41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-8-22

  1. Good morning!
    That is the lovely Chattahooche River, a great supplier of water and fun in Georgia.

    We are in the car along our way. I have a notebook ready with questions for the doctor. Also, I will need to take notes.

    Prayers for Debra.

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  2. Morning all! After I fussed at the puppy this morning for behaving badly I settled in and prayed for Janice and Debra. Trusting the Lord through it all ♥️

    That is an amazing photo Aj. The year we moved into this house we had a rough storm come through and the sky was indeed green. Hail destroying the roof, window screens and molding. It was eerie…

    Pretty header photo with the mist on the river Janice. Isn’t it interesting how a photo can cause us to almost smell the surrounding? And I would have never known the spelling of that river either! 😊

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  3. I was talking to my friend’s sister-in-law at the birthday gathering a couple weeks ago — they’re looking to relocate to Georgia but for now she’s having to stay here as her 85-year-old mom is in need of occasional assistance, so her husband and kids/grandkids are in GA.

    They all travel back and forth frequently for now (sister-in-law says she’s not sure she can handle the hot, humid summers in the south so she has some mixed feelings about a permanent move). But she did say there’s “water everywhere” by way of lakes and rivers which is pretty amazing to her.

    Prayers for a productive, reassuring and informative meeting today, Janice — and for a calm and hopeful spirit buoyed by His promises.

    Praying also for Debra.

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  4. Peter, my coneflowers are still not blooming, but they are always covered with bees and butterflies when they are blooming. Sadly, I see a whole lot of baby grasshoppers and eaten leaves already. I hope their damage is less than the last couple of years.

    The header picture makes me wish I were in a canoe or on a raft just drifting along. The storm picture is awesome and makes me glad I can see it from a picture!

    We did not recognize the name of the bluegrass band we went to hear last evening. Turns out it was a couple of people who live quite near us–one about a mile and the other a couple of miles away. They were joined by one son and three other young men. Two of them are young men who played music at our church, even with my husband, so they were quite known to us as well. Apparently, they just joined together. Lots of potential and there was a strong gospel message by our almost neighbor. He went to our church, although does not now. He also played music at our church in an entirely different group before. Lots of changes in his group. I believe he was playing with another woman musician/singer we know who has had no voice since February when she had Covid. One thing fun about playing music out is that you meet a lot of musicians you see all over the place. We also see a lot of acquaintances at these music evenings. So many towns have them and mostly on different nights, so you can enjoy lots of different types of music, including classical.

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  5. Morning all, praying with you for these sweet ladies.

    Trip was quite different yesterday. After quite a long wait to meet them, it turns out that two of the teens were sick. So we finally decided to go to Tahoe instead. Much shorter drive. I did not like the beach, but it was perfect for young children. Very shallow a long, rocky way out. I could see our girls so far away and the water was only to their waists. I really wasn’t sure that I could sit on a blanket and be able to get back up. My son in law went and bought a folding camp chair for me – just what I needed.
    I treated to dinner and that was a new experience.

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  6. Oh today they have invited my stepmom and sister over for lunch. I did not look carefully enough at the time of my appointment today so I will be late. Probably a protection for me as i keep quiet.

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  7. It was overcast here yesterday and chilly. Not the best day for the beach.

    Today on the other hand, absolutely gorgeous. I’m going out for a walk now!

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  9. Just a small question, not something I want to argue about, and didn’t yesterday. As we were driving and we came to the turnoff, I said oh, there’s Squaw Valley, I used to work there. I was told it is now Palisades because squaw is racist. I said nothing.

    But, just wondering… If indians had told me that squaw was a racist slur of some sort, I would understand. But I am wondering is that is really a racist name. Perhaps it honored someone. I do not know the history and did not want to get in an argument. Any thoughts, I am open to discussion and trust you all not to do put downs.

