32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-27-22

  1. Good morning! What a beautiful header to begin Monday.

    Happy Birthday to Cheryl. May it be a blessed day in the home and everywhere else she ventures. I imagine some special delights are on the menu for today?

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  2. Good morning, all including Jo. Good to see you up and at em yesterday for church.

    VBS starts today. My two children are helping but I am not and husband is not. They said they would make it work after the Tennessee crew had to cancel due to plane fares soaring and I am sure they will. Praying for the hearts of the children to be opened to the Truth, and the strength of the workers to manifest in love for the children.

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  3. I just got back from walking in the gym. I had a chance to talk to a few of the ladies again. Very nice group.

    As I walked I really took notice of the parquet flooring. I think it is a very specially designed floor. It is small squares maybe five inches each which are made of five strips of wood pieced together. Those are each laid down in an opposing pattern, back and forth, throughout the large gym. It looks so intricate and really is a work of craftsmanship. I felt so blessed to be able to walk on it while others played pickleball.

    Then I noticed a speck of something white near the toe of my right shoe. It was my sock peeping through a small hole. These are my favorite walking shoes! I have never worn through the top of a pair of shoes before. This is progress! Now to figure out how to repair it.

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  4. We have a camp program this week at church with 35 young people attending. We are praying for salvations. I prayed while walking the gym perimeter. We had another camp last week with 5 salvations.

    Hopeful for much eternal success from seeds planted at VBS , these camps, and others, Mumsee.

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  5. Morning! That is just the sweetest photo up there..birdie must have someone who loves him very much putting all those sunflower seeds out for him! 😊

    Cleaning, laundry and putzing today. Pip is back to her ornery self now that the Mr is home.
    He finished the run and came in second in his age category 65-69…I asked him if there were only two runners in that category…yes was his jovial reply!! 😂 He declared he will never run another ultra but he says that every single time. He is supposed to run a 100 mi in September.

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  6. First Things is generally a very good and thoughtful political/cultural source. Thanks for linking to it, kind of refreshing. 🙂 (will have to read it later).


  7. That would be easy for him if it were so Janice 😊 It is a 100miler called Run Rabbit Run in Steamboat Springs and it is a continuous run until completed…which one must do in 36 hours….there is a lot of up and down mountain running in the race. He had done it twice when he “wore a younger man’s clothes”. He has run many 100’s and has had fun but it just might be time to hang up those ultra running shoes and pace for the younger runners 🏃‍♂️

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  8. I’m in Habakkuk and, as usual, Enduring Word Commentary is giving me plenty to think about:

    Why do You look on those who deal treacherously: Habakkuk was first troubled that there was no judgment against Judah; God answered by telling him judgment was on the way. Then Habakkuk was troubled by the agent of judgment, the Babylonians – who were an even more wicked people than the people of Judah.

    i. It would be like crying out to God about the state of the church in America, and hearing God respond by saying, “I’ll fix the problem by a enemy invasion of America.” We might say, “Wait a minute LORD – the problem is bad, but Your cure is worse than the disease!”

    ii. Some people face crisis times like this all the wrong way. They withdraw from the church and from fellowship and they pull back into a little spiritual corner. Others give up on God altogether. Lloyd-Jones guides us to a better response:

    · Stop to think – before talking about it, think about it.

    · Restate basic principles – As you think about the problem, don’t begin with the problem. Go back further to basic principles about God and His dealing with man.

    · Apply the principles to the problem – now, think about your problem in light of these basic principles.

    · Commit the matter to God in faith – whether you know what to do or not.

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  9. 2:1:
    And what I will answer when I am corrected:

    Habakkuk’s attitude was also right because he expected God to correct him.

    From this we see that Habakkuk didn’t ask God this question because he thought God was wrong and had to explain Himself.

    He asked it because he knew that he was wrong and he needed to be corrected.

    His questions were his invitation to God saying, “God, I don’t understand what you are doing, but I know that you are right in all things. Please speak to me and correct me.”

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  10. We’re in Amos, one chapter to go.

    Those people just didn’t listen…..

    He’s says with tongue firmly in cheek as if we don’t have the same problem…… 😏😜

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  11. Time to get into a Bible study.
    I did make an actual appointment or two today. The message on the phone from the dentist is that he is retired. I guess they will call and give me options.

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  12. oh, I got an email about my flat in PNG. Someone is interested, but isn’t coming back until November. I told them that I would give it to them, but did not want to rent. We will see.

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  13. Janice he once wore LaSportiva but they have changed over the years. He usually wears Hokas now. He owns lots of running shoes and they are everywhere in this house! And his knees have never given him a problem. Our old family doc told him he was waiting for the day he came in hobbling with broken down knees….never happened. All of his brothers and one sister have never dealt with knee or back problems….good genes I suppose….(their Dad’s name was Gene..it’s a running joke in the family that they got their good genes from Gene…)

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  14. I will be in Va. the next couple of days with the girls visiting family. If anyone needs to reach me, use my personal email, it will be quicker. Otherwise I probably won’t see it until Wednesday.

    Things will still post as usual in the mornings. Have fun and behave…. 🙂

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  15. We finally got some blessed rain! So good to hear frogs sing and see water fall from the sky. Busy times here, as always. Short-handed at work and picking up lots of shifts, aside from family obligations.

    We did make a short trip to see youngest daughter. Went over to Carlsbad Caverns. Fun times. In awe of God’s creation. Thought of Peter as we were hiking.

    I do pray for each of you daily. Just not enough time to site down and log in. I am stuck on a certain date on the blog on my phone, and have not figured out how to fix to get to todays post.Technology is not my friend.

    Happy birthday to Cheryl! Wishing you a year filled with God’s blessings.

    AJ, have fun.

    Jo, glad you are home safely.

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  16. RKessler,

    My phone does something similar. It always returns to an old post by what it has in the history, especially if I’m not currently connected to the internet when I click the blog link. I just click on the blog heading/title at the top of the page and it refreshes it to the current page.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

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  17. We had a big pour down. The weather guy said two and a half inches, and we made up for the deficit. I am glad I walked at the gym in the morning and did not get out when rain threatened.

    Get some good rest tonight, Y’all. Miss Bosley is snoozing in my lap right now. I am hoping she will move on over to her catnip bed mat.

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