12 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-9-22

  1. The circus is in town…..

    “The True Goal Of The J6 Committee Is To Slander And Shame Conservatives Out Of The Public Sphere”


    “Democrats on the House Select Committee to Investigate January 6 claim their public hearings, starting this week, are meant to “tell the story about what happened” that day.

    But millions of Americans watched the violence unfold on television, and there’s been breathless news coverage in the months since. The events of Jan. 6, 2021 have been investigated by Senate committees, federal inspectors general, and a phalanx of Washington reporters. Prosecutions are still ongoing in open court.

    With so much information already public about Jan. 6, what is the real purpose of these prime-time hearings? And why has the committee so aggressively stretched its investigative powers beyond the limits, including by subpoenaing me and four other Republican colleagues?

    Behind the committee’s storytelling, there’s a more sinister aim: convincing Americans that conservatives are to blame for the events of that day. In fact, Democrats have already done just that—asserting last year that President Trump was “unmistakably responsible” for the violence and even calling Republicans “traitors” for their Electoral College objections. Never mind the fact that Democrats made the very same objections to every Republican president in this century, or that Democrats spent most of 2020 condoning left-wing violent riots across the country.

    The committee’s real goal, and what it hopes to achieve with its unprecedented subpoenas and its bright-light hearings, is a repudiation of conservatism and all those who hold conservative values. Democrats want to use the violence of Jan. 6 to stigmatize conservative voices and delegitimize conservative ideals. They’ve even talked—condescendingly, of course—about treating conservatives as “cult” members who need to be deprogrammed.

    There’s long been an arrogance among those on the left that has compelled them to try to delegitimize conservatives. President Obama famously predicted the grassroots Tea Party “fever” would break following his 2012 re-election. Four years later, Hillary Clinton infamously dismissed millions of Americans as “deplorables” who were hopelessly misguided and irredeemable.

    But in the wake of Jan. 6, Democrats are amplifying their attacks against conservatives.

    You hold a sincere belief that state election integrity measures help to make elections more accurate and more secure? Democrats call you a racist. And President Biden says you’re part of “Jim Crow 2.0” and as bad as 1960s segregationist Bull Connor.

    You exercise your right to speak up at a school board meeting to say that boys shouldn’t be allowed to use the girls’ restroom in elementary school? Democrats say you’re transphobic, and you may even get a visit from President Biden’s FBI.

    These attacks are intentional. Their design is to make you feel embarrassed and ostracized. And it goes hand in hand with the left’s Orwellian effort to tell you what to think.

    The Biden White House has called on Big Tech companies to fight “disinformation,” and the Department of Homeland Security stood up a so-called Disinformation Board for the same purpose. Of course, the “disinformation” only runs one way, and always against conservatives. Prominent Democrat politicians have posted demonstrably false information online and there is no broad outcry to take it down. But when a conservative voices an opinion that conflicts with the left’s woke ideology, her account is shut down unless and until she bends a knee to the left.

    Each of these heavy-handed tactics, including the Select Committee subpoenas and hearings, has at its core the same goal: delegitimize conservative views so that they don’t need to be debated or even addressed in polite society.

    Today’s Democrat Party is a party of coastal elites who believe they are smarter and more enlightened than their fellow Americans. They set up fact-checkers and disinformation boards because they think Americans are too stupid or too busy to make up their own minds. And when their radical, top-down policies still prove to be unpopular, they move to delegitimize dissenting ideas.”

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  2. ———

    The NY Times says the quiet part out lout. They just gave away the game.

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  3. That is the Democrats intent with this desperate attempt….


    Lapdogs lap, it’s what they do.

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  4. Your tax dollars at work….

    Paying off Hunter’s hooker.


    It’s like art…..

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  5. Nope, nothing to see here, right media….?

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  6. But muh science……

    “New Study: Mask Mandates Associated With Increased Covid Death Rate”


    “A bombshell new medical journal report comparing Covid-19 fatality rates across Kansas counties during the height of the pandemic alleged that mask mandates could be associated with higher death rates from the virus.

    From The National Pulse:

    The observational study – “The Foegen Effect: A Mechanism by Which Facemasks Contribute to the COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate” – was published in Medicine in February 2022, authored by German doctor Zacharias Fögen.

    The paper analyzed “whether mandatory mask use influenced the case fatality rate in Kansas” during the time period of August 1st, 2020 to October 15th. Kansas was used for comparison because the state allowed each of its 105 counties to decide whether or not to implement mask mandates, with 81 counties deciding against the measure.

    “The most important finding from this study is that contrary to the accepted thought that fewer people are dying because infection rates are reduced by masks, this was not the case,” summarized the paper.

    “Results from this study strongly suggest that mask mandates actually caused about 1.5 times the number of deaths or ~50% more deaths compared to no mask mandates.”

    The paper went on to theorize that the so-called “Foegen effect,” whereby hypercondensed droplets caught by masks are re-inhaled and introduced deeper into the respiratory tract, could be responsible for the increased mortality rate. The possibility was echoed by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty while discussing the study during a Saturday night appearance on Fox News’ “Unfiltered” with Dan Bongino:

    “There is emerging evidence, a study out of Kansas recently that suggested that the case fatality rate with Covid is higher where there are mask mandates,” Kheriaty said. “Once you get infected, if you are wearing a mask, this study suggested that your chance of having a bad outcome, of dying from Covid was higher. And that probably has to do with rebreathing these kind of condensed droplets that have a lot of virus in them.”

