45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-17-22

  1. I told you it was only me and one guy in a boat at the lake.

    If you look closely, you’ll see him in his boat in the middle of the shot in the fog. 🙂

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  2. I see the boat! What a beautiful location to “get away from it all.”

    Good morning from Atlanta. The big news hete is, “The World Cup is coming to Atlanta!” Nice to get good news during this heat wave. It is for 2026, and they said work has already begun.

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  3. Morning! And I meant to ask that question yesterday!!….meaning “is that a boat in the mist”?! I could just imagine Chas saying “there must be something there but I can’t find it”! 😊

    Going to be a hot one again…hot being in the eighties. I will be heading into town to meet up with a friend for breakfast. She is struggling still after losing her husband a couple years ago and she just needs to process with her friends..and we listen and love her ♥️

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  4. What is new in your world Kim? Well, today will be my 5 year anniversary at KWPensacola. Yesterday we celebrated with a lemon Nothing Bundt Cake and lunch from my favorite restaurant.
    We have finally made an offer on a house in Pensacola. It is in the area where “the kids” want to live and whre Mr. P can be near them. Instead of a 50 minute drive to work, I will have a 30 minute drive, The house is new construction which will save us on homeowner’s insurance because it is near the water and everything in that zip code has outrageous homeowner’s insurance premiums.
    I have managed so far not to hyperventilate. We will not be selling this house. I will list it with a rental management company. We can at least make twice the mortgage payment in rent so that will balance out the payment on the new one.

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  5. I think this summer is even more difficult for our friend than last summer. She lost her husband during the winter before last summer. However, everyone was quick with condolences and memories, and she was hopeful to feel better. This summer the realization that everything is just so different seems stronger, at least from what I observe. Such a blessing for you to be there, NancyJill, I am sure.

    Jo, I had an uncle who ended his Conservation career at O’Hare in Chicago trying to keep all those critters from coming into the country. I am sure glad you saw the critter and were able to get it. No country wants those critters from another country.

    Janice, that sounds exciting to have the World Cup there. I have one family of grands that are very big into soccer. I know they would love to be there.

    Going to be hot here, too, but the green and the flowers are oh, so beautiful.

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  6. Thinking of the friend you mentioned yesterday, Kathaleena, and praying for comfort and ease in transition. And for this friend, too, dealing with loss of spouse and life as it was. We are all just passing through this fallen world.

    Wes graded 1,000 AP testing compositions within the past week, and now they have more for overtime. My brain aches considering that.

    We broke the record at 99° yesterday. Storms and thunder were nearby last night around 11 p.m. but we got no rain. I walked in the driveway around 9 p.m. and pretended to do swim strokes while walking in the humidity. My “rain dance” was not acceptable.

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  7. Congratulations on the new home, Kim. Glad you’ll still be near the water. Florida still sounds hot and steamy-humid to this Californian, but you’re well acclimated.

    I’m hoping for a somewhat easy work day today.

    I have my knee surgery set for Aug. 17 and yesterday received a very helpful online tutorial from the surgeon’s office about what to expect, how to prepare, what exercises to do before and after, common questions (this is for a partial knee replacement, the inside of the left knee — joint looks ok so we, thankfully, don’t have to go for one of those full replacement surgeries which are supposed to be much tougher).

    Real Estate Guy lives next door to a longshoreman who had the same surgery and he said he was up and about pretty quickly, back to work within a few weeks. Recovery is supposed to be 3-6 weeks and I’m actually looking forward to a work break, once the initial discomfort fades.

    It’s been a little over 2 years since that knee went POP and life in some ways changed because of it. I was hoping to avoid surgery — and neither the physical therapist or the orthopedic surgeon thought initially that was necessary based on my range of motion. But alas, there seemed to continuing setbacks and the knee just never got back to normal. Tired of living with the (minor but bothersome) restrictions and stiffness.

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  8. I am talking about listening to the doc’s advice on how to recover from the surgery. Many have had knee surgery. Many have responded well. Many have not. Of the haves and have nots, the ones who followed the doc’s instructions on post op rehab tended toward much better results.

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  9. It will be good to have it behind you, dj. And knowing you, I have no doubt you will follow the recommendations that will bring an excellent outcome. Blessings on you as you go forward.

    For one of Art’s surgeries he was instructed to start drinking healthy veggie smoothies to help his body be ready.

    I just went to Sam’s. The ice box rooms where they keep some produce and dairy and eggs felt even more extreme in coldness today. One large black guy sacarstically called on the name of Jesus for help with that cold. Then, reminded of the masses who don’t truly know Jesus, I prayed silently for everyone in the store.

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  10. Janice, I just saw your question yesterday about the “Holy Spirit” song. Add mine to the list of churches that sing that. I guess it’s pretty popular.

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  11. Mr P has had both knees replaced. They had him drink an Ensure protein drink the morning of surgery and to drink them afterwards. He had physical therapy and has done well. One surgery was in October of 2020 and the other was May of 2021.
    I was amazed they sent him home the same day on each of them.
    Just so what the doctor and PT tell you to do and you should be fine.
    Will you have someone who can stay with you the first night after surgery?

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  12. Mine’s just a ‘partial’ so not as severe as a full replacement, thankfully. Recovery is shorter and easier.

