4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-4-22

  1. As you no doubt recall, my dad is not a believer. He has a large stack of newspapers and mail on the couch next to his chair: his desk. Well, many years ago, I gave him a copy of Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. What to my wondering eyes did I see, but that very book up front on his “desk”! Now, admittedly, he was using it to balance his glass of juice on the couch…but still, he had the book these twenty years later so it is possible he looked at it. May God be glorified in my dad.

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  2. I will amen that too!

    🙂 We had a wonderfully busy weekend with the grands. Two were in several dance recitals. We took in a rehearsal and one of the recitals. My grandson has decided this is his last year for dance. There was another boy his age who quit last year and it has been a difficult year for our grandson being the lone boy with all the girls. Plus, he just has too many sports he is involved in, and he is just exhausted, I think. I know the studio owner and teacher will be sad to see him quit. He is getting grief from some others already. It is fun to watch him do the flips etc.

    His younger sister was also in a couple of dances, one being a Grease routine. It was quite fun. None of my girls were in dance and I can see the benefit of it when I see how their confidence has grown. These recitals always show how much the owner of the studio cares about every one of her students.

    We watched our first ultimate frisbee game. We could only watch one, but our grandson played in several and then have several more today since they won all three games. Poor kid didn’t put the sun block on and was burnt terribly. 😦 He won’t forget today. This was fun to watch. One interesting note is that the players referee themselves. When there is a dispute (such as going out of bounds or holding too long) they talk amongst themselves and come to a decision. At the end of the tournament, they all (both teams) stood in a circle and each person was told something good others noticed about them. They know they have to look for something. Male and female play together. Maybe you all know this, but it was new to us.

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