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  1. Garbage.


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  2. Solarpancake – the appointment and who made it matters as both the judge and Trump had connections to Epstein

    Tychicus — “whataboutism” is not a defence. He broke the law. As for Hilary’s servers, Comey did a search, said he may have found something before the election, then recanted. Wray has been far more circumspect and Garland has barely said a word. They’ve gone to great lengths to avoid politizing this.

    Right on schedule; gas prices in decline and not surprisingly inflation slows down.


    Interestingly, my economist friend conceded raising taxes on the wealthy and using the money to cut the deficit will slow down inflation. He, of course, prefers high interest (it has a moral element – punishes the non-thrifty). Both remove money from the economy. However, taxes don’t punish the poor.


  3. Sp. True, I already mentioned the 2008 donation to Obama and later donation to Jeb Bush. Of course Obama had no ties to Epstein. Yes its true peopld tend to use only the evidence that supports their ideas.


  4. From the WSJ editorial this morning:


    The FBI’s Dangerous Search at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago
    Merrick Garland is taking the U.S. down a perilous path.
    By The Editorial Board

    ~ Monday’s unannounced Federal Bureau of Investigation search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home isn’t a moment for anyone to cheer. The Justice Department is unleashing political furies it can’t control and may not understand, and the risks for the department and the country are as great as they are for Mr. Trump. …

    … Worse in the long term is the precedent being set and the payback it is likely to inspire. Once the Rubicon of prosecuting a former President has been crossed—especially if the alleged offense and evidence are less than compelling—every future President will be a target. William Barr, Mr. Trump’s second AG, wisely resisted pressure to indict political actors without a very strong case. The next Republican AG will not be as scrupulous.

    Democrats may also be wrong in their calculation about how a prosecution would affect Mr. Trump’s future. The FBI search alone makes it more likely that Mr. Trump will run again for President, if only to vindicate himself. He will run as a martyr, and even Republicans who want to turn the page on the former President may be repelled by what they see as a political prosecution.

    All of this risks compounding the baleful pattern of the last six years. Mr. Trump is accused of violating political norms—sometimes fairly, sometimes not—and the left violates norms in response. Polarization increases, and public faith in institutions and the peaceful settlement of political difference erodes further.

    The FBI search on Mr. Trump suggests that Mr. Garland may be committed to pursuing and indicting Mr. Trump. If so, he is taking the country on a perilous road. There is much ruin in a nation, but no one should want to test the limits of that ruin in America. ~

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  5. Banana Republic BS.


    “Eric Trump tells DailyMail.com what REALLY happened in FBI raid: President’s son says 30 agents REFUSED to hand over warrant, kicked lawyer off property, rifled through clothes – and how Mar-a-Lago staff refused to turn off security cameras

    Eric Trump recounted the Monday raid of his father’s Mar-a-Lago residence in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com

    He said that they kicked Donald Trump’s lawyer Christina Bobb off the property and made her wait at the end of a driveway during the raid

    Also said that FBI agents refused to hand over a copy of the search warrant during the operation

    The former president’s son said contrary to FBI direction, they refused to turn off security cameras at the Palm Beach estate”


  6. They’re on a fishing expedition, so don’t take the bait. Give. Them. Nothing. 🙂


    “He was subpoenaed to testify on Wednesday as part of the New York AG’s investigation into his family and the Trump Organization’s business practices.

    “[U]under the advice of my counsel and for all of the above reasons, I declined to answer the questions under the rights and privileges afforded to every citizen under the United States Constitution,” he said on Truth Social.

    In his statement, Trump outlined all of the ways that James has attacked him in recent years.

    “James developed a political platform and made a career out of maliciously attacking me and my business before she was even elected, or reviewed one of the millions of pages of documents we willingly produced,” he wrote.


  7. 2 tiered justice system….

    One for connected Democrats, one for everyone else.


    He’s been rewarded for his service.


  8. They removed it, but the internet is forever.

    Biden is preparing to unleash his Gestapo on America.

    Now you know why they bought 5 million rounds of ammo a few weeks back. They’re looking for a fight, and are intent on provoking one.



  9. Sure, after helping Fauci slander doctors who dared challenge his lies and false narratives, now The Lancet admits the obvious.

    “Lancet COVID-19 Commission Chair Says Virus Probably Came Out of Dangerous U.S.-Funded Research ‘Gone Awry’”


    “The chair of the Lancet’s COVID-19 commission revealed in a recent interview that he is “pretty convinced” that COVID-19 came out of extremely dangerous lab biotechnology research that was supported by the United States.

    Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and the President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, told the left-wing journal Current Affairs that through his investigations as the head of the COVID-19 commission, he has concluded that “there is extremely dangerous biotechnology research being kept from public view, that the United States was supporting much of this research, and that it is very possible that SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, originated through dangerous virus research gone awry.”

    During the interview, the professor described the dangerous research championed by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Anthony Fauci as “mind-boggling.”

