19 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-26-22

  1. Of course.

    She checks all the right boxes on the identity politics checklist.

    “White House appoints Google executive to cyber office”


    “The White House appointed a Google executive to help lead efforts within its cybersecurity office.

    Camille Stewart Gloster, the global head of product security strategy at Google, will be joining the Office of the National Cyber Director, according to Axios. Stewart Gloster will be the deputy national cyber director at the office and assist with workforce development and supply chain security issues.”


    “Stewart Gloster is known for leading efforts to draw more attention to cybersecurity projects led by black and female community leaders. She started #ShareTheMicinCyber, an initiative to increase diversity in the cybersecurity industry.

    She has also advocated racial diversity in the cybersecurity industry. The Google executive argued in a blog post titled “Systemic Racism Is a Cybersecurity Threat” that understanding the United States’s history of racism and discrimination and its relationship with cybersecurity is integral to “protecting the American people, deterring our adversaries, and defending American businesses.”

    The Office of the National Cyber Director has made several efforts to improve its staffing since its formation was announced in 2021. The office continues to hire leaders, including former Microsoft executives, CIA officials, and National Security Council members, CNN reported in May.

    Stewart Gloster will join the office on Aug. 1.”


  2. Nailed it.


    Again, don’t do nasty stuff and you will be fine.



  3. This is what happens when media doesn’t stick to their script.



  4. It’s gonna be bad….


    And this should be worse.


  5. So when it does happen (already did) it’s God’s will….

    And fault. But not Joe’s, never Joe’s…..

    Better than Putin I guess…..



  6. Did you think the problem was solved just because the US media stopped talking about it?

    Nope. Just more water carrying by the media in service of Democrats. Not that the foreign media here isn’t trying to blame anyone but Dems as you’ll see….

    And to hear them tell it, the US sucks at everything. 🙂

    “The US baby formula shortage continues.”


    “In the US today, states that have banned abortion can force you to give birth against your will. Yet in those same states – and the whole country – there is a severe shortage of baby formula. The baby formula shortage is just one of the many crises facing American parents: there is still no national pre-K, no guaranteed parental leave, and few protections for people who lose their jobs when they give birth or become pregnant.

    But rather than blame the government for failing to protect children and parents, some Americans are blaming parents. Since news of the US baby formula shortage broke, there’s been a tidal wave of news and social media commentary yelling at desperate parents to “just breastfeed”.

    And while there’s always ill-informed pushback to issues like this, the response to the formula shortage – which has gotten so bad that the United States is air-lifting baby food from Europe – has once again revealed the huge gap between the lived experiences of people who give birth, and the rest of society’s widely held assumptions.”


    Now wring your hands and fret. 🙂


  7. Joe’s family owes China big time. This is just one of the many ways they’re paying off those bribes.



  8. Corruption and disloyalty are rewarded in the Deep State.







  9. More top-notch ‘journalism’ from the ‘conservative’ WSJ.


    Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk on Monday posted a photo of himself with Google co-founder Sergey Brin in a bid to debunk a Wall Street Journal article claiming he had an improper relationship with Brin’s wife.

    He also suggested Wall Street Journal editor Michael Siconolfi and the reporting staff involved in the article of being liars, tweeting “______, ______ your [pants] are on [fire]” on Monday, which included the photo of him and Brin. “The media is a click-seeking machine dressed up as a truth-seeking machine,” Musk further said.

    Musk also posted a photo of himself and Brin, apparently taken at a party. “Yeah, that was Sergey and me yesterday afternoon!” he said in a Monday Twitter post. “Took this pic only two hours ago,” he also told the New York Post on Sunday.

    For its article, published Sunday, the Wall Street Journal cited unnamed sources that alleged Musk was involved in an affair last year with Brin’s then-wife. The report further claimed Musk got down on one knee and begged Brin for forgiveness.

    “I am sure both [Brin’s ex-wife Nicole Shanahan] and Sergey would confirm” his denials, Musk told the New York Post. “I spoke with both Sergey and Nicole about this and they say the story isn’t coming from them, so [it] must be a case of broken telephone, two or three layers removed,” he added.


  10. AJ – Even one or two of the articles you shared yesterday acknowledged that Trump did not make the tweet telling the people to go home until at least a couple hours had passed.