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  10. I have very good news after seeing Dr. Cathy Graham at St. Joe’s. My tumor is the type that feeds on estrogen. I will be given an endocrine drug that inhibits my body from converting testosterone into estrogen. I will take the drug while waiting for out patient surgery in four to six weeks (remove the lump). The tumor may shrink from starving created by the med. Typically no chemo is needed for this type tumor. I can not say how much relief we all feel. After the appt. we went to celebrate with late breakfast at Waffle House. Praising God big time today!

    Thank you so much for praying for this! Love to you all!♡ I have been hard pressed to keep in a positive frame of mind with all the unknowns. Your prayers lifted me above the dreads and fears, basically above the attacks of the devil on the vulnerable. Only God knows the true priceless value of our prayers stored in His bowls in heaven!
    Praise God that this is the most common type of breast cancer, and I did not know it was possible to say the words breast cancer, no chemo, and out patient surgery in the same statement.

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  11. Wow, Janice, that is an amazing answer to prayer. Praising with you. I did not know enough to even pray that for you, but He did.
    speechless with joy

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  12. Hallelujah, praises.

    I’ve heard of that treatment — also, my friend with the stage 1 breast cancer only needed surgery (lumpectomy) and radiation afterward, no chemo either, it was not the kind of breast cancer that tended to spread, her doctor told her.

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  13. I’m so thankful to hear that report, Janice. Praising God with you!

    Kathaleena, how awful for that woman who lost her voice after covid. Do they know if it’s permanent? Our worship coordinator at church told me that someone who regularly sings in worship ensembles apparently had trouble singing for a time (like a month or so?) after she’d had covid. What a terrible thing for people for whom it doesn’t resolve, if that’s possible.

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  14. It won’t post. It was Alan Jackson and Way Down Yonder on the Chatahoochie.

    Great news Janice.

    My husband is in Belthlehem—Pennsylvannia that is. He is sending me messages about how great it is to have no humidity and I am responding that he really doesn’t want to deal with me while I deal with cold weather. I am bougie enough that I live on the Gulf Coast and the best thing about my car is a heated steering wheel.
    I am perfectly happy in warm weather. He wants to go back at Christmas…what with it being Bethlehem and all….

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  15. And thank you for that Kim. 🙂

    Alan has grown on me, even though he still spells his name wrong.



    I join the others in praising God for your excellent news. 🙂

    We are blessed.

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  16. Huh,

    Sometimes I’m royalty, a Duke….

    Other times, nope. Both comments I was logged in for too.

    From now on I wish to be referred to as Duke the real Aj.

    It has a nice ring, doncha think…?

    Do Dukes wear crowns…? Because I’d like a crown…. 🤴

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  17. I have that CD of Alan Jackson’s and when that song comes on it causes me to drive faster…and the car might be bouncing side to side too!! I haven’t been pulled over yet!! 😂

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  18. Janice – Like NancyJill said, I breathed a sigh of relief when reading your comment, and got a little teary-eyed (in a happy way) that you don’t even have to have chemo. And out-patient surgery? Wow! Praise God!

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  19. I just read young Jacob’s obit and saw organ donation took place to help others. I hope the recipients will remain in touch to encourage Jacob’s family. He sounds like he was such a helpful little soul and his body is still helping others.

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  20. The interesting thing about words is that their meanings and connotations change throughout the years. So although the word “squaw” may not have had a negative connotation originally, it seems to have picked one up as the years have gone by.

    I find the change in word meanings to be fascinating. One of my favorite examples is the word “convenient”. Its original meaning was akin to “appropriate”. That is certainly not how we use it today.

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  21. Today’s lunch got cancelled. Both my stepmom and my sister have to be careful and the teens had been sick so we will wait until next week.

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  22. I am glad I am not the only one who immediately thought of Alan Jackson’s song. I really like his music and have his hymn album. I also read his autobiography.

    Great news, Janice!

    I don’t think anyone knows whether she will get her voice back. My middle daughter was never diagnosed with Covid but said she has lost her voice. We sure hope it comes back.

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