15 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-4-22

  1. We need more gun laws he says, while the feds and DoJ do nothing about the felony his son committed by lying to get a gun illegally…..

    More gun laws will work for sure…. 🙄


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  2. He admits he’s incompetent.

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  3. This was just a “malfunction”…..


    “New election integrity fears: Georgia county ballot machines off by thousands when hand counted

    The first place candidate dropped to third place after the hand count”


    “The Democratic primary for a Georgia county has been called into question after a hand count revealed the voting machines were off by thousands of ballots.

    Marshall Orson, a Democratic DeKalb County school board member running for the county commission, asked the local elections board on Thursday to not certify the results as scheduled on Friday due to “numerous issues” with the race.

    Orson asked for an “independent review” and a formal recount of the election in his letter to the board, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

    “There is no rational basis for believing that there are not continuing issues with the results and the results should not be certified with the continuing existence of multiple substantive issues and concerns,” Orson wrote. “Doing so would pose a substantial risk not only to the confidence the public will have in the overall election results from this race but could extend to the entire primary as well as the general election.”

    The initial Democratic primary results showed Orson winning for commission District 2 with Lauren Alexander in second place and Michelle Long Spears in third. This would have put Orson against Alexander in a runoff election.

    However, Spears noticed that the results showed she received zero votes at most election precincts.

    The secretary of state’s office admitted late last month to making several programing mistakes in the ballot equipment that affected the final tally.

    There was an attempted re-scan of the ballots in District 2, but ultimately a hand count was conducted, concluding around midnight on Memorial Day.

    On Wednesday evening, the results of the hand count were released, showing former last-place candidate Spears now in first place and headed to a June 21 runoff against Alexander. Former first place candidate Orson was pushed to third place.

    Spears gained about 2,600 votes from the original tally, while Alexander gained a few hundred, the Journal-Constitution reported. Orson lost about 1,600 votes from the original results.”

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  4. Don’t let up.

    “Why The Special Counsel Needs To Fight For More Spygate Documents, Stat”


    “Special Counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Igor Danchenko, the Russian national who served as Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source, will soon heat up—maybe as early as next week, if prosecutors are wise and return to the grand jury to obtain the documents the Hillary Clinton campaign wrongfully withheld based on attorney-client privilege. Those documents will likely reveal Fusion GPS peddled Danchenko’s lies directly to reporters.

    The jury’s acquittal of former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann after less than a day of deliberations represented a setback to Durham’s three-year investigation of the Russia collusion hoax. Americans nonetheless learned much from the prosecution, including that Hillary Clinton held personal responsibility for the peddling of the Alfa Bank conspiracy theory and that, post-Donald Trump, the FBI and legacy media remain corrupt.

    The special counsel team also learned a valuable lesson from the court’s rulings on the admissibility of documents withheld from the grand jury based on the Clinton campaign’s assertion of attorney-client privilege: Don’t wait until trial to challenge the improperly withheld documents.

    Given the breakneck speed of the Sussmann prosecution, it is to be expected that, following Tuesday’s acquittal, the special counsel team regroups for a few days. But by Monday, their focus should turn to their prosecution of Danchenko.

    Background on the Danchenko Case
    In November 2021, the special counsel indicted Danchenko on five counts, charging him “with lying to the FBI during the agents’ questioning of him related to his role as Christopher Steele’s ‘Primary Sub-Source’ for the notorious dossier that enabled Obama administration surveillance of the Trump campaign.”

    Over 39 pages, the speaking indictment revealed how Danchenko first met Steele in 2010. He was introduced to the former MI6 spy by Steele’s longtime friend, Fiona Hill, who knew Danchenko from their work at the Brookings Institute. Since then, Steele’s London-based firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, hired Danchenko for contract work related to Russia research.

    In 2016, the Clinton campaign, through its law firm Perkins Coie, hired the U.S.-based research firm Fusion GPS. In turn, Fusion GPS hired Orbis and Steele to investigate the Trump campaign and any connections to Russia. Steele then contacted Danchenko, a Russian national, eventually relying heavily on Danchenko’s supposed “intel” in crafting the numerous memorandum that later became known as the Steele dossier, and referring to Danchenko throughout as “Primary Sub-Source 1.”

    A Tissue of Lies
    Danchenko, according to the special counsel’s indictment, lied extensively when providing Steele his supposed intel. The indictment also says one of Danchenko’s “sources,” Charles Dolan, Jr., who has long-time connections to the Clintons and the Democrat Party, lied to Danchenko.

