47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-11-22

  1. Add my prayers for the family, Kim. May God’s peace that passes understanding and that can help people arise over conflicts enter in. May Mr. P be able to process his grief in an orderly way and be a help with the othrrs but not get pulled into strife and taking sides. Please help in this troubling time, Lord, as You are the source of hope that things will get better. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  2. The golden rod bloomed yesterday. Seems early to see it bloom.

    The air felt cool here while I walked. That brought out more dog walkers than I’ve seen in a long while.

    The time was near dusk when I snapped that photo so no bright sunlight.


  3. Good morning, all,

    So sorry, Kim. And what a great God we serve. He gave P time to begin the processing and to say good bye but did not leave her to linger in discomfort. And grief is difficult and hits everybody in different ways. May His peace fill the relationships.

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  4. So sorry to hear your sad news, Kim. My condolences for your husband. I hope he can be a peacemaker. I was praying again this morning for forgiveness still needed for what when on when both my father and my mother passed away (years apart). I have forgiven, but how those memories pop up to unsettle me! I am so grateful I had all of you (and others) to pray for me through that. Emotions are so high during those stressful times.

    We will be meeting to do thank you cards after for our relative’s funeral and running for some paperwork. It still seems strange not to have him calling.

    I am also trying out my new juicer–a Mehu-Maija. I have only a small amount of chokecherries and decided it was a good time to try it out.

    Dj, I am shocked at all that running around for your surgery. My sister mentioned the same problem in Florida. Here most things are combined. My husband did need a Covid test for his cataract surgery and a pre-op. The Covid test had to be ‘done’ at the hospital. The receptionist handed him the test and told him he needed to do it himself and put the tube in a box. No good place to do it, but a dark lobby. He was charged 166.00 or so dollars for that. Medical care has gone down, IMO. Much more machine-like than it used to be. Praying all goes well for you.

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  5. As I told you above there is already conflict. Every now and then I get a little wink from heaven….
    I called my friend Malia and during our conversation I said at least being an only child I didn’t have conflict with anyone. I got off the phone, and the radio came on. I had never heard this song before but suddenly started laughing out loud. One of my father’s sayings was May the Bird of Paradise fly up you nose. I learned it in context so I knew exactly what he meant.

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  6. I’m so sorry to hear that, Kim. And I think Debra’s observation was quite wise, the discord afterward — which is really quite common in many families — is likely a part of what folks simply go through with the overall grieving process.

    Yes, the “running around” prep for this surgery has been rather surprising to me. I’ll need to call for the MRSA screening early today as it’s a busy day for me — I have a Virtual appointment with my GP at 2:15 and then a phone interview with the port director at 3:30.

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  7. Ha! That’s hilarious Kim! :–D I love those little “winks”—-caresses from heaven. He knows what you really need and when you need it. A reminder of just how beloved you are.

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  8. morning! Janice that photo up there is pretty but it causes my nose to say “achoo”!!

    I am sorry that turmoil surrounds the passing of Mr. P’s sister. Emotions run high during the loss of loved ones and I pray for comfort for all ❤️

    Having breakfast with friends this morning as husband and his friend prepare to leave for a camping outing for a couple days. He knows he needs to get his friend out of my house!

    Made an appt for mammogram….first appt available mid Oct. Then cardiologist office called and I have an appt with him mid Sept. …. My symptoms have not lessened … resting in His care….

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  9. DJ, that sounds like a lot of prep work. Mine was stressful because I was already laid up and out of work. I didn’t really get to schedule everything in advance properly. But I was able to get in to see my GP the week before surgery. I think she was concerned when she heard I wanted to see her to be cleared for surgery because my mammogram last year was dodgy and I had to get a redo 6 months later [false alarm].

    All blood work and testing was handled without appointment and very quickly at the local hospital lab. I didn’t have the surgery at a hospital. I had a total hip replacement at a surgery center run by my surgeon and his group. I was in and out again in about 3.5 hours—walking same day. Not a lot of walking, but able to get in the car and climb the 5 stairs into our house. Of course I had C to lean on and help steady me. I would not have been able to do the first day or two without a little help. And plenty of pain meds. It wasn’t bad at all. I would certainly do it again.

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  10. Debra, I’ve heard similar comments re knee replacements (and from my cousin who had a hip replaced). Some rough edges in the very beginning but results were worth it.

    The “running around” for me has been tedious, especially as I’m juggling full-time work.

    And I just called the hospital out-patient lab for the MRSA appointment. “We don’t do those.”


    I called the surgeon’s secretary yesterday but she hasn’t gotten back to me; will have to give her another call this morning.

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  11. dj, since you are a writer with an audience, I hope you can sometime do an article about this ridiculous amount of pre-op appts. that might make people who care see how horrible this is on the already afflicted. Maybe a newspaper arti l, if editor approved, could bring changes to help others. This malfunction in the system strikes me as bordering on sadistic.

