23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-25-22

  1. Sweet Monday morning!

    The weather report is all relative. I walked outside and thought, “How pleasant.” The anchor had stuck her head out at the studio and claimed, “It’s steamy.” The temp is 76°. Granted, she was probably in full sun while I was in the shade.

    It’s suppose to be in the eighties with rain showers predicted for each day this week. I mowed last Monday and I could mow again today.

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  2. Did dj get more info about the shooting at the nearby park?

    The morning news said 8 people were shot at a Shell station in town here. Major cities seem to have become Nouveau Wild West, full of gunslingers.

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  3. We just had someone try to pick up a girl in our local Target and another in a small mall. That is in a town of about 8,000. We could never be as casual with our grandchildren as we were with our children. Makes me sad to see the crime uptick.

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  4. 30 years ago today, we attended a picnic where I jumped up to block a volleyball.

    I was 8.5 months pregnant.

    I felt the baby go up with me, then come down.

    While I had blocked the shot, I limped out of the game.

    I don’t think I ever played again.

    I was up most of the night cleaning house and moving around.

    She arrived at 7 the next evening.

    I got to my room in time to watch the Olympics and marveled how awful it would have been at that moment to have been one of those you g women athletes on the uneven parallel bars!


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  5. Morning all. It is cooler here but will warm again. The rain last night gives us amazing fresh air this morning.

    The lawlessness in our world is astounding to me. Yesterday’s message was 11 Peter 2:10-16. My attention was drawn to the scripture:

    15 They have left the straight way and wandered off to follow the way of Balaam son of Bezer,[d] who loved the wages of wickedness.

    People have become crazy when they delight and love the wages of wickedness….and that is what we see if we dare to turn on the tv to watch the news or read the accounts as referred to above. God help us…..

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  6. Park incident turned out to be a clash of rival gangs who showed up for a baseball game and un-permitted car show.

    Five-hundred people inside the park at the time; five people (4 males, 2 females) shot, two died. Massive LAPD response, weapons found inside the park later, but no arrests announced. Choppers were overhead through the wee hours of the morning.

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  7. The Free Range Kids site has this, with a little pithy comment:

    “Stranger Danger?
    Of all children under age 5 murdered from 1976-2005 —

    31% were killed by fathers
    29% were killed by mothers
    23% were killed by male acquaintances
    7% were killed by other relatives
    3% were killed by strangers

    Moral: Your safest bet is to leave your child with a stranger.
    SOURCE: http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/homicide/children.cfm




  8. Btw, I was surprised by those statistics when they were first pointed out by a friend who is educated in statistics. He often points out how some polls or studies are skewed by one thing or another.

    As I have mentioned not too long ago, X is petitioning the court for a weekly 24-hour unsupervised visit with Boy. (The guardian ad litem is paying us a visit tomorrow. If I forget to mention that on the prayer thread tomorrow morning, please pray that it will go well. Thanks.)

    Last night, Boy was telling me (as he had mentioned to me before) that his dad often doesn’t stay for the whole four-hour visitation at Boy’s other grandparents’ house. He’ll say he is tired or forgot to bring his meds with him or some such thing. So how does he expect to make it through 24 hours with his son if he can’t make it through four?

    When I mentioned to Nightingale (via text as she’s at work this morning – another double) that Boy had said this again, suggesting she make a point to let the GAL know this, she was surprised. He had never said anything about it to her.

    I asked her not to let Boy know that I had told her, and that I want to walk a fine line of having him feel free to confide in me while letting her know the things she should know. She agrees.

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  9. Prayers, Kizzie, for the visit to go smoothly and all info that needs addressing to be discussed. No stone unturned . . .

    Thinking on the needed home repairs, Kizzie, as your status of a widow and an active church member, I have wondered if you have approached your church for help? I think you have to be proactive and let it be known that you need help. Of course the size church and its resources makes a difference, but I think most pastors take the responsibility seriously that they are charged with helping widows and orphans. If nothing else I think they might be helpful in supplying names of reputable firms to help get the projects done at a fair price.

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  10. Janice – That last part in particular, about getting names of reputable companies with fair pricing, is something I should do, and in doing so, would let my pastor know what situation we are in.

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  11. Nightingale is working a double again today, the third Monday in a row. This time, I am planning on ordering pizza to be delivered. Boy is happy about that. (So am I. 🙂 )

    Sadly, I read a little earlier that the owner of one of the places in town that I could have ordered from died in a car accident over the weekend. That restaurant will be closed for a while.

    The weekend before last, a woman died in a horrible accident right in front of the house my parents used to own. Her car flipped over and landed on its roof. When I read the details, I got a little angry-sad, because she was speeding around a dangerous corner, and she leaves behind a few children.

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  12. One good thing about Miss Bosley liking to sleep close to my face is that she heard the tiny little mosquito buzzing near my head and started swatting at it. I don’t think I have ever seen a cat go after a mosquito before.😀

    And all the rain has caused mosquitos to enter our house. I need to move those plants near our door where mosqitoes may breed (a small container of catnip and an Easter lily).

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  13. I could tell you about mosquitoes….

    I get up, shower, get ready for work, go outside and douse myself in Deep Woods Off, come back in for my sunglasses and head off to work. I’m very thankful for the “dry” spray – not so oily and stinky.

    I still get bit by the little stinkers at my desk.

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  14. I went by the PT place today and there was a cancellation so I have an appointment for tomorrow. Turns out my deductible is too high and it won’t be covered. Oh, well, it is a need.

    Got a call this morning that the missions house is ready. I took some things today and will move tomorrow. Lovely new couch and recliners now and a new half bath upstairs, But the best is the folks left me a note telling me about three window AC units. I wouldn’t have seen them behind the curtains.

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