    Dolan was named in the indictment merely as “PR Executive-1.” According to the indictment, Dolan lied to Danchenko when he told Danchenko a “GOP friend” had told him that Paul Manafort had been forced to resign from the Trump campaign because of allegations connecting Manafort to Ukraine. While Dolan later admitted to the FBI that he had no such “GOP friend” and that he had instead gleaned this information from press reports, Dolan’s fabrication appeared in the Steele dossier thanks to Danchenko’s lies.

    Yet when the FBI questioned Danchenko on June 15, 2017, according to the indictment, Danchenko “denied to agents of the FBI that he had spoken with [Dolan] about any material contained in the [Steele dossier].” That lie formed Count I of the special counsel’s charges against Danchenko.

    The remaining four counts of the indictment concerned Danchenko’s alleged lies about his supposed conversation with the then-President of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. According to the indictment, Danchenko told FBI agents on multiple occasions—thus the four counts—that he believed Millian had provided him information during an anonymous phone call, including the “intel,” later included in the Steele dossier, that there was “a well-developed ‘conspiracy of cooperation’ between the Trump Campaign and Russian officials.”

    But Danchenko never spoke with Millian and Millian was not a source for Danchenko nor the Steele dossier, as Millian has long maintained. Millian will not comment further, telling The Federalist that Durham’s team requested he “not talk to the press about details of the investigation.””

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  5. Meanwhile, while the pervs get a pass from our media, they’re laser focused on America’s true enemies….


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  6. Truth.


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  7. This is what Soros’ money buys.

    This is what he unleashes on American cities.


    “Whether it is Russia trying to hide the people who disappeared into the gulags, China ignoring the dissidents erased in the Cultural Revolution, or the Khmer Rouge pretending that the Cambodian genocide never happened, a leader trying to rewrite history is seldom a good idea. Now Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is attempting this dubious feat, erasing four homicides from the city’s history as if the victims were never killed.

    On a spring day in 2009, defendants Donta Craddock and Ivan Rodriguez were out cruising on the streets of Philadelphia in a Pontiac Grand Prix. The two decided to steal a motorcycle at gunpoint, a felony. Rodriguez drove off on the stolen motorcycle. Craddock took off in the Grand Prix, almost instantly pursued by Philadelphia police who were alerted by a witness. Fleeing from the lights and sirens of the police, Craddock rammed into a crowd on the sidewalk in North Philadelphia, killing four people: Aaliyah Griffin, 6; Gina Marie Rosario, 7; Latoya Smith, 22; and her daughter, not even one-year-old Rimanee. The scene was horrific, with the children splattered over the street and neighbors weeping. The victims were black and Latino.

    The Philadelphia Police Department and District Attorney’s Office did not hesitate. Craddock and Rodriguez were charged with second-degree murder because the killings of the innocent victims took place during the course of a felony – the robbery of the motorcycle. Also known as felony murder, this crime category has existed under the law for longer than the United States has existed as a country. If five guys rob a bank and one kills a security guard during the robbery, all five defendants are charged with felony murder because their unlawful conduct resulted in the death. Second-degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment in Pennsylvania.

    Assistant District Attorney Jude Conroy, an experienced homicide prosecutor, led the case against Rodriguez and Craddock. Jurors and witnesses cried during the trial as they heard about the children who were killed. The defendants were convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. The defendants appealed, but the courts upheld the convictions.

    The victims’ families found some solace in the convictions. Janice Brown, the mother of Latoya Smith and grandmother of Rimanee Smith, said, “Justice has been served.” Aaliyah Griffin’s mother remained devastated: “It’s still hard. That’s my first daughter – she’s the one that made me a mom. She’s my best friend and they took it away from me. I’ll never get to see her with kids; I won’t see her in college; I won’t see her get married.”

    Unfortunately for the families of these murder victims, Larry Krasner was elected district attorney of Philadelphia in 2017. And Krasner does not like the doctrine of second-degree murder. Under his leadership, as new murders were committed, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has been reducing cases from first- or second-degree murder to third-degree murder or manslaughter, vastly cutting the amount of time these defendants will spend in jail. And Krasner has had plenty of opportunities to go light on murderers, since Philadelphia set a new all-time record for homicides in 2021, with 562 killings. Other prosecutors, including former Philadelphia district attorney and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, have been sharply critical of Krasner for his practice of downgrading homicides.

    Still, while future homicides might be punished less severely in Philadelphia, the families of murder victims from prior years, before Krasner became district attorney, assumed that they would be safe from Krasner’s light touch on killers. They were wrong – as the families of the victims murdered by Craddock and Rodriguez recently found out.

    Krasner recently decided to let Rodriguez walk out of prison. He switched the murder conviction to a guilty plea to robbery and agreed to a sentence of 10–20 years, allowing Rodriguez to go free based on the amount of time he already has served. The conviction was not reversed on appeal. No new evidence was introduced. According to Krasner’s spokesperson, the deal was cut simply because Krasner believes that the mandatory life sentence for second-degree murder is excessive, an “extreme punishment,” as Krasner’s press office puts it.

