46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-1-22

  1. I don’t know, Michelle. But if anyone is capable of researching and finding out, I imagine that would be you😃

    Good morning, dreamers! Michelle is not sleeping late. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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  2. Coyotes discuss current events. They let others of the pack know where they are and what is for dinner. They speak up if an interloper has entered the territory. Their sound is beautiful, unless it is calving season. But even then, I love to listen to them.

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  3. Good Morning.
    I awoke to a text from the gentleman in wheelchair that I sold a house to. They moved in Tuesday and yesterday and last night the lights under the kitchen cabinets caught fire. I am looking up the information on the electrician who inspected the house.

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  4. We hear the wolves, the coyotes, the frogs, birds, cows, the dogs, donkeys that are supposed to keep the wolves from killing the cows, and rarely, human beings. I prefer the frog’s chorus myself. Hearing a wolf or coyote take down an animal is not a pleasant sound. It is natural, however.

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  5. Kim- We had some puck lights that had a warning that said they get real hot and could start a fire, especially if not insulated from the wood of the cabinet. It might not be an electrical problem.

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  6. I would have loved Tom Sawyer Days as a kid, I remember hearing about that way back then.

    Coyotes also “speak up” when they’ve found prey. Or just to talk.

    I have several phone interviews today, the first one coming at any time — he’s in a time zone 9 hours ahead of us so I told him I could be available by 7 a.m. my time. Groan. I just dragged out of bed. He’s attending a wedding and says he can dash in and out to call.

    Then I have another interview two hours after that, and another 2 hours after that one, a couple more after that aren’t scheduled but hopefully I’ll catch those folks as they’re all local — all for one story. Former congresswoman sent a couple written comments late yesterday, she’s on a rare vacation trip so her aide managed to get me something that way, which worked.

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  7. Morning all. It smells so lovely outside right now. We had a nice rainfall and the pines are loving it as much as we are. The birds are flitting to and fro..the new baby birds are having a grand time of trying out their wings! Baby western blue birds and hummingbirds are passing each other through the air. So much fun to watch them.

    Coyotes alert the others of their territory. When we first moved in coyotes starting marking their “territory” on our property. They could smell our two dogs and where they went potty. Husband cleared the coyote poo from the back where they were marking and they finally gave up. But they still meander through every so often and have attacked Lu a couple times. We are pretty vigilant when we let out the dogs in the early morning and evening. But they have come through during the day as well…not my favorite animal.

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  8. Beore I was born my family lived in a house in the desert outside of Tucson. The dog learned how to howl like a coyote, so when I was growing up in town the dog would howl and soon all the dogs in the neighborhood would join in.

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  9. My friends returned last evening. We started catching up. So nice to have someone to process things with.
    So… a year ago, all of a sudden my right arm was weak. I went to the PT after that. My friend says that that is a classic symptom of ???
    I am about to look it up

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  10. Hope it was not a mini-stroke, Jo. Do you take low dose aspirin daily yo ward off strokes?

    We are getting a steady rain after thunder and a pour down. So nice and cooling. I pulled up grass and weeds at the curb not long before it began.

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  11. Jo, maybe get in a little sooner? Or is there an ER available? Maybe not that at all, but still, nothing to put off getting checked out.

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  12. mumsee, that’s true, but still good to get it checked sooner rather than later re other risk factors that could be lurking.

    My neighbor had a stroke about a year ago so I’m attuned to all of that — and turns out I also have something of a risk factor for stroke. It’s just good to know what’s up with your body, there are all kinds of things that can be watched and done now in the prevention category.

    Could also just be a pinched nerve or something else.

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  13. I thought Jo had just been to the doc and was told she had a neurological incident, hence the follow up appt. Here we are discussing Jo’s medical situation. Is this a hippa violation???

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  14. HIPAA, not HIPPA. (Having worked for a healthcare information company for many years, I’ve had this drilled into me. I can’t see HIPPA without wanting to correct it. 🙂 )

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  15. Janice (re: your comment this morning) – I really did wake up and smell the coffee this morning!

    Nightingale had made coffee this morning before I was up. She doesn’t usually do that, but when she does, I can smell it very well because my bedroom is not far from the kitchen. 🙂


  16. Yes, I felt like saying, “I don’t have a rash, but I have a lump!” It’s okay to laugh😀 Comic Relief. I told the lady I had just seen a picture that morning on tv of soneone’s back full of Monkey Pox. It looked horrid.

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  17. I was interested to read the discussion the other day of J-turns. I’d never heard the term, but we have a couple of them in my area.

    Much more common here is the “Michigan left”, which works like a J-turn if you want to turn left, but allows you to go straight through the intersection instead of making you go right-turn / U-turn, right-turn to go straight.

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  18. But you knew what I was talking about so hippa works too!

    Son has been working for an hour and a half trying to replace the screen in our guest room sliding door screen. He says he understands why I don’t want people bringing their dogs.

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  19. My doctor advised me to quit taking baby aspirin. The latest information about it is not to take it unless specifically told to by your doctor.

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  20. This was a really long day. But it’s over. And it’s Friday. And we have a 3-day weekend.

    Well have a big fireworks show at the port tonight, but with the dogs being pretty much deaf now fireworks aren’t the stressful situations they once were.

    Then the real 4th of July fireworks show will be on Monday night, of course. Both are done over the harbor.

    I can see some of the shows from my front porch over the tree line. I can definitely hear them.

    I’m drinking coffee again and am finding it’s really helping me during the day (I just have a big mug in the morning, but it’s enough). I’m not feeling sleepy but my mind also is working better, which is always a positive. lol

    Anyone else, besides Kizzie, watching Stranger Things this year? The last two episodes loaded today and wound up crashing Netflix so many folks tuned in.

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  21. Email, yes, I had problems but seem resolved.

    I don’t think my dogs have ever been bothered by thunder or fireworks except the border collie/Australian shepherd mutt I grew up with. For the most part, they just ignore it. I would think Espn, with her hearing, might find it annoying but no.

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  22. Fireworks show at the port sounds like it’s winding down — the worst will be the loud illegal ones that’ll go off all over town for the rest of the weekend.


  23. Sounds like someone’s yelling for their dog down the block. 😦 Dogs do tend to escape and flee with all the noise, the shelters tend to fill up.


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