    Prof. Sachs told Current Affairs journalist Nathan Robinson that he believes that there is clear proof that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other members of the scientific community “have been impeding a serious investigation of the origins of COVID-19.” He recently called for an independent inquiry into the virus’s origins in a co-authored a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Robinson pressed him about his belief that COVID came out of U.S. lab biotechnology, citing studies touted by The New Times in the past year that “debunk” the claim.

    “In a review of recent studies and comparisons to other outbreaks, a group of virologists contends that there is more evidence to support a natural spillover from animals to humans,” the Times reported. “Scientists released a pair of extensive studies over the weekend that point to a large food and live animal market in Wuhan, China, as the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.”

    The journalist asked Sachs what led him to believe the above statements are misleading.

    “Well, the funny thing is those scientists who are saying that said the same thing on February 4, 2020, before they had done any research at all,” the professor replied. “And they published the same statement in March 2020, before they had any facts at all. So they’re creating a narrative. And they’re denying the alternative hypothesis without looking closely at it. That’s the basic point.”

    Now, what is the alternative hypothesis? The alternative hypothesis is quite straightforward. And that is that there was a lot of research underway in the United States and China on taking SARS-like viruses, manipulating them in the laboratory, and creating potentially far more dangerous viruses. And the particular virus that causes COVID-19, called SARS-Cov-2, is notable because it has a piece of its genetic makeup that makes the virus more dangerous. And that piece of the genome is called the “furin cleavage site.” Now, what’s interesting, and concerning if I may say so, is that the research that was underway very actively and being promoted, was to insert furin cleavage sites into SARS-like viruses to see what would happen. Oops!

    Well, that is what may have happened. And what has been true from the start is that that very real possibility, which a lot of scientists know, has not been looked at closely, even though it’s absolutely clear that it could have happened that way. They’re not looking. They just keep telling us, “Look at the market, look at the market, look at the market!” But they don’t address this alternative. They don’t even look at the data. They don’t even ask questions. And the truth is from the beginning, they haven’t asked the real questions.

    NIH/NIAID emails released in June of 2021 through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit revealed that in January and February of 2020, Fauci was already hearing from colleagues that the emerging coronavirus global pandemic looked potentially engineered.

    On Feb. 1, Fauci emailed NIAID Principal Deputy Director Dr. Hugh Auchincloss with an urgent message. The subject line was “IMPORTANT,” and attached was a 2015 paper from Nature Medicine describing the risky gain-of-function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”


  10. Just a reminder, Milley is a traitor.




  11. There’s a reason the FBI broke protocols and wouldn’t allow the victim of their search to have a rep present. You can’t plant stuff with Trump’s people watching.

    “20 Things The Feds Probably Planted In The Boxes They Took From Trump’s House”


    “Nine-and-a-half hours of secret snooping, 15 evidence boxes, and a jaunt through the former first lady’s closet later, it’s unclear what exactly FBI agents were looking for and ultimately recovered during their raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida.

    Given the bureau’s long track record of malfeasance, however — concocting an elaborate Russia collusion hoax, branding conservative parents as domestic terrorists, labeling anodyne right-wing symbols as extremist dog whistles, entrapping Americans in plots to kidnap radical governors, concluding a stand-off by murdering dozens of children, rigging an election by hiding information that harmed their preferred candidate, and egging on protesters and rioters before branding them as insurrectionists, just to name a few — it isn’t too hard to imagine that some of the things the FBI recovered from Mar-a-Lago weren’t recovered at all, but planted.

    We won’t know what the FBI found at Trump’s domicile until somebody leaks it to the media as part of a calculated, pre-election info-op, but here are 20 best guesses as to what they might have, shall we say, contributed.

    1. Cocaine from the Hunter Biden Evidence Shed
    Evidence that’s been wrongly labeled as “disinformation” is the easiest kind to inconspicuously lift and plant in the residence of a former president.

    2. Glossy 8×10 of Vladimir Putin
    With “I ❤ Putin” scrawled across the front in black marker that just happens to be the exact same color and thickness as the FBI markers used to label the evidence boxes.

    3. Joe Biden Voodoo Doll
    Pins are sticking out of its head because, see? Biden isn’t senile! It’s Trump’s fault.

    4. An Inscription in a 2021 Playboy Calendar
    It’s the only marking in the otherwise crisp planner. On the little square for Jan. 6, it reads, “Remember to do insurrection.”

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  12. He’s the Dems favorite stooge.


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  13. They think you’re stupid.


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  14. Thank God for Judicial Watch, who does the digging.


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  15. Stepping back a bit, a former colleague and fellow believer tweeted this today:

    ~ American voters would do well to skip cable TV news and talk radio and study the forgotten idea of public virtue that was such a key hope of the best Founders and Framers, flawed as they may have been at times. ~

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  16. Trump can release the warrant at any time. Judicial watch doesnt need to make an official request. Its pretty much standard procedure to remove anyone during a search. From what I understand the National Archive asked the FBI to seerch for missing documents. Don’t mess with librarians.

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  17. SolarPancake – Seeing you and HRW go back and forth about who appointed Judge Reinhart made me curious so I did a quick search. A few sources said that Trump appointed him in 2018.


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