33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-16-22

  1. Morning! It is cloudy with sprinkles of rain this morn. The school bus picked up some of the neighbor kids … praying for them as they begin this new school year❣️

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  2. It is still a blessed day although I received notice from Paypal again that they denied my refund. Before this happened this morning I had the thought that it might. I thought that I will never buy from Penney’s again therefore I will get back what I would have spent in the future with them, the amount my loss is on their theft. Not only will I get back what I lost, but I will get back multiples of that by not purchasing from them again.😀🤣 i will take that. God is good in giving wisdom that gives us peace even when we are wronged. Paypal said I had to furnish a signature return receipt from Penney’s to prove they got it back. I can’t do that. FYI

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  3. Are you sure Penny’s cannot do that, Janice, or put pressure on them?

    And people wonder why some of us do not want to buy online all the time.

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  4. Frustrating time of phone calls for husband as the facility cannot take her back to the allegations of abuse she lodged after punching one of the other clients and now saying it was a worker who hit her. Her stories change with the winds. And so it goes.

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  5. Kathaleena, I have spent hours on this debacle. I have jumped through all the hoops. I have talked with a supervisor at Penney’s main office for Customer Service. He did issue a check for the 8.00 postage fee for the cost I paid for returning the item. Obviously he knew I had returned it or he would not have done that. But the transaction was through Paypal. I have not cashed the check thinking that if Paypal gave the full amount I would send the uncashed check back to Penney’s.

    It is truly Penney’s loss. I have bought major appliances and so many things there. No more. They have been my Go To store for so much over the years. Now I will seek out other sources as we watch Penney’s further sink because they are not what they once were, and if they treated me this way they are doing the same to others.

    At this point, my peace of mind is worth more than $60.00. This has been a valuable lesson from God, and I treasure what He has taught me through it.

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  6. Seems like it’s in Penny’s interest to just settle this and not lose a customer.

    Go figure.


    Good dog in Georgia:

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  7. I do a credit card myself for most purchases online. Not a debit card. I quit going to Penny’s years ago. I recently went to try to find my husband a simple white men’s shirt and found nothing.

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  8. Such a cute dog on Twitter. Wish I knew where that video was made. Looks big city to me, but there are so many areas here I have never been to.

    Penney’s has a great Big and Tall shop for men. With Art’s difficulty in getting around, he put on weight, and I could find things for him in the Big section (he is not Tall). Since I started wearing tank tops with overshirts, I bought a lot of tanks in various colors. And with my weight loss, I have replaced slacks and jeans through Penney’s. Now I will shop elsewhere. It is okay, and we are well stocked for now.


  9. Husband is off to retrieve daughter but not before stopping in town and booking a room for her at her expense. She should be able to live there for a week without causing trouble. They changed her meds at the last place, we will see if it helps.

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  10. The neighbors are burning a field. Lots of smoke in the air but it is good smoke as they do that so there are not wildfires from that direction and to improve the soil nutrients for blue grass growing and other things.

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  11. Looks like our heat will be going down a little bit as the week goes on, which is good for my recovery-at-home outlook.

    I still have some things to take care of, the hospital called to go over medical history specifics and questions I might have.

    I have to get to the pharmacy today to pick up pain meds they want me to have ready to go once I come home, and I’m getting some things today via Amazon (shower knee protector, a more basic walker — w/o wheels or brakes) — cousin will bring her walker in the car along with a cane she used after her hip replacement, I’m still not sure what they send you home with.

    Person on the phone said I should be fine home alone for the most part (and PT and OT hospital aides will be working with me before I leave); they’re more concerned about older folks and those who are more “feeble.”

    I’m doing a ton of laundry today and will load up my trash & recycle bins tonight. Trying to think ahead. Oh, and need to grab a couple more things at the supermarket.

    Need to get dry cat food bowl filled to last a couple days if needed, already filled the water dish (she still likes to drink out the giant dog water pan in the kitchen so I’ve left that out). Still missing my dogs. 😦

    I would like to top off the gas tank and run the car through the automatic car wash, too. It’ll be sitting for a while, 1-2 weeks? before I’m driving again. Out-patient PT starts next week, same place as before when I first ‘popped’ this knee but I think the therapist I had has moved on, according to the surgeon who knew him.

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  12. It is 57 outside of my house and 67 in the house..I have on a sweatshirt and am wrapped in the BBB (big brown blanket). I am always cold but when it is below 67 in the house I turn on the furnace 🥶

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  13. Our humidity is still too high for us, I’m working in the house and am drenched.

    But high 60s is sort of my turning point, too, inside the house for wanting a little furnace action.

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  14. Were at around 83 today I think, but 50% humidity. By Saturday it’s supposed to ALL the way down to 78!

    Hoping the humidity goes away with the heat.

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  15. Totally bushed but now into a Zoom meeting for my memoir group (I’m the leader).

    There’s something ironic about having to redo the narration (earlier today, the Lettie bio) when I mispronounced the word elocution.

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  16. Thankful that all those people got helped, M. That’s a boatload!

    I am dizzy thinking of all you are getting done, Dj. It’s good though to keep busy. It sounds like you are getting it in Goldilocks order, “Just right!”


  17. Hey Michelle: I saw one of your old blog posts from Nicaragua and wish to correct your español.

    You have “La comida es bien.” The word “bien” does not go with “es” here. It should be “buena“.

    De nada.

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  18. We have four (almost floor to ceiling) windows in our living room. Today is the first day I seriously thought they might get blown in. There is debris on the windows–leaves, bugs, grass etc. The windows face the porch and there is a very wide roof over the cement walkway and a couple of posts to hold the roof up. One tree on the edge of our driveway broke off. Ironically, I had just pointed out that we needed to have that one cut down. There was another small tree that fell over and several branches on the ground. The front porch had sticks and leaves left on it, too. The wind and rain were furious against the window. I thank God it wasn’t worse. My lilies all blew over and some bushes. Our American flag was bent to the ground. My husband was able to take off the end of the pole and put it back up. He removed the trees from in the driveway. The rest will wait until we get to them.

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  19. It hurt so much today. It was the first day of school and they always go out for ice cream afterwards. I am not in the loop. Just get to watch the facebook posts the same as if I was still overseas. One of my other granddaughters has been here for a week. I saw her briefly working at the fair. I offered to pick her up at the airport. She left today. It hurt so much that I was walking around the house cursing and feeling so alone. Then my phone rang and it was my former sister in law in Texas and we talked for an hour. God knows and He hears. Still hard, but I know that that phone call was from Him.

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  20. I think my post didn’t post, so to recap:

    I’m home, only needed the partial knee replacement (inside of the left knee) which meant in-and-out and will result in an easier recovery.

    Thank you for all the prayers, I was thinking of that when I was checking in this morning.

    All’s well.

    Happy special occasions to all mentioned today on the thread — and sorry for the poignant first day of school, Jo. Thanking the Lord for that well-times hone call.


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