    Of course, work already wants me back sooner than the 3-6 weeks … Bosses are all alike.

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  13. And my other knee feels great, thankfully. Something went pop on the inside of the left knee a couple years ago and while it wasn’t considered surgery-worthy at the time, PT and shots just haven’t gotten me to where I need to be after 2 years now. The joint seems to be OK so that doesn’t need replacing, just parts (?) on the inside of that one knee.

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  14. Janice, I appreciate your confidence in my doing all those exercises. 🙂

    And I see that my former home town, Inglewood, SoFi Statium where the Super Bowl was held, also is on the ’26 World Cup circuit.

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  15. Kathaleena – When Hubby died, I had read that same thing – that the second year is tougher than the first – and that was my experience, too. As those “firsts” come and go, and the second year of widowhood comes on, the realization that this is for the rest of one’s life is a tough one, almost a kind of shock.

    I can’t tell you how many times I said, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” but of course, had no choice. (The “this” meaning “be a widow”, not necessarily saying I didn’t want to go on living, but it could feel like that, too, at times.) Even still, every now and then, I find myself saying that, but not nearly as often.

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  16. We have a storm! Wind, rain, thunder and lightning, but no hail yet. And it is much cooler.
    Delayed reaction to my ‘rain dance’ last night. Not.

    Praise be to God who gives rain to make the crops and flowers grow.🙏

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  17. Dj, not sure if you are willing, but I would appreciate having that email from your doctor. My knee has also been hurting for two years. A steady diet of advil probably isn’t the best. But it is time to do something about it.

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  18. Boy, Tuesday is going to be brutal as I go from Singapore time zone to yours in one day. Time to go out for breakfast.

    I found another bug in this room that I did not bring in. I destroyed it!! This is the second time I have found something in the sink. Between the overflow and the drain, a tricky place to hide. So I plugged the sink and let it fill til it was all going through that overflow hole to wash any other critters out. Then opened the drain so water was going through both places.

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  19. Hey Jo — the email from the surgeon is actually a patient portal they set up for those of us in the queue for upcoming surgery so I don’t think I can send it along, though I’d be glad to share some of the factual information (when I get to it, I took a quick look at the whole thing last night and it’s a little overwhelming with lots of information to fill out on certain deadlines to meet in doing so; talk about added stress!).

    My info is geared toward my specific diagnosis which is needed Partial Knee Replacement surgery. And that came out of an MRI that the doctor decided finally to do after we’d reached the 1-year mark since the injury, he decided it was time to get some more information about what was going on since nothing so far had proven all that completely successful. So he ordered the MRI.

    That MRI showed the inside of the knee to be messed up (that may not have been his exact words; banged up? 🙂 ), including a damaged meniscus (though no through-and-through tear) and some arthritis that I believe would have developed after the injury as early Xrays showed only a bit of arthritis. He said the knee joint itself looked ok, which was very good news.

    As a backup, I had my GP look at the MRI an she just said, “Oh, yeah. Surgery.”

    I’d gone through 4 months of physical therapy initially — after which the therapist said I was “70%” there, which wasn’t that encouraging. There had been a couple unexplained setbacks during those treatments which prompted him to send me to the orthopedic surgeon I’m seeing now to get a cortisone shot that he felt would help move us forward in recovery.

    I still had a good range of motion but the swelling and pain never really went away despite taking anti-inflammatories and using heat and ice.

    So I was stuck until the MRI gave us more needed information. I didn’t like that information, but there it was.

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  20. I remember the first time things started going south in PT — we’d been making good progress for several weeks and the therapist, who was really encouraged, told me to go ahead and try taking the dogs on a slow, easy, short walk to see how I’d do.

    I definitely felt ready for that and walked them just to the corner, stopped to chat with a neighbor on her porch, crossed the street to head back home (so we’re talking 2-3 blocks, basically) when the knee just really started hurting. When I showed up at the next appointment the following day I arrived using a walking stick and walking very slowly. The therapist was so surprised, he said, “What happened?” And I really didn’t know, just that easy little walk? We basically had to start over at that point.

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  21. Oh, yes, I think I remember that walk. You just took a quick spin to test it out. Then the dogs complained so you loaded them in the jeep, drove to the cliff side park. You glanced down and saw a frisbee on the beach so you climbed down the cliff face to retrieve it, climbed back up, played thirty minutes of throw and fetch, then drove to the dog park where you joined in the foot races before sprinting back to the jeep when you remembered the deadline for the story. I vaguely remember it….

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  22. you know, I had stress of packing this week so I didn’t go out for my evening walks. My knee feels much better.
    I am thinking of trying the pool today.
    And there is a pool where my home is so I could get a pass.
    Anyone know anything about that helping or not.


  23. Hard to sleep last night. Mostly because I have so many mosquito bites. Going outside to burn the trash got me most and then I think I even got some waiting for my flight yesterday.

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  24. Swimming, stationary bikes are good. But do check in with your doctor to figure out what’s going on if it continues to bother you.


  25. Stained the stair treads today. I think they look good. Tomorrow I will varathane them and then they can be installed. 🙂

    Then the twins and family come for a visit next Thursday. It will be so good to see them.

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  26. “the race to 100”

    I remember those. Brutal, especially when there was a Jeep involved. Now we baely get to 40.
    Forty is the new 💯.

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