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  12. Oh good. I had a survey in my email from Lapcorp asking how satisfied I was with their service. I was trying to find a way to provide feedback as they really need to change their website (which says it offers the test I needed). Also added a call in advance to let me know would have been nice, instead I wound up having to take time off work (fortunately they’re located just a few blocks away) only to be told they didn’t offer what I needed and made the appointment for. I was polite, but firm, suggested they need to update the website and call patients if there’s been a misunderstanding about the tests that are — and are not — available.

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  13. Well, I must say, you are preparing the rest of us. I have never heard of all you have been through and can’t imagine it.

    I was in alot of pain yesterday after walking all over the fairgrounds. But I feel much better today so perhaps that 3 1/2 miles helped.

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  14. 🙂 Thanks, mumsee. Next time …

    How about this, have a central clearance where all the test are done. Those results are sent to your individual doctors so everyone’s in the loop — and, if necessary, you can have a virtual appointment with your own doctor to discuss the results and/or the surgery if needed.

    I appreciate their wanting you to go through your own doctors for these things, but the testing itself really could be coordinated for a one-stop appointment.

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  15. I used to think a little nat’l healthcare wouldn’t be such a bad thing. The abuse of federal power since 2016 and the Covid debacle cured me of that completely. I can only imagine the damage if healthcare were actively weaponized too. I will never forget seeing people arrested on tv because they gathered together outside to sing praises to the Lord, while another channel showed people freely burning and looting unabated. Shudder.

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  16. Sounds like they have a placement for daughter (in a hospital she visited a few years ago, near Boise) and will be installing alarms on her window and doors.

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  17. Our hospital has a lab which runs the required tests–very helpful, but frankly, also very expensive. Still, centralized.

    Meanwhile, in my life, I feel like I’m in the center of a whirlwind–you know, the place of relative calm–while everything around me, and most of my friends, swirly through crazy issues in their life. (Looking at some of you–but honored to pray).

    When I expressed this feeling to a friend, she looked at me and said, “We need you to remain calm.”

    Trying, trying, but it’s taking almost all of God’s grace. (Sorry if I’m hogging it out here).

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  18. Very sorry about Mr. P’s extended family but also grateful he got that visit last month.

    That was important for all.

    Blessings to you and your household, Kim.


  19. Oh, I’m sorry, Kim. Family discord can be the worst, especially at a time like this.


    Still can’t get a MRSA appointment despite surgeon’s secretary assuring me the hospital WILL do it.


    Smoke alarm in the hall is randomly going off as I was waiting for an important interview call (neighbor took it down and awayyyyy, far away). No fire or smoke or steam or anything anywhere that would cause the racket; the thing just decided to BLARE and BLARE. I’d poke the center with a walking stick to get it to shut off for 15 minutes, but it always just started back up again.


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  20. go outside and throw eggs at a tree, advice from a friend from years ago.
    or, as I did, drive around in your car and scream to the Lord, He hears and understands

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  21. Now I get to learn how to pronounce Japanese words!

    I start narrating The Visionary Behind Streams in the Desert next week! I have a phone call in 15 minutes to hear a former missionary pronounce words and names! LOL

    This one SHOULD be easier since it’s about an American woman rather than an Englishwoman!

    And there’s only about a dozen words on my list.

    Biography, however, won’t be released until next year. Honestly, my life is out of hand . . .

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  22. I’ll throw the smoke alarm at a tree and leave it there to keep going off and annoy someone else.

    Face time call from the GP is coming up in 15 minutes.

    I’m giving up being “ready” to leave work at the end of the day tomorrow, though I did get the interview in with the port director about an hour ago who was kind enough to wish me a good “procedure” coming up.

    On it goes.

    Good luck with the Japanese tutoring, Michelle, sounds like a fun and challenging project.

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  23. Since MRSA is so often a hospital-based infection, it’s inconceivable to me that you can’t get a MRSA test at the hospital! I feel frustrated for you.

    Maybe you should throw the smoke alarm at the tree and then throw eggs at the smoke alarm.

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  24. Now it sounds like daughter may not be returning to the home. She has made allegations (a different story than when she first told us about it) of hitting and punching in the home. For the safety of the other clients, she may not be allowed to return. But they have a system to help us find her a new location.

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  25. So sorry that things are ‘crazy’ again with Twenty, Mumsee. 🙏 for a good new situation.

    Dj, do smoke detectors explode if you run over them with a vehicle? I’d be temped to find out. Maybe put it in a bucket of water?


  26. Very large storm just passed through and sounds like part two is now rolling in. I have never seen so much rain in five minutes, including the hurricanes on Okinawa and monsoon season. The roof she is a leaking, the rain is coming in. I’ll fix the roof manana, it is soon enough for me. .

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  27. The new steamer/juicer works wonderfully for getting the juice from the chokecherries. Very easy to use and all dishwasher safe. Would be a wonderful tool for anyone who makes jelly or jam.


  28. We were able to finish most of the thank you cards. It seems the way to die is poor. Far less fighting when there is nothing to have. It was nice to have it all done peacefully and thoughtfully. I am sad for your husband, Kim, as he goes through that.

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  29. That juicer looks a lot like the juicers we have. I don’t know if that is its name but it is very simple and husband bought two so he could keep several children busy on the grapes.


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