21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-18-22

  1. Kevin B | August 17, 2022 at 8:44 pm
    So when does middle age start, anyway? And when does it end?

    Years ago I read that middle age starts at 35 and ends at 64. So “old age” is 65 and up. So, Kevin, enjoy your last month or so of middle age.

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  2. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day here. Still under heat advisory with temps supposed to be around ninety five. Good day for doing whatever! Guess I will get at it.

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  3. I’m alive and thanking God for our medical advances and an easier-than-expected surgery. I had a little soup last night and saltine crackers are my constant companion.

    I slept on the sofa last night and kept the big windows open around me which helped as the house was still too warm.

    The pain will set in more today, I can already tell, so I took a pain pill first thing and got the knee wrapped in the ice packs. I will need to get to those at-home exercises today (did just a couple easy ones yesterday — they’re all pretty easy for now though. Leg looks a little pink around all the dressings, but I think that’s normal, though they say to watch to make sure it doesn’t get redder.

    Using the walker is complicated, I think I’ll learn to carry a lot of stuff on that very-handy walker tray my neighbors gave me and maybe also have a bag so I’ll not have to get up to fetch things I leave in another room. I’m also focusing on getting things “higher” and easier to grab. I’m glad I got so much laundry done the day before the surgery, everything’s at least clean.

    Annie’s not keen on the walker and stays clear when I’m on the move.

    I’m supposed to be walking 5 minutes every hour. I’ll be glad to get into Physical Therapy next week for more guidance from there.

    On to recovery.

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  4. Morning and thanking the Lord for Dj’s good report!!! Continuing to ask the Lord for ease of recovery ❣️

    I think I am now in the “elderly” category . The local news described a 62 yr old woman who had her purse stolen as elderly. I arrived quite a while ago😂

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  5. I am ancient if we were to ask the grands. Fortunately, my parents never let age be an issue and I know so many other ‘old’ people who live well in spite of the issues of age. I have learned I am vainer than I thought I was and that I need God’s help for so many things that I thought I would have conquered already. I also am not as wise as I thought older people were. The things you learn just by being old. 😉

    So glad the surgery was less invasive and done successfully. Prayers for healing and patience for you.

    Last night we did get to watch the concert outdoors. It turned out to be a beautiful evening. Lots of old people were there watching. There were some young families, too, and the children ran and danced. We have had the best summer evenings for almost all the concerts this summer. What a blessing!

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  6. Timely quote from Oswald Chambers in my women’s Bible study guide:
    “It requires the greatest of effort and produces the greatest humility to receive anything from God; we would much sooner earn it.” (Conformed to His Image)

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  7. So thankful to hear good news on here. Sounds like your preparations were good, Dj. I purchased an elasto gel pack that is 24 x 9 ” I have been using it in the evening and it really helps.

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  8. I have been asking questions since I got back and not getting answers. I finally sent in an official email saying that I am retiring. Now I have a link to all of the information I should have had. I read through the medicare info. I had a vague memory that we had to do something soon. I found a medicare alert and read it and it says we have to sign up with Part D within 60 days of returning or suffer a penalty. I think that this Sunday is the 60 days.
    I am planning to call someone and then go to the social security office.

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  9. When D3 was a little girl (6 or 7 yrs old) she proclaimed anyone over 18 as “ancient”. She’ll be 28 next month and no longer thinks that way.

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  10. oh, I got a call back from someone who could handle it all. So I am now officially signed up for Part D. If you are out of the country you only have 60 days to sign up without a penalty. There is even an alert about it on our employee website but it did not come up on a search and no one sent me the infor. Today is day 59.
    Being curious, I asked what is the penalty. They said it is 1% of the average price in the US. and you pay that extra percent every month for the rest of your life. Oh, my…

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  11. I have been live streaming a conference I use to attend annually before Covid. I am so glad I surprisingly got the link. It’s an update basically on things going on in our state politically. This time it has been all about the Heartbeat Bill. There was a panel of State Representatives who each told how the became prolife. Their testimonies were so good.

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  12. Thinking back on this conference, one year they invited all the Republican candidates for governor. It was the first time I heard Kemp and I think he had just put his hat in the race. I do believe he read his speech. He did much better today😀


  13. Thank you, Kare.

    Beautiful horses up there, btw — we have horse country adjacent to us and I like to drive through that route just to take in the ambiance and ranch-y views when on my way to the towns immediately over the peninsula on the north.

    I love seeing some fall things out here and there now, the “peak” shipping season at the ports is in full swing right now (and has been though most of the summer), all the back-to-school and fall/even winter holiday items starting to flood in.

    As for the knee, today was a little rough (which they’d warned me about as the nerve blockers and remaining anesthesia would be wearing off). I did some of the exercises, took walks on the hour, but the back of the knee/leg became increasingly sore and stiff as the afternoon arrived.

    I’ve been taking a pain pill every 4 hours (4-6 hours is the dose) and at 2 p.m. laid down on the sofa and crashed for 4 hours. I’d already talked to my long-time good friend & former roommate Kathy for about an hour before that but during the nap I missed calls from my other cousin Bill from across the harbor and 4 calls from my frantic neighbors who imagined me lying on the floor.

    I called everyone back when I got up — except the pharmacy, which also called to see how my pain levels were doing and reminding me to start up on my regular meds today.

    I sent a quick text to my editor this morning just to let him know the surgery went well and I was home.

    And I just took my ‘walk’ out to the backyard and the leg isn’t hurting as much as it was earlier, it was really stiff and painful when I laid down for that nap, I could barely move the knee up to bend it.

    So this was kind of a semi-lost day today, I’m trusting things will start getting better again tomorrow.

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  14. Jo, signing up for Medicare and all the various parts for needed additional coverage was one of the most confusing processes I’ve encountered. I was lost in the deep end immediately and finally decided to use a broker recommended to me to help me navigate it all.

    It’s cooler here today and tonight, which is a relief. I guess I never got dressed today but that’s OK. This is also some much needed “down” time for me, I think.

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  15. I was so proud of my self and it was a broker who called.
    But then she said to set up my social security account, which I had probably done years ago, who knows..
    So I entered all of my information and they booted me off saying my information did not match any of their records.
    Maybe I don’t exist???

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