  11. It seems like we’re mirroring the same flaws here we criticize the media for doing — having an inability to take a step back with a little objectivity in assessing the events of the day and the actions of our favorite and most-hated (yes, “hate” seems to be the appropriate description) politicians.

    Question and a test: Is there anything — anything at all — our “favorite” and most beloved politicians could do or say that we won’t defend? Is “our” side always right, the other side always wrong? Always? Think about it. If we’re falling into those secular and even evil and sinful traps, It may be time to reassess our minds and hearts.

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  12. Do we become “lapdogs” of our favorite politicians, refusing to see any wrong in their words or actions, ever? Defending them always, at all costs?

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  13. Hit a nerve did I? 🙂

    You know I’m right, the bias only ever goes one way.

    As for defending them, I tend to do that for the falsely accused, slandered, and libeled victims of that clear bias. Pushback should be happening the complete opposite way of that nonsense. Big difference though is I don’t have corporate sponsorship from China, or Amazon money, and have a much smaller audience.

    Just another free service I offer.


  14. AJ – you can’t be shocked that the media talking heads, reporters and anchors all say the same thing? Plaggerism and laziness are rife in the modern world. Every pundit, left or right, Republican or Democratic does it. Hence we need to take a critical approach to all types of media positions.

    Why do supporters of free market capitalism continue to complain when Twitter exercises its property rights and responsibilities? What is their solution – gov’t regulation? Hey I’m all in favor of gov’t regulation of the market place but I’m the socialist.

    The Guardian has been saying that about America for decades not just when Biden is in charge. The essential question for European leftists is simple — how you can favor abortion regulation under the guise of pro-life yet have no universal social programs for chldren, no universal health care for children, no paid maternity and paternity leave, etc. Europe has a range of abortion regulations from the barely enforced rules of Sweden to the total ban in Poland but all of these countries from variious political positions also recognize the need to lower infant mortality and maternal mortality rates. The US ranks far lower in these important stats – even right wing pro life groups in Europe find this puzzling; its not pro life just pro fetus. (Yes, I know charities do wonderful work in the US but its uneven and the stats speak for themselves)

    For all the accusations thrown at Biden for Huawei, I see no proof. Congress passed legislation yet its not implemented – how is it his fault. Is he responsible for the internet in rural America? Do you want Biden to have that much power that he can dictate your internet provider? I wouldn’t give the gov’t that power and I like gov’t intervention in the market place. My intuition tells me rural areas don’t have the funds to replace already existing hardware and won’t take down the Huawei equipment without funds and another company willing to invest in rural internet. Its a tough sell for rural areas to get companies interested – not much of a profit motivation.


  15. That’s quite the Twitter feed about a laptop….I find the timing suspect, obviously the Jan 6 cmttee success calls for right wing diversion. But I find the laptop story has no legs, and his son is not involved in the administration so it’s not relevant anyway. Leave troubled family members out of politics unless they are part of the administration. Its far more suspect to have your kids and son-in-law in the admin yet still have them in charge of the family business. You can’t be blind about the latter while criticizing the former. This is a perfect example of dj’s comments.

    I’m Canadian so it’s a cliche to say that politiness is important but it is. We all have our biases and in the media it certainly goes more than one way. And remember what you may view with your own bias as left wing; I view as right wing since my perspective is far to the left of American media. Much of the links you cite have a right wing bias and sometimes are extremely leading. For example, the story blaming Biden for Huawei makes no sense yet there it is, blame Biden at all costs.

    I too have my bias but I’m open about it and still willing to politely listen to others. And I still manage to maintain a critical stance of my own side. I’m against cash bail and understand the logic behind the position yet I was surprised they let the New York attacker go on his own recognizance. I would have requested a 73 psychiatric hold first.

    Given the evidence so far presented, would you consider Trump to be slandered or libelled by the Jan 6th cmttee. If so, would you advise him to sue the Jan 6th cmttee for libel? If you find the cmtte process to be unfair, do you think Garland should lay charges so Trump can have his day in a proper courtroom? He, of course, will try to avoid both avenues to clear his name and instead will return with his own version of slander at his rallies and will have the right side of the aisle whine on his behalf. Or maybe Trump could testify to the cmttee live and unedited in order to clear his name. Clinton testified for two days straight. Surely if you think Trump is a better leader, you would think he could do the same. You say you want to present the side of the story not presented elsewhere but there are avenues those whom you see as victims to defend themselves yet there seems to be no urgining to use those opportunities.


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