22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-30-22

  1. Morning all! Oh those chipmunk cheeks up there! Bet it’s not Cheerios in those cheeks!

    Cloudy morning but warm. The monsoonal front is arriving and we are promised afternoon storms for the next week. We had quite the lightening show last evening but little rain. The air is thick and humid to which we are not accustomed to around these parts! Hoping this rain will fall in your area too Rk!

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  2. I’ve had a hard time figuring out what day of the week it is — all week. I thought yesterday was Thursday and was just about to haul the trash out when I realized, no, it’s only Wednesday.

    Now it’s Thursday, right?

    Maybe it’s because we have a long weekend coming up, with Monday off for the 4th.

    I have my own micro time-zone issues, apparently.

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  3. My project this morning involved pulling a bulky gigantic puffed up mattress pad out of the utility room. My friend Karen gave it to me several years back because she could not deal with cleaning it. I had it in the car trunk and when Wes wanted to use the car, he put it in the utility room. And that is a case of out of sight, out of mind. In the meantime, we got rid of our full size bed. I was going to see if Goodwill would take it, but it had been out there too long and was not fit. In the process of dragging it out, it caught the gasoline container, the lid popped off, and gasoline spilled out with splashes on my slacks and shoes. What a mess. I threw away my slacks and shoes. I sopped up gasoline with old rags the best I could. Then I had to devise a way to get that awful giant puffy monster into a bag for garbage pickup. I had a really big cardboard box I tried to stuff it into but it kept jumping out. I ended up tearing open kitchen garbage bags and taping those around the monster and finally I secured it tightly around the middle with duct tape. It did fit in the big garbage bin. It is packed in over the dead squirrel in the bag. Besides the gasoline odor in the bin, the insulation of the mattress pad should keep down any smell from the squirrel. There is that bright squashed odor side to my tale of woe. I was dripping sweat from wrestling with all that this morning. Now for a shower!

    I see my primary care doctor today and hope I don’t smell like gasoline.

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  4. thanks for telling me what day it is. I am never sure.
    My friends return later today.
    Daughter and family should be coming around midnight on Sunday.
    wow, I get the same holidays as you
    wondering if there is anything that they can do to help my body

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  5. Not the shoe with the hole in it! No way. These were old Sketchers I had considered donating to Goodwill because they had lost their supportive feeling. They were cute, like denim boat shoes, but I need better support. I guess the foam inside had gone flat or something.

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  6. I’m screwed up on what day it is, too. Today I meet with 4 of my 7 Thursday students, 1 of my Monday students, and 1 of my Friday students. I kept thinking yesterday, “Tomorrow is Friday,” because today is the last day of the month and Friday is the last day of the work week, so they went together in my mind.

    Did the above help clarify anything for anyone? 😀

    By the way, remembering Chas, “If anyone has anything to get done in June, better get to it!”

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  7. We have a WP training session online in about 10 minutes (covering all the little technical things we’re all supposed to do when we write & file our stories but usually forget).

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  8. I have been out mowing and weeding and watering and reading. Two books I am in currently: The Fellowship of the Ring and Phantastes.

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  9. I finished Lydia Prince’s partial biography Appointment in Jerusalem, and have now moved on to her husband’s biography, simply titled Derek Prince.

    Fascinating accounts of Christians alive in extraordinary times of history and how they managed by following the Holy Spirit.

    Derek’s biography was written by “New York Times bestselling biographer” Stephan Mansfield, but I can list a whole bunch of better writers. 😦

    Meanwhile, using Hamilton on the computer to keep me motivated to clean my disaster office. 😦

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  10. And yay, I found a “weekender,” as we call them (weekend copy is desperately needed on weekends, especially the long holiday ones — took me a while, but I got one!)

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  11. Oh my word that monkey!! 😂

    Relaxing day for the most part. I cleaned the basement because I was taking clothes down to the laundry room. Then the rug cleaner was still out so I cleaned the wool rug that sits by my elliptical. Then I had to move the bench out of the laundry room to sweep…then found a new place for said bench. Noticed the “overflow” food shelf looked messy so cleaned that up and found a plethora of items on the other shelf to donate to Goodwill. Went through my closet for old clothes as I hung the newly washed and dried clothes from downstairs. I ended up with a bag of clothes and 4 boxes of donations to Goodwill. Took all that to Goodwill because I didn’t want to look at it….had to go into Goodwill while I was there anyway….found a Nathaniel Hawthorne book published in 1931…. Grandfather’s Chair. Came home made coffee and sat in the rocker on the front porch for a couple hours reading. Then of course as I was reading I noticed the bush out front was mostly dead. Chopping down the bush commenced. While down there I noticed dandelions in the garden so of course they had to be dug up..then it began to rain… we are inside for the night watching the glorious rain fall 😊

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  12. Art took me to see my nice primary care doctor. My blood pressure is okay w/o need for meds for the moment. We also got a form for a handicap placard for Art since we will be doing a lot of appointments. I think he is pleased I thought to ask our doctor for that.

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  13. Janice – I pray that going through this scary health struggle together will bring you and Art even closer to each other, as well as even closer to God. (And of course, I am praying for complete healing.)

    A few years before Hubby’s death, there was a particular period of time when he was going through a certain treatment that had various effects on him. During that time, a deeper sweetness developed between us that was such a blessing to each of us.

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