashian, other celebs forgiven

    The company of NFL legend Tom Brady, whose net worth is $250 million, received a $960,000 PPP loan that has been forgiven.”


    “Some companies owned by wealthy celebrities that received millions from the government-funded Paycheck Protection Program, intend to help small businesses survive the pandemic, will reportedly not have to repay the money.

    The Good American jean company of celebrity influencer Khloe Kardashian, whose net worth is estimated at about $50 million, received a roughly $1.25 million PPP loan, according to Pro Publica, the nonprofit, investigative news-gathering group.

    The loan and its interest have been forgiven, the group also found.

    The health food company TB 12, owned by NFL star quarterback Tom Brady, whose individual net worth is estimated at roughly $250 million, had a $960,000 forgiven.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, has an 8.1% share in the restaurant business EDI Associates, according to The Daily Mail. Financial disclosures show the California couple has a net worth of $43 million to $202 million. EDI Associates took out two loans, worth over $1.7 million in total, which were both forgiven, including interest.”


    Enjoy paying for it peasants.

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  5. Yes, don’t you dare talk mean to the mutilators and exploiters of children!

    How dare you!



  6. The Onion and Babylon Bee have some new competition. 🙂

    I give you Citizens for Sanity, and their new tongue in cheek ad campaign.


  7. Read the room clowns.

    Even in Jersey, this ain’t flyin’……


  8. Well Mike, TDS is a progressive disease, and Adam’s now late stage.

    And I guess now we know why Adam hates Trump so much now.


  9. Ouch, and she has a point. Several in fact.


  10. A tribute to the journalistic giant that is Brian Stelter…..

    And a perfect summary of why CNN ratings are in the toilet.



  11. Of course it was.

    Like I keep telling you, lather, rinse, repeat.

    Same govt bad actors, predicated on the same lies, pushed by the same corrupt media.

    “FBI search of Mar-a-Lago run by same counter-intel group as Crossfire Hurricane”


    “Is this a conflict of interest, or business as usual at the FBI … or both? RealClearInvestigations reported yesterday that the same unit running the FBI’s probe of Donald Trump and the search of Mar-a-Lago also conducted the botched Russia-collusion probe that used the discredited Steele dossier to go after Trump in 2017-18. Paul Sperry writes that one key figure in the earlier investigation has a lead role in this one as well:

    The FBI’s nine-hour, 30-agent raid of the former president’s Florida estate is part of a counterintelligence case run out of Washington – not Miami, as has been widely reported – according to FBI case documents and sources with knowledge of the matter. The bureau’s counterintelligence division led the 2016-2017 Russia “collusion” investigation of Trump, codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane.”

    Although the former head of Crossfire Hurricane, Peter Strzok, was fired after the disclosure of his vitriolic anti-Trump tweets, several members of his team remain working in the counterintelligence unit, the sources say, even though they are under active investigation by both Durham and the bureau’s disciplinary arm, the Office of Professional Responsibility. The FBI declined to respond to questions about any role they may be taking in the Mar-a-Lago case.

    In addition, a key member of the Crossfire team – Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten – has continued to be involved in politically sensitive investigations, including the ongoing federal probe of potentially incriminating content found on the abandoned laptop of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, according to recent correspondence between the Senate Judiciary Committee and FBI Director Christopher Wray. FBI whistleblowers have alleged that Auten tried to falsely discredit derogatory evidence against Hunter Biden during the 2020 campaign by labeling it Russian “disinformation,” an assessment that caused investigative activity to cease.

    Auten has been allowed to work on sensitive cases even though he has been under internal investigation since 2019, when Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred him for disciplinary review for his role in vetting a Hillary Clinton campaign-funded dossier used by the FBI to obtain a series of wiretap warrants to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Horowitz singled out Auten for cutting a number of corners in the verification process and even allowing information he knew to be incorrect slip into warrant affidavits and mislead the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court.”


    “The FBI division overseeing the investigation of former President Trump’s handling of classified material at his Mar-a-Lago residence is also a focus of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation of the bureau’s alleged abuses of power and political bias during its years-long Russiagate probe of Trump.”

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  12. But muh narrative…..

    “Documentarian Discovers Some Unusual Shots in His Jan. 6 Footage That Blow up the Dem Narrative”


    “Documentarian Ford Fischer rediscovered some video from the riot on Jan. 6 that’s raising a lot of questions. It also puts a big crimp in the narrative of the Jan. 6 Committee.

    He has a picture and video of Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson leading Oathkeepers into the building, then wearing a MAGA hat and yelling into a bullhorn, leading more of them out.

    Warning for language:”

    “So if you take the video at face value, Johnson was appealing to the people the government has painted as terrorists and they without hesitation went to help him to help get the officers out. He didn’t fear appealing to those guys. That sort of blows up a lot of the narrative that has been pitched against the Oathkeepers.”

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  13. “Ex-Gorsuch Law Clerk Takes a Blowtorch to the Imaginary Law Violations the FBI Cited in Trump Raid”


    “It’s a move that House Republicans should consider when they regain the majority in November, but will they do it? In the aftermath of the unlawful August 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Republican Party has been united in its revulsion of what appears to be an unprecedented ransacking of a former president’s home. The legal justification doesn’t pass constitutional muster. There seems to be no crime committed, only that the National Archives grew impatient over record retrieval. That’s not a crime; people dragging their feet regarding government documents is quite common in DC. ”

    “Mike Davis has gone on epic threads on social media gutting the case the government has made for the raid. Davis, a former law clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch, decided to take his legal takedowns of this arguably illegal search and reorganize it into an opinion column for Newsweek. He took the position many have felt for a long time: FBI Director Chris Wray, and now Attorney General Merrick Garland should be removed from office. He also added that it’s telling why AG Garland did not seek the opinion of the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel about signing off on the search warrant (via Newsweek):

    All presidents take mementos and other records when they leave office. They don’t pack their own boxes. The National Archives takes the position that almost everything is a “presidential record.” And the federal government, in general, over-classifies almost everything.

