29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-29-22

  1. Oh no. AJ doesn’t like the beach, never did. Too much sand, too much heat, and I don’t like swimming in sea water and places I’m not at the top of the food chain.

    No thank you. 🧐

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  2. Enjoy the visit, AJ.

    West coast beaches are very pleasant, btw, cool breezes with an ocean spray.

    But my dad used to gripe about “the sand” too, is it a “guy” thing? πŸ™‚ The family teased him for that from time to time, especially because on the rare occasions he’d visit the beach he wouldn’t take his shoes off.


    Happy birthday to the iPhone. — 15 years old.

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  3. Good morning! There are so many things to see in the DC area, but waiting in lines in the heat at this time of year would be out for me. Visiting in the air conditioned home of beloved kin sounds good. Enjoy your visit, AJ and fam!

    I have been twice to beaches/wildlife refuges in Virginia. The most memorable thing was the biting black flies that attacked Art and me on one of those beaches. I had never been to a beach with that situation before.

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. It’s been a busy week so far.
    Little Miss is still sick. After 4 days home with either her Mommy or Daddy or both so told her Mommy yesterday morning, “I want my Papa”. So of course you know who is looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. You can practically see his chest swell with glee when she says things like that.
    It is a dark and stormy morning here in the Sunny South. As you know I love the sun and the beach. I like to listen to the waves either lap ashore or crash ashore. It makes no difference. I found that I didn’t like the beaches in Virginia and I certainly didn’t like the Atlantic beach in Jacksonville, FL. The only West Coast beach I have actually walked on was when Michelle took BG and me to the beach. It was June and damp and cool. In Honolulu I found there wasn’t much beach and it was volcanic sand.
    I’m prejudiced. I love the beaches of the upper Gulf Coast with their sugar white sand and emerald waters. As you know, I love to be on an island somewhere but in the absence of that, I a perfectly happy to drive to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach and just “be”.
    I finishe up my CE for AL this morning. Whewwwww that’s off my plate. Now since our receptionist, director of agents services, and a person who does quite a bit has jetted off to Germany for 2-3 weeks with her family, I wil log in and start doing compliance.

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  5. Good morning, all, including Jo.

    Beaches. I like beaches if they don’t have crowds.
    Idaho beaches tend to be white sand from the mountains run off bringing quartz to the rivers.
    Loved Okinawa especially during the off season. Lots of home school field trips to the tide pools. But warmer days were also nice with warm water and lots of critters to see in the shallows.
    Greek islands and the French Riviera were pretty and warm but far too many naked people for my tastes, mostly northern Europe or American tourists.
    And now, just too many people in thongs and we are not talking sandals here. So I prefer to stick with mountain streams and beaches.

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  6. You have seen a lot of beaches, Kim. We do love our Atlantic beaches since they are closest. Savannah, Hilton Head, Isle of Palms, Cumberland Island, Jekyll Island, Fernandina (Amelia Island), and the beautiful Ponce Inlet. I have enjoyed Panama City and the beaches in the St. Petersburg area (the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast), and been to Key West once. I loved the white sand beaches, but they seemed more crowded. I did not like Daytona (Atlantic) which allowed cars on the beach. That spoiled it. I could not understand letting cars on the beach other than a beach patrol car.


  7. When I think of some of the things I post about the experiences I have had…my life seems much more adventurous and exciting than it really is. I was lucky that my parents took drivable trips when I was younger. I have been included on other people’s vacations, where I attended college and College Boyfriend’s parents allowed me to travel and his grandparents introduced me to various experiences. At least two companies where I have worked have allowed travel.
    Truly my life isn’t as glamorous as it comes across in what I share.

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  8. It seems adventuresome to me, Kim! And my life was more so at an earlier age. And you just made me remember a college roommate who had relatives who got a vacation rental each year at Myrtle Beach (i think where Chas vacationed). It was on the inland waterways side instead of beach property. That was fun for a few days but her relatives were a bit snooty.

    Kim, living on the coast, by itself, seems a lot more adventuresome than being landlocked. Then again, stepping outside in Atlanta can be dangerous these days.


  9. Beaches: I prefer uncrowded ones mysef, and give me sea water any day. I don’t like all the sand, but it’s okay as long as it’s not burning hot and stays out of certain parts of clothing.

    J-turns: Missouri is starting to use them at intersections known for lots of accidents.

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  10. I found a video about Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. We saw it from the outside but not up close. The video would be good for a short homeschool history lesson. Also those who like WWII history would enjoy it. There was one ad to put up with or pass over. This is the tallest lighthouse in Florida.


  11. time to get ready to go to my chiropractor. Hope he has some answers.

    Friends return home tomorrow.
    I think I am almost on this time zone.
    Looks like they are containing the nearby fire.
    Good thing because I have no idea what to take if we evacuate

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  12. Mexico beaches have very white sand with aqua colored water.

    We used to use beach towels to walk across the hot sand as teens — throw the towel down, take a step. I can’t remember why we sometimes didn’t have sandals with us instead, though. But hot sand can really burn your feet.

    Out here folks go to the beach to cool off on hot days, it’s (almost) always way cooler at the beach than anywhere else.

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  13. I have been to a beach in CA and it felt pretty chilly there. We were not out of the car for long. I do remember some black squwking birds in trees there, maybe grackles? It was not a popular location. Probably somewhere along that famous highway. We also got out at the overlooks to view the beach and ocean below. It was very impressive.


  14. Oh yes! Acapulco! My Spanish class went there on our Mexico trip. The sand was beautiful but just about the time we got there, a hurricane hit and that was the end of that!

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  15. Because Michelle got to pick strawberries a week or so ago, I thought I would check on ours. Found a four foot long bull snake caught in the bird netting. It is either protect the strawberries or save the snakes. The bull snakes eat a lot of mice and possible keep the rattlers out as the bulls have already claimed the territory so I really wanted to save it, not to mention caring about animals (I do even if I don’t want dogs in my house).

    So, with a pair of gloves, some scissors, a chicken grabber and my lovely assistant, we got it done. Had to cut a lot of netting. But the snake seemed to only have one small cut from the netting. Should be okay as it appeared quite healthy going in.

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  16. The only animal ‘rescue’ I dealt with this week was to wear gloves and get some doubled up bags to pick up the squirrel that lay dead beside the telephone pole with the transformer that blew. It was such a perfect little creature appearing like a taxidermy model. I got it bagged before other animals and bugs got to it. I felt there was some dignity in that. I did warn Art that it is in the garbage bin near where he gets in his car.

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  17. A squirrel once shut down our old newsroom when it got too intimate with a power line in the back parking lot. Someone named him Sparky and put up a little memorial.

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  18. So… if you tell me about your beaches, I want to know about the humidity. If they have high humidity, they don’t qualify as a beach that I would want to visit.

    I added to the prayer thread also

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  19. Hmmm . . . with all that ocean water, are there beaches with low humidity? I think it is the ocean breeze (wind chill) that makes them comfortable. My hair is a good indicator of humidity, and it always raises in volume with major frizz at beaches. Are CA beaches known for low humidity?


  20. No, but “humidity” is cool if it’s coming in off the ocean in the form of a marine layer. If it’s dry winds coming from the east (the desert) blowing out to the ocean, beaches get hot and dry.

    Mexico beaches were hot and humid, at least in the summer when I was there.

    The joys of working from home — trying to get a story in before deadline when the cat starts hacking … had to grab her and toss her outside. It was supposed to be cooler today, in the 70s, but it got up to 83. I’m trying to find the coolest spot in the house to sit and finish this story.

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