27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-9-22

  1. Good morning. Summer is dwindlng.

    The big yellow school bus just passed by. Day two for the county students. I hope and pray it is a good year for them.

    I have ladies’ Bible study after a bit so need to prepare.

    Have a lovely day in the neighborhood in your neck of the woods, Wanderers!

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  2. Good morning, all. Looks to be another beautiful summer day here. Supposed to be around ninety six today with a good chance of some rain. Lots of cloud cover this morning but the sun is up and the hummers have been active for an hour. Husband needs to get out there and refill their feeders or they will be coming in to get it themselves.

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  3. It’s 74° here and feels like 74°. Suppose to reach 87°. Still will get thunderstorms. How can it be that hot in Idaho? And I think the typical tropical storms have not been showing up, those with all the A-Z names, in areas south of our country. Very strange patterns.

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  4. It has been my experience that Idaho always gets this hot in the July/August time frame. I do remember that in the 60’s, when we were headed into the ice age, it still hit one hundred several times every summer.

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  5. I am amazed at how many young people who are deeply concerned about global warming, never heard that we were supposed to be headed for an ice age in the sixties.

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  6. Morning all. 56 degrees in the forest this morning. Should be reaching the 80’s later on…it’s all about layering your clothes around here ya know.

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  7. I remember the fears of “the coming ice age”. It was all hype just like the current “climate change” fears now. I noticed a few years back that they changed from “global warming” to “climate change” since no one believed them. It’s easier to keep the masses fooled by sing vague terms instead of specifics.

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  8. Actually rising temperatures IS what will cause the ice age— coming to our grandchildren in about 80 years.

    I’m breathless at the audacity of modern men and women.

    Really, the only way to keep massive climate change at bay is repentance and turning to God.

    Do you see that suggestion anywhere?

    It’s certainly easier and you can do it in the comfort of your own home without having to pay higher taxes or shred your Christian beliefs.

    Amazing how simple knowing God can be in answer to looming questions like: where will you spend eternity?

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  10. Today is the first day of camp that I have ever missed in 8 years by being home sick. I’ve missed partial days due to migraines but never a whole day. I’m so glad it’s today and not another day as other days all have very important things that can only be done on those days. (Like ordering tuck shop and janitorial supplies). I’m praying I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

    At least it’s not cov id. I’m getting really tired of sticking swabs up my nose.

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  11. I still have so much to take care of before next week’s surgery. But I have to keep working through this week still. Feels kind of surreal, trying to turn out stories when I feel like I have one foot — or one knee — out the door.

    Feel better, kare.

    My house was 80 degrees at 10 a.m. this morning. An ice age is beginning to sound appealing.

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  12. Oh, Kare, those swabs!! In this whole time I have only had two and the second one they hardly did anything.

    Dj, I am with you as I wade through paperwork. I did just call Wycliffe and someone helped me change my phone numbers. Their forms are awful.

    Well now I have to work on my tax forms and how to update those. At least I have lots of chocolate! I get stressed doing this stuff so must have chocolate

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  13. More nasal swabs for me tomorrow with the pre-op MRSA test.

    I keep getting “dinged” on the phone with messages from the knee surgeon’s patient app — reminding me usually of how behind I am in filling all their information out or reading all the provided articles or (even) just uploading my picture and syncing my “activity log” to their site. I don’t keep an activity log so that’s why everything’s blank.

    Sheesh. Having surgery is too much work.

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  14. The news this morning said that the newest problem with animals being tutned into shelters by people who can’t afford to keep them is pigs! Is that an issue everywhere? The shelters are being overcrowded with pigs. Poor little piggies. I sometimes refer to Miss Bosley as Pig Cat. I asked Art how he thought she’d react to a pig in the house😀 Pig Cat and Pig Pig.

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  15. I know my time for an appointment with a swab will be at sometime in the not so distant future. So far I have avoided that.

    I always think of Florence’s nephew who was in the hospital and caught Covid. He had a nose swab test that broke a vein or something. It did not heal and he died. It was horrible.

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  16. One of my relatives bought a teacup pig while in college.

    It soon outgrew her room or the roommates didn’t like the pig anymore, so it went to her parents.

    The pig now weighs about 350 pounds.

    But they love her.

    The rest of us roll our eyes.

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  17. Hope you get better fast, Kare.

    We have had a whirlwind few days. Last adult child left today, although her husband will return here for a couple of nights later this week. He is on a golf outing with his brother and with his dad right now.

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