    Even if Trump took classified records, that isn’t a crime. The president has the inherent constitutional power to declassify any record he wants, in any manner he wants, regardless of any otherwise-pertinent statute or regulation that applies to everyone else. The president does not need to obtain Congress’ or a bureaucrat’s permission—or jump through their regulatory or statutory hoops—to declassify anything. The Supreme Court reaffirmed this in the 1988 case, Department of the Navy v. Egan : “The President, after all, is the ‘Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.’ U.S. Const., Art. II, § 2. His authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security…flows primarily from this constitutional investment of power in the President, and exists quite apart from any explicit congressional grant.”

    Thus, if Trump left the White House with classified records, then those records are necessarily declassified by his very actions. He doesn’t need to label that decision for, or report that decision to, any bureaucrat who works for him. It is pretextual legal nonsense for the Biden Justice Department to pretend Trump broke any criminal statute. Indeed, it is noteworthy that Attorney General Garland apparently did not seek an opinion from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC)—the de facto general counsel for the executive branch—before ordering this home raid of his boss’s chief political enemy. Perhaps Garland knew OLC wouldn’t give him the answer he wanted.


    All former presidents also get a federally funded office, called the Office of the Former President. They get lawyers and other staff, security clearances, Secret Service protection, and secure facilities (SCIFs) for the maintenance of classified records. Even if Trump had classified records, then, they were protected and secure.


    FBI Director Christopher Wray recently testified that the FBI was too busy to stop dangerous and illegal intimidation campaigns outside Supreme Court justices’ homes. This was after an attempted assassin was thankfully arrested outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home. The FBI apparently didn’t have the time to investigate actual threats to the lives of constitutional officers, but it had plenty of time to raid the home of a former president over an 18-month-old records dispute—with which Trump publicly stated he was fully cooperating.


    House Republicans must impeach Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray for their unprecedented and destructive politicization of the Justice Department, when they reclaim power in January. And over the long term, House and Senate Republicans must dismantle and rebuild the FBI, so political raids like this never happen again. We cannot allow our law enforcement agencies to become third-world political hit squads.

    It’s a line-by-line takedown of the DOJ’s overreach. The Presidential Records Act isn’t a criminal statute. Since Trump was president, the removal of alleged classified materials isn’t a crime. The president is the ultimate decider on classification status, which dresses down the violation of the Espionage Act allegation as lunacy. “

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  14. Good questions, but don’t expect the Deep State vermin to comply or answer.

    “Grassley to FBI Director Wray: Whistleblower Info Shows ‘Deeply Rooted Political Infection’ in FBI

    Grassley wants to know why the FBI constantly investigates Trump and ignores verified and legit information about Hunter Biden.”


    “The information has Grassley concerned about the Washington Field Office (emphasis mine):

    Starting on May 31, 2022, I’ve written three letters to you regarding political bias that has infected the FBI’s Washington Field Office. Two of those letters provided specific and credible allegations based on numerous whistleblowers that have approached my office with information that one can only conclude is indicative of a deeply rooted political infection that has spread to investigative activity into former President Trump and Hunter Biden. As I’ve noted both in my public letters and public statements, the FBI approved investigative activity into Trump based in substantial part on liberal news articles and information derived from a liberal non-profit yet shut down investigative activity and sources, which included verified and verifiable information, relating to Hunter Biden. The FBI has not refuted these serious allegations. Thus far, the FBI has failed to address the concerns that I’ve raised and failed to produce the requested records. The consistent failure to respond to Congress continues to erode trust in the FBI.

    Grassley reminded Wray that he told the Iowa Republican when any valid tips or information goes to a U.S. Attorney’s office or local FBI field office, “we want to make sure those tips and leads are passed to the responsible office.”

    So now Grassley wants Wray to answer a few simple questions:

    How can verified and verifiable information relating to Hunter Biden’s potential criminality be shared with U.S. Attorney Weiss if it is shut down?

    How can the Hunter Biden criminal investigation be full and complete if the FBI improperly shut down verified and verifiable information and sourcing relating to potential criminal activity?

    How can Congress and the American people trust the results?

    “In light of the FBI’s failure to respond to my legitimate oversight requests, please provide a comprehensive organization chart for the Washington Field Office,” wrote Grassley. “The purpose of this request is to better understand how the Washington Field Office is staffed, who is responsible for the units and squads within the office and to prepare for future congressional interviews.”

    I wonder if Wray will give Grassley the information. Then again, he might have to use the FBI plane for a weekend getaway.

    But this is on the long list of problems at the FBI presented to him by Congressional Republicans.

    In July, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member told Wray that whistleblowers said they’re being pressured to reclassify some cases as “domestic violent extremism.” Jordan said that “the revelation that the FBI may be padding domestic terrorism data is scandalous.””

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  15. I received this quote from someone, and I am not sure what it means. Can anyone explain if it is saying the lie is on the part of those bringing allegations or something else. I have not kept up with things enough to know. Thanks. Or is it purposely ambiguous?
    “Never Forget, Never Forget!
    January six, twenty and twenty one.
    The Lie, sedition and plot.
    I know of no reason
    Why the Lie and sedition
    Should ever be forgot!”


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