    Tammy Torres, whose seven-year-old daughter was killed in the crime, lashed out at Krasner. “I’m not sure how the DA came to the conclusion that this murderer should walk free,” she said. “[Rodriguez] was what started this series of events, this whole nightmare.” Neatly summarizing the concept of felony murder, Torres explained: “Had he and his codefendant not decided to steal that motorcycle, none of this would have happened. He is just as guilty as the person driving the car that murdered three children and one mother.””


  8. Bidenflation strikes again.

    “Bidenflation: Egg Prices Soar 161% as Shortages Loom

    Situation worsened by Ukraine-Russia war, avian flu, and a massive fire at Minnesota egg farm.”


    “Legal Insurrection readers know I am a big fan of eggs, which are loaded with nutrition vital to health.

    As I noted in a previous post, there is a serious avian flu pandemic that is killing off millions of our nation’s poultry supply. Reports are now surfacing about a massive increase in the cost of eggs.

    For example, the latest report of the Producer Price Index, which shows how inflation is affecting business owners and producers, indicates the highest jump in the cost of eggs among the items in monitors.

    The largest jump in food prices were for “eggs for fresh use,” where costs for businesses to supply their products and package them for everyday shoppers rose 161.3%. It was the only food item with a triple digit increase in price listed in the PPI.

    This means that the eggs used by bakers, fry cooks, and even on breakfast menus for fast-food joints are much more expensive compared to April 2021. The price for consumers was up too, with eggs 22.6% more expensive than in April 2021.

    The Department of Agriculture’s Food Price Outlook for 2022 also looks grim for those of us who love omelettes and eggs-over-easy.

    Farm-level egg prices increased by 110.1 percent in April 2022. The price increases followed the loss of millions of laying hens to highly pathogenic avian influenza, primarily in Iowa and the surrounding States. Farm-level egg prices are now predicted to increase between 73.5 and 76.5 percent in 2022.

    This situation has not been helped by a massive fire that killed tens of thousands of chickens in Minnesota.”


  9. Again, this is what Soros’ money and his bought DAs are doing to America.

    “Molotov Cocktail Lawyers Plead Guilty to Reduced Charges, Likely Will Get Only Two-Year Sentences

    “Under revised agreements, the defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit arson and possess an explosive device, with prosecutors recommending sentences of 18 to 24 months.”


    “The two former lawyers who threw a Molotov cocktail at a police car during the George Floyd riots have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and are expected to receive reduced sentences.

    As we noted previously, they were originally facing a much harsher sentence.

    Jarryd Jaeger reports at the Post Millennial:

    Lawyers who torched NYPD vehicle during summer of 2020 plead guilty to conspiracy charges

    Two former New York lawyers who threw Molotov cocktails at an NYPD vehicle during the George Floyd riots have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges.

    In June 2020 during George Floyd protests in Brooklyn, two New York lawyers were captured on security footage firebombing an unoccupied NYPD cruiser and handing out Molotov cocktails to people in the neighborhood.

    On Thursday, the pair pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges after negotiating with prosecutors, who had originally sought a more serious charge under a “terrorism enhancement” that could have landed them in jail for a decade.

    According to Reuters, now former lawyers Urooj Rahman and Colinford Mattis plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit arson and possession of an explosive device.

    You can read the “Superseding Information” document here, which is the government’s way of dropping the other charges.”


    “In a court filing last month, prosecutors said 18- to 24-month terms reflected the “nature and circumstances of the offense and the histories and personal characteristics of these defendants.”

    Prosecutors in this case have bent over backwards to ensure shorter sentences for these two.

    Good thing they’re not Trump supporters.”


    But parading GrandMa’s face more severe charges.


  10. Once again, the media and Democrats (I repeay myself) lied to impugn a Republican.

    As usual.

    “Covid Vindication for Ron DeSantis

    A Florida Inspector General report debunks the charge that the state manipulated case and death counts.”


    “A frequent phenomenon of our times is the flurry over an alleged scandal that on examination turns out to be false. The latest case is the claim that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis manipulated Covid data.

    Mr. DeSantis became public-health enemy number one by defying the left’s lockdown consensus early in the pandemic. When former state health department employee Rebekah Jones claimed she was fired for refusing to fudge state Covid data to support the state’s reopening in spring 2020, national and local media outlets reported her allegations as fact.”


    They were not facts, but that didn’t stop the media from pretending they were without ever doing any investigation of their own. They suck, and it’s intentional.


  11. And while we’re on Olasky’s Twitter thread (because for me it’s always beneficial to read about broader Christian perspectives)


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