28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-12-22

  1. Interesting.

    “Inscription points to Sea of Galilee site as St. Peter’s home, say researchers

    Mosaic found at apparent church site in biblical Bethsaida includes dedication to ‘Head and Leader of the Heavenly Messengers,’ a term for Peter, first disciple of Jesus”


    “An inscription found at an excavation near the Sea of Galilee strengthens beliefs that the site was a church built over the home of Saint Peter and his brother Andrew, two of the first disciples of Jesus, archaeologists said.

    Researchers believe the building is the lost Byzantine period Church of the Apostles located in the biblical village of Bethsaida.

    Archeologists from the Kinneret Institute for Galilee Archeology at Kinneret College and Nyack College, led by Prof. Mordechai Aviam and Prof. Steven Notley, said Wednesday that the inscription in a mosaic floor uses a common term for Peter, strengthening their theory that they have correctly identified the location.

    It begins with the donor’s name, “Constantinos the Servant of the Messiah,” and then uses a Byzantine phrase, the “Head and Leader of the Heavenly Messengers,” that refers to Peter, the first disciple of Jesus.

    The partial text was translated by Prof. Leah Di Segni from the Hebrew University and Prof. Jacob Ashkenazi from Kinneret College.”

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  2. Fascinating, AJ! Thank you for sharing that.

    Good morning, Wanderers. Thankful our days are each completed in God. I can’t imagine going through these days without God.

    The golden rod pollen is distributed by pollinators, not through the air. Ragweed has green and less showy blooms at this same time. It has much finer pollen that is distributed through the air. It is ragweed that should take the blame that gets heaped on golden rod for srasonal runny eyes and noses. Golden rod is a scapegoat in the plant world.

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  3. I would love to go to Israel someday but doubt I will at this point. However, as Corrie Ten Boom said so well, we will be able to travel all we want when we are with the Lord.

    FWIW, when you leave a card at a funeral there is no return address on it, generally speaking. It is very helpful to affix an address label to the card somewhere. Sometimes the family cannot send a card to someone. Now that many only have cell phones it can be difficult to find addresses or even cell phone numbers themselves to call for an address.

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  4. Morning! And ragweed sounds more villainous than Goldenrod does it not?! 🙃
    Anywho I was a sneezing like crazy this morning as I walked the dogs around the property. I may have awakened a few neighbors with my conniptions as it went on for quite a while 🤧….even the dogs were sneezing!

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  5. Eric Metaxas tells that story in his most recent book, Is Atheism Dead?

    People have known about it for 140 years, but when you look at the Wikipedia citation, it only notes a group of Catholic nuns were famous for being the first all-female archaeological dig in the world. No mention of what they dug for or found.

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  6. It’s crunch time — last day at work and my story I need to leave is not coming together too well.

    I woke up with a new wave of sadness over my lost dogs 😦 I think what triggered it was finding a half-eaten greenie behind he floor-length bedroom curtains. Those were Cowboy’s favorite treats, he got 1 every night after dinner. This one must have slid down off his dog bed and underneath where he never found it again. 😦

    I have a crazy number of things to get done in the next 4 days I have off before the surgery on Wednesday. And our heat and humidity isn’t easing up.

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  7. It started with Covid, perhaps, but this upcoming political cycle promises to be a doozy we need to prepare to navigate. So, while I haven’t read it, this looks like a good book for our times. — $4.74 on Kindle, $4.99 paperback

    Wisdom When Politics Threatens Church Unity

    Review: ‘How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics?’ by Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli


    ~ Authors Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli propose that Christians should learn how to disagree on many such issues with a spirit of gracious understanding by recognizing the importance of what binds us together as a local church body. ~

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  8. Well I just entered the real world. Overseas we don’t pay federal or state taxes. I just updated my information so they will now take that out. I know, I know, I should have done this several months ago, but trying to navigate these forms can be daunting. Actually, once I printed all of the information on how to do it, it was surprisingly easy.

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  9. I now have an appointment scheduled with a plastic surgeon. The plot thickens. A friend stopped by earlier and said she thought what I was told upfront seemed too easy. She thinks this is good.

    She also brought some goodies and prayed with me. She was thrilled to see the gulf fritillary butterfly since I had given her seeds for its host plant, the passionflower.

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  10. We’re going to Israel in late October for about two weeks. Very excited.

    Why would a telemarketer call a family at 5:58 in the morning to try to sell them something they neither want nor need? Very disgusted.

    I’ve been taking a poll: who are the California Senators in the Senate?

    No one out here seems to know who the second one is.

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  11. It is hot here once again. Errands are finished and now I hope to relax…after I vacuum, dust, mop and run a load of laundry.

    I am so sorry for your heart hurt Dj…those are the painful stabs when we come across a collar, favorite toy, feeding dish. It just shows us how much love we have been given through His beautiful best pets ever. ❤️ Somehow He knew we needed them and for that we remain forever thankful…..

    Janice you have been blessed with a special friend! Nothing better than being carefully prayed over by a kindred spirit….

    I know our Senators….because they are both awful! Bennett and Hickenlooper! 😠

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  12. Is Carol Mosley Brown one of the Calif senators? Or was she from Illinois. If I didn’t live so close to Illinois, I’d get it confused with California all the time.

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  13. My husband, who was sitting beside the phone when it rang and is very polite.

    Padilla? That wasn’t my guess.

    See? The most populated state in the nation and the Senator is a mystery–even to the daily newspaper-reading people who live here. 😦

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  14. In a Little League game, the pitcher accidentally beaned the batter (who was okay). Seeing how upset the pitcher was, the batter went over to him to comfort him. ❤

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  15. The port was getting a stream of elected officials coming in back then, it was hard to keep up with who these folks were (for those of us not really following the state political scene very closely these days). But I shoulda known. I know now. 🙂 I quoted him and everything.


  16. Kizzie, I saw that clip last night on a newscast but they didn’t run the commentary (or ‘comforting’ by the opposing player). What a hard blow to the head that was, thank goodness for helmets. 😦 You don’t think of baseball as being a ‘dangerous’ sport but those hard balls fly fast and hard, even in Little League. Pro pitchers are throwing at around 100 mph these days.

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  17. And Nancyjill (4:00), you’re so right about those little poignant reminders popping up when you least expect them from our lost companions. That greenie kind of did me in. 🙂 i miss Cowboy (and Tess) a lot.

    Best dogs I think I’ll ever have, and I’ve had a lot of very good dogs (and hope to have another 1 or 2).

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  18. DJ – Doris Day’s brother died by getting beaned. Wasn’t there a major league player who died (or was in a coma?) after getting beaned in the early 1980s? I know there was one who was killed some time before that in that way.


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