40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-14-22

  1. Good Morning Everyone. I am feeling somewhat “unsettled” right now. I’m not sure why. There is a lot going on, personally, work-wise, and just in general.
    I hope you all have a great day if I don’t get back to check in.

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  2. Bonjour!
    Two of us in our home had fried eggs for breakfast and one had strawberry shortcake.

    I think I have cream on the brain today. That shortcake with whipped cream is the most animal fat I have had in a long time. It was really good. Back to veganish today.

    I hear lawn mowers in the neighborhood. All the rain we’ve had has brought them out along with swarms of mosquitoes.

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  3. Love that healthy deer in the header.

    Kim, you have a lot of good things happening, good changes. All change brings stress though. Prayers for you to feel more attached to the Rock of stability and less affected by the churning waves of change. May fears of being out of control decrease as you recognize and rely more on the One who is ultimately the Controller of all. He gives good gifts. All praise, glory, and honor to Him.

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  4. Ok. I looked at the picture and thought, Ugh. Deer.”

    But immediately, my second thought was, β€œWhat interesting lines, the way the deer twisted for the photo. Nice shot.”

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  5. Good morning, all. Hoping Jo can get those loose ends taken care of soon, from her renters.

    A beautiful day here. Husband is off to Boise and then a quick visit to twenty before hieing back here to go to Moscow with me. We have decided to get the exercise bike out of there. Dad was not able to use it, though the caretakers got some use out of it, but dad keeps tripping over it when he wants to open or close the drapes. He does not like them open, because he thinks it negatively impacts his electricity bill. However, with stepmom’s dementia and decline, her doctor sent a “prescription” ordering him to have the drapes open at least six hours a day of her waking time. He honors that. And we believe, as we have all told him, that being able to see outside is healthier for them both than being in a closed up cave. “But the open drapes allow the heat or cold to come in!”

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  6. Someone is supposed to be doing some work at the house today, hopefully getting rid of the trash and he may be able to open the closet where the lock was jammed.
    Then I have my appointment with the doctor and we will see what she thinks.

    Then my family may be going somewhere to kayak, I would love that.

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  7. The house CR bought had a light tube in a corner, beside a window. We thought that really odd and since CR wants to put the TV on that wall, it made no sense.

    The neighbor explained that when the former owner was declining, whomever was looking after her had the light tube put in so she–a gardener who couldn’t go outside anymore–could get some natural light. (For some reason, the curtains were pulled across the bay window).

    Anyway, she sat in the corner in her recliner with the light tube shining natural light down on her–and it helped.

    Mr. Handyman (my husband) took it out and the ceiling looks better (it has canned lighting, including one can right beside the former solar tube locale).

    I love solar tubes myself. In our last house, the first thing I did was install one in a hall bathroom that had no window.

    I’d do the same here, except that bathroom, for reasons that befuddle me, is located at the top of the stairs directly opposite the front door. If we installed a solar tube, the first thing people entering the house would see when they looked up would be the toilet.

    So, no solar tube. 😦

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  8. Shampoo: when I was high school, I often had very dirty hair but nobody mentioned perhaps washing it would help. Showers were once a week with prell but no conditioner. Later, when I grew up, I realized I needed to wash it. So it became a daily deal. My hair would be quite oily and dirty looking after one day. So I had my children wash regularly. When oldest grew up, she decided regular bathing was not so healthy and with children, stopped the daily baths and hair washing down to once a week. But now she never washes the hair and granddaughter has beautiful hair. Apply that to fourteen year old who often neglects her hair so I brush if for her and braid it. Her hair used to be quite tangled at times and dirty looking and some dandruff. It has now been several months where she rarely washes it and over a month of no washing, though she rinses it when showering sometimes. I brush it and add some argan oil about twice a week. She has long (to her upper thigh) full black hair, very beautiful. Glossy and clean feeling. I suspect different hair types and ages have different needs.

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  9. Jo, that quilt was so beautiful. What a wonderful gift!

    Deer don’t seem as beautiful when they are eating your shrubs and plants. However, right now ours have plenty of grass to eat, so they are leaving my plants alone. My garden has not looked so good.

    We have a solar tube in our main bath. It was suggested by my mom and was a very good suggestion. I never would have thought what a difference it would make in a small room with no window. My brother once asked me how to turn the light off in there. He thought the light was on, but it was the sun.

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  10. Yeah, I often stopped in the hall to turn off the light . . .

    A Black woman lived with us for several years and we had long discussions about her hair. It was so dry, she only washed it once a month and often had to apply oil to keep it looking and even feeling good.