    While several recent reports, including this University of Louisville study, have shown mask mandates to have had no discernable effect on Covid-19 case rates through the pandemic, the possibility that widespread and prolonged mask usage could actually have negative consequences has largely been ignored by researchers until recently. ”


    Ignored by researchers pushing a false narrative about untrue benefits of masks…?

    That doesn’t sound very sciencey….

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  7. Just a reminder….

    While hundreds of Americans sit in prison awaiting trial still a year and half later for crimes where the sentence is less than that, their right to a speedy trial removed by a corrupt judge, the truly guilty walk free, and your govt continues to hide the evidence.


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  8. While Jan6 protesters rot in solitary at a squalid DC prison, true criminals walk free, thanks to Dem “reforms”…..

    This is what foreign influence does to elections, and why it is illegal. Soros and Dems built this by exploiting the system, and corrupting the FEC.

    “Soros spent $40 million to elect 75 ‘social justice’ prosecutors: Report”


    “Sky-high campaign donations from liberal anti-police billionaire George Soros and his groups have helped to elect 75 “social justice” prosecutors in whose cities jailings have plummeted and crime has surged, according to a new report provided to Secrets.

    In a 17-page report compiled by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, a decade of spending has put Soros prosecutors in enough big cities that they represent 1 in 5 people, or about 72 million. That includes about half of America’s 50 most populous cities and counties where 40% of U.S. homicides occur.

    Soros is a well-known proponent of social justice prosecution, which calls for lighter sentences, especially of minorities. The movement, however, has led to higher crime in some cities and has been decried by pro-law-and-order conservatives.

    Police have led the charge against liberal prosecutors who have been refusing to file charges that lead to long prison sentences.

    LELDF original research shows police retirements and resignations soar across the country since George Floyd riots. @foxnews https://t.co/8Z2y8Y2EX3

    — Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (@LELDF) October 7, 2021
    In a statement to Secrets, LELDF President Jason Johnson hit the Soros funding.

    “Soros is using that campaign money and the hundreds of millions more for supporting organizations to quietly transform the criminal justice system for the worse, promoting dangerous policies and anti-police narratives to advance his radical agenda,” said Johnson.

    He added, “Over the past decade, George Soros has spent $40 million to elect 75 of his chosen prosecutors. In campaigns from Houston and Los Angeles to Philadelphia and Orlando, Soros was the campaign’s biggest spender by far — as much as 90% of the dollars spent in some races. Soros isn’t done yet — he’s already spent another million so far this year on his hand-picked district attorneys.”

    Soros is well known in liberal donor circles as a supporter of the most liberal causes, including for groups advocating gun bans and defunding the police. That has made him a prime target of law enforcement groups.

    The report found that many new district attorneys had little experience but the support of liberal donors such as Soros. What’s more, it said that as the social justice movement has grown, so has funding of district attorney political campaigns.

    “Traditionally, elections for district attorney have been quiet affairs. Candidates spent very little on their campaigns, instead jockeying for local endorsements and burnishing their legal qualifications for the top job. That changed recently as millions of campaign dollars have flowed into these down ballot contests. The bulk of that lavish spending on advertising and consultants has been done by (or on behalf of) ‘social justice’ candidates,” said the report.”

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  9. Our pastor often stresses this point when it comes to cultural wars:

    ~ We must distinguish the serpent from his prey. This is why we seek to convert our opponents, not own or destroy them. We seek their rescue, not their ruin. As we’ve seen, “winsomeness” is not a strategy for cultural engagement, as if we could win cultural arguments simply by being “nice,” but lest we forget, we are deeply invested in winning over our opponents. As Augustine taught, we stand against the world for the good of the world. ~



  10. More from the same piece:

    ~ Here’s the lesson for us: by focusing all our attention on the external threats to Christianity, we can miss the real and persisting internal threats that wreck our witness. Yes, transgender ideology may be an external threat to the religious freedom of Christian organizations, but surely pornography use in our congregations is the more pervasive and widespread tragedy of our day.

    One can pin the decline of church membership and attendance in the past 50 years to cultural trends that make it more difficult to be a Christian, but this view would only make sense of some of the decline. The internal rot in our churches has contributed as much to our decline as any outward government pressure. The internal challenges we face are just as deadly as the external threats. Don’t miss the frightening prospect of Christians who might win a culture war and lose their souls. …

    … I must point out one more challenge for the neo–Religious Right to consider: the possibility of friendly fire. Anyone who has been in war before knows that one of the common dangers is friendly fire—to be wounded or killed by someone on your own side. The fog of war makes it easy for allies to be treated as enemies.

    Culture wars are impossible without friendly fire and casualties among allies. And I fear we are already witnessing this development among those who push for a return to the culture-war mentality. We shoot our brothers and sisters.

    Often, casualties from friendly fire do not occur because of differences in doctrine, but because of questions of wisdom and discernment. Because some churches and leaders adopt a different approach to cultural engagement, we may doubt their doctrinal soundness, ascribe pernicious motives to them, or label them compromisers or cowards.

    It is far too easy for Christians, devoted to a righteous cause, to turn their attention from the battlefield to the barracks and seek to weed out anyone who doesn’t fight for the cause in the same way. Like the disciples ready to call down fire from heaven on a village, many who get caught up in the culture war too quickly call down fire on their brothers and sisters who may view and interpret the situation differently.

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cultural engagement. Christians with a different political calculus, with various regional sensibilities, temperaments, or experiences, may choose different courses of action. Debate over the best course of action is good and necessary. But culture warriors and culture engagers alike must be careful not to criticize unfairly or demean brothers and sisters whose different choices are not out of line with confessional faithfulness but flow from prudential judgments about how best to be faithful in the public square. … ~

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