Our Daily Thread 8-17-22

Good Morning!

Today is Kevin and his wife’s anniversary. 🙂

It would also have been Chas’ birthday.


Anyone have a QoD?

30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-17-22

  1. Morning! Pretty horses!
    Happy Anniversary Kevin and Mrs! Remind us how many years?
    Ah Chas would have been 92 Knowing he is home is the greatest joy ♥️

    Furnace is on in this house and the forest floor is wet! Thankful for cooler temps and moisture….

    Praying for Dj this day…

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  2. Good morning! A squirrel is fussing outside my window. I wonder what that is about? Maybe a cat is wandering through. No threat from the inside kitty.

    I have a lot to pray about today! We had an extra long list from my Bible study group yesterday. One of our ladies has Covid. And of course, Dj’s surgery, and others here.

    The weather will be warm today with scattered light showers and more expected for the remainder of the week.

    The former mayor of New York is expected in town today. He did such a good job during 9/11.

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  3. Welcome to feeling old, Peter. My way of dealing with that is to often hang out with those older. 🙂 That is easy to do since my husband plays music so often in assisted living places. Unless I meet the Lord before, however, that will only work for so long. 😉

    Happy anniversary, Kevin!

    We were supposed to have a gig outside today and then go to one outside in the evening. It will rain today and the next few days, so we will be inside most of the day. I sure wish we could sent this rain where it is needed. Perhaps those who think they can control the climate can figure out a way to do that.

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  4. One new thing I learned today: you can use your phone for a remote. I learned that because my daughter’s dog ate her remote. :O I couldn’t help but laugh when I first heard that. It was from a text, though, so no harm done. 😉

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  5. As long as the dog does not eat the phone😳

    I tried to buy O’s cereal at Publix in honor of Chas’ birthday, but alas, they still don’t have it. I bought flax flakes instead. Not nearly as good, but perhaps healthier.

    I sure still miss Chas! He was a blessed saint always keeping us in prayer. He’d be praying big time today for Dj if he were here.

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  6. Good morning, all. Got my morning walk in with the guest dog. Then my half hour exercise followed by an hour out in the gardens and chasing escaped chicks. Now a little school followed by a drive to Lewiston for speech therapy in husband’s stead as he is off retrieving daughter.

    Indoors it s about seventy eight, outdoors about seventy five with a view for ninety five and the heat advisory remains in place. The furnace, if we had one, would not be on.

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  7. Happy Anniversary Kevin!
    And Happy Birthday Chas!
    And Happy Birthday to Cheryl’s youngest brother and to Peter’s D2!

    I realized I was officially old when my oldest son started going gray. He keeps his head shaved but his beard has noticeably grayed. Age happens to us all if we insist on breathing in and out day after day. :–)

    Certainly thinking of DJ and praying for her this morning. God’s peace and a successful outcome.


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  8. I’ve just been conquered by my daughter’s 2020 hybrid.

    Or, technology wins again.

    After I walked down to the neighboring service station where I left the car this morning for an oil change, the owner chatted as she processed my credit card.

    A band of thieves broke into the shop last night, snatched the keys of a Honda Pilot, and stole the car. “A big expensive one,” the woman said.

    I sympathized, paid the bill, took the keys and got into my daughter’s car by pressing the unlock button on the fob.

    Once inside, though, I couldn’t remember how to start the car.

    With my car, three years older, I get in and push a button. It starts, I release the brake with button and I’m off.

    Nothing was working in her newer car.

    I wondered if I just couldn’t tell–hybrid and all. But it wouldn’t let me shift into reverse.

    I thought I’d go in and ask, but then realized they might consider that suspicious given they lost a car last night.

    So, I called my daughter in Central America to ask.

    That didn’t work.

    I tried my husband.

    “I don’t know!” the engineer sounded incredulous. “Did you try the key?”


    Hey, what do you know? That fancy newer car requires a key to start!

    Vanquished, yet again, by technology. Sigh.

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  9. I recently learned that key fobs actually have a real key hidden inside. Who knew? At least on the Hondas. Brother showed me.

    Paypal payment agreements for subscriptions must all be cancelled before closing an account. Check.
    Paypal account closed.
    One payment agreement was open for Click Bank. I don’t even know what that is. If you have Paypal, you might want to go into settings and see what agreements are open. Most of my open ones were from long cancelled subscriptions. I only had two of about twelve that were for active annual renewals. Glad all that is cleared out! Simplified!

    Neighborhood news: I went to my local P.O. box this afternoon to discover all the drop slots are taped over so we can’t use outdoor drops anymore because of crime! Disgusting.

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  10. Seems everything old is new again in the car world? 😂

    Janice the King Soopers (Kroger) where I shop now has two armed guards at the entrance! A man went in the other day threatening others with a 9 inch blade knife. Remember this is a “sleepy” little town of Monument! I have been going down the road to Safeway…straight down County Line to a a dirt road, hang a left and I am there….no traffic…no traffic lights..takes me 20 minutes 😊

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  11. Toyotas also have a key hidden inside the fob. I know that only because a friend who just bought a 3-year-old Toyota showed it to me the other day.

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  12. Thank you for all the anniversary wishes. It’s 31 years today. Mrs B has been lobbying for a long time for us to go see “Top Gun: Maverick”, so we did that. Then we had our usual meal at the hotel where we had our wedding reception, walked down to peek into the reception hall itself, then off to our favorite ice cream shop.

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  13. So when does middle age start, anyway? And when does it end?

    I had a friend years ago who assumed an 80-year lifespan (from the Psalm, a man’s years or threescore and ten, or fourscore if he has the strength), and divided it into even thirds. After we turned 27 he insisted we were middle-aged.

    I factor out the first 20 years as childhood and divide the remaining 60 years into thirds, which means middle age starts at 40. But what comes after middle age? Are we in old age?

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  14. I am in old age! Yes!!! I’ll take it. As Art tells the older clients, consider the alternative🤣

    Making pizza tonight. I cooked a Beyond Meat Burger and chopped it in pieces to divide between two personal pan pizza crusts. We shall see. Almost ready. Smells good at least.

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  15. Yep, everything old is new again, including the inside of my knee. Only needed the partial replacement so I was home the same day and not feeling bad, just a tad week in that knee so definitely need the walker.

    Happy birthdays and anniversary to all the various wanderers.

    And thank you all again for the prayers, was definitely thinking about all that when I checked in this morning

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