    That’s one reason for all the gorgeous elaborate braiding and styling so many Black women incorporate into their hair styles. I simply didn’t know until my friend told me, that it was necessary.

    Good job, Mumsee. And having her mom brush and braid her hair really is an act of love.

    Now, if only I could convince several of my profoundly curly Adorables of the same thing!

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  11. I washed my hair every time I showered until I let it go natural several years ago. We bleach the mousy brown so I am a golden and ahem….”Platinum” blond. I can now go a night without washing it. Of course I live in a hot and humid climate.

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  12. I’m happy with my rather large double-hung widow in the tiny 1920s bathroom. Houses back in the day all used to have them, apparently. Real Estate Guy tried to talk me into getting rid of it (someone later had put louvre windows inside the frame, ugh) and going with just a contemporary horizontal sliding window up high, but I wanted to keep the traditional, larger window space (with a new no-wood window installed, nicely tiled in around all sides to prevent leaks and water damage). Glad I did.

    Leaving the top open is a great release for steam.

    I’m afraid I’m an avid daily hair washer, all part of the morning shower routine (which I also refuse to give up), but I use just a dab of shampoo. It just works and feels best for me. No blow dryer or fuss anymore, just natural air dry. And no chemicals, so far I’ve escaped “going” gray for some reason.

    So the stationary bike arrives Saturday and I need to make a plan. It’ll likely go into the garage for now, I have an appointment for someone to actually assemble the thing a week from Saturday — when I’ll presumably have found and cleared the space for it inside the house. The house, for now, is in chaos following a hard summer of difficult and rather intense dog care at times — and the knee kicking up again on top of that due to medication changes which eliminated my go-to anti-inflammatory, all combined with a full time work schedule.

    Unsettled? Me too, Kim, just a little bit. This has been a hard and strange summer.

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  13. Thank you. She did pose rather nicely, didn’t she?


    I have another shot of her as she came out from behind the trees.

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  14. Janice – I’ve forgotten to mention to you that the bi-annual Moebius Syndrome Foundation Conference for 2022 is being held in Atlanta July 13 – 17. But I doubt that it is the kind of thing that will make the news.

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  15. Kizzie, do you know how many will be at the conference? I do not get much news about the many conferences here, so I have not seen anything about it. Wesley once had a conference here that I would have known nothing about except that his Baylor English dept. group came to town for it.


  16. Hey all. It is lightly raining here and I really want it to rain just a tad bit more!

    Had coffee with my three friends this morning then ran a couple of errands. Coming home is always a relief after having been in town!

    I wash my hair every morning. Hair stylist says that is a big no no but I told her just get over it because I have been doing that my entire life and I’m not about to change now!

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  17. Janice – I have no idea how many will be there. There will be a combination of people with Moebius and some family members, such as spouses or parents. Since Moebius is such a rare thing, I doubt that this will catch the attention of any reporters.

    No, they don’t live stream it, that I know of. Last time this was mentioned it was pointed out that the people who attend have to pay for the conference and their hotel rooms.

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  18. Many conferences have gone to hybrid attendance with reduced rates for streaming. It seems like a good deal so the conference can have two streams of income from two different groups of attendees. That is how writer’s conferences often work. Wes also presents at conferences and has been able to do so by Zoom or something similar.

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  19. Maybe they’ll go to something like that eventually. I know that they did skip the last scheduled conference due to Covid.

    One of the most important aspects of these conferences for those who attend is getting to meet someone else with Moebius. That is especially helpful for the younger people, to realize “in the flesh” that they are not alone.

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  20. yes, an interesting day. Handyman got the closet open. It looked okay, but then I remembered that I took a picture and there was a three step step ladder in there. So they got in for sure and took that. I will have to find the pictures and see what else may be missing.

    Good appointment with the doctor. Halfway through, I stopped her for a minute to tell her to tell her husband hello for me. I realized that as a doctor she could not mention me to him unless I asked her to. He and my son were good friends and even roomed together freshman year of college.

    She found that I have bursitis in my hip and that could be causing the knee pain. I have a referral for physical therapy and for an MRI of my brain. I told my kids it was to see if I have a brain. Also blood work and I will have a full physical in six weeks.

    The heat is still making me a little woozy or dizzy. My car air was not working. Finally I pulled over and looked and somehow neither the recirculating or the air conditioning was on. Whoops

    My granddaughter was giving me an instragram lesson. She discovered that I had all sorts of things saved when I do not even know how to save something. The girls all laughed and miss Caroline deleted all of my accidental saves. Grandchildren know all about these things.

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