20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-5-22

  1. Good morning! Friday has arrived and we need some funnies today if Peter feels well enough to post them. I hope and pray that both of the L’s are much improved.

    Yesterday an event happened here in Atlanta regarding a park in the neighborhood where Hank Aaron grew up. It was renamed, and his statue from Turner Field was moved to the park. Aaron’s widow spoke a few words. It’s worth a listen if you have time.

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  2. Morning!

    We had a lovely time with my cousin and her husband last night and I even managed to have everything ready upon their arrival!

    I am supposed to have a follow up evaluation with the cardiologist sometime in the near future and will get the dreaded mammogram sometime soon….I promised them since it has been 8 years since my last. They have understood my apprehension in doing so since I was left with a rather large painful bruise on my chest with the last! 😳

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  3. Well, I did that one Nancyjill, but someone commented on a colonoscopy and that is the one I am avoiding. I had one in 08 and there were no problems so he said that I could wait 10 years. How time flies….

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  4. Amos has been spotty on getting groomed ever since I found out his groomer was the one that probably caused the collapsing trachea. A few times his grooming has been Mr. P and me at the kitchen table.
    Tuesday I found a new groomer and called her. I explained all about him and as it was the end of the day she told me to bring him up to her and let her take a look at him. We spent an hour with her. She was very gentle with him and sort of rough with me. I finally asked her if she was trying to tell me he was about to die. Anyway he was groomed on Wednesday. Yesterday he could hardly walk. His little legs are sliding out from under him. Mr P had to carry him out all day. Last night he slept as close to me as he could get. This morning he is bright eyed and bushy tailed. I am planning to take hiim to the vet this afternoon just for a check up. I do not want him to lose his dignity nor suffer, but as you know when the ineveitable has to happen I will be devastated.

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  5. Jo my last colonoscopy was clear no problems and the doc told me he would see me in 10 years. I laughed (still slightly sedated) and told him “who are you kidding!? You’ll never be seeing me again …. I am done!”
    Many docs now use the cologuard as a pre screen. If nothing shows up then they don’t request the colonoscopy.

    Praying for you Kim. That boy certainly has been your steady for a long time❣️Blessed

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  6. I thought of Kim this morning as husband was refilling the hummingbird feeders. They were getting after him as he had not refilled it for two days. They just emptied it this morning. He had ten or so around him giving him what for. They finally settled with seven to nine on the feeder.

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  7. Oh, Kim, I hate reading that. But I thought Cowboy was close a year ago and he wasn’t ready yet, so it could be just that he’s having some off days. Glad he’s all groomed up, that’ll make him feel better.

    Peter, are you testing negative now?

    Yep, use the cologuard “kit.”

    The hospital called checking on when (or whether) I’ve gotten in for my pre-op with the GP (happened this week, but the cardiologist didn’t share my EKG results with primary doctor, only told them they cleared me for surgery, so I need to make sure those results get to wherever they need to go … And I still need the MRSA test at the lab …)

    Can one sleep in an overstuffed chair with an ottoman after knee surgery? It may come to that for me, but I think that could work in a pinch for the early recovery nights if needed.

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  8. It’s 75° with a thunderstorm right now. I just finished whipping up chickpea pattie mixture in the food processor and will cook them later. The 10 cup processor I got when I bought a replacement one for Wesley is exactly the right size for this recipe. And I opened into the Spiralizer my brother gave us three or four years ago and learned how to put it together. I am doing new tricks in the kitchen . . . can’t be called an old dog anymore!

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  9. I am sad about Amos. When I read that this morning I thought, life is just too sad lately.

    I listened to the Bonhoffer book passage about when a generally happy child told him he (the boy) was very sad about his dog dying, but then the child’s countenance changed to joy when the child deduced that the dog would be waiting for him in heaven so they could play again. The boy sought confirmation of that from Bonhoffer. The answer was along the lines that we can’t know for sure, but since God is loving toward those who believe in Him and He knows how much they love others, that he feels beloved pets like the boy’s dog would be there. I did not do the retelling justice, but the boy was comforted as I think most of us are by such thoughts. DJ, of course, came to mind as I listened to that timely section.

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  10. Thank you Janice. I spent time with a friend Wednesday at a funeral in Montgomery. She informed me dogs didn’t go to heaven. I just kept my mouth shut.
    We are ok today and he got a new bed that I can move around the house easier, bone broth, some vitamins/supplements. I have promised him that I will hold him all the way to the Rainbow Bridge whether it exists or not.
    I was talking to ex-husband earlier this week about BG and he asked about Amos. At some point I had tears in my voice and he said, “Kimberley if you can’t do it, will take him and hold him just like I did Marlowe”. I thanked him and told him no. Amos is mine. He has been my comfort and I will be his.

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  11. I think I got one in the mail, maybe from Aetna, our Medicare Advantage group. I avoided it😀 i had the colonoscopy a number of years back. Being pretty much put to sleep during the procedure, I don’t remember much except the drinking of a lot liquid beforehand to faciltate a clear pathway for the little camera. Art had polyps so he’s had to do it several times.


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