2 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-6-22

  1. 😦 I’ve been so busy the last week, I actually never got around to making my bed yesterday.

    😦 Do not remember the last time I didn’t make the bed.

    😦 I’m feeling bushed today and am only on load 2 of 4 while “enjoying” my laundry hobby.

    🙂 My family all got home safely.

    🙂 Everyone enjoyed Disneyland.

    😦 Some professional disappointment, but all in God’s hands.

    😦 Zechariah’s prophecies are really hard to explain.

    😦 Just about everyone I know is in some form of crisis–except us.

    🙂 “That’s because we need you to encourage us and be strong,” a friend said yesterday.

    🙂 We went to friend’s house for dinner on Thursday night and are doing the same tonight! (Different friends).

    😦 🙂 Difficult though all of this is, we worship the King and know the ending. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to endure the labor.

    Yellow squash, anyone?

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