23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-3-22

  1. Good morning!
    Good evening!

    Beautifully stunning header photo. Is it a peony?

    Time to get hopping or shopping at the tire store. If I want to be Scarlett today I will think about it tomorrow or on Monday. And if I want to be Wimpy I’ll say, “I’ll gladly pay you Tues. for a hamburger today!”

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  2. Good morning! We finally had some moisture drop from the sky this week. It is so good to smell rain in the air.

    Thinking of you, Jo, as you go through this period of transition,

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  3. 1- Janice: Yes, it is a peony in the front of the house. I bought this plant 3 years ago and this is the first year it’s bloomed. Which brings up a question- dictionary.com says the pronunciation is [PEE-uh-nee]. I say it as [PEE-oh-nee]. I have a friend who says [pee-OH-nee]. She has a Southern Missouri drawl. So, a QoD- How do you pronounce it?

    2- AJ: Hope all goes well for you. .

    3- As Chas would say, It’s Friday, and you know what that means! I actually have both Saturday and Sunday off!

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  4. May the downhill slide be without bumps, Aj.

    Such beauty in that flower!

    I once told my grandson, “I yam what I yam.” He was so puzzled. I mentioned Popeye and Olive Oyl and he was still really puzzled. Oh, I am ancient, but Janice is too. 😀

    We are off for a weekend of watching grands dance, play soccer and ultimate disk golf perhaps.

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  5. Beautiful pee uh nee!!! A most swoon worthy flower!! The scent is heavenly. My 12 year old bushes have quit producing but the shoots keep coming back.

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  6. PEE uh nee here. Did you know you can dig up your peonies in the fall and cut them and plant the pieces? Start new peonies everywhere. Might wake up yours, NancyJill.

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  7. I pronounce it the same way you all do. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

    It’s been so long since I got out my hose in the front that I had to unearth it from under junk in the garage and brush off the cobwebs. I then had to stretch it all the way across the street, practically into my neighbor’s yard, to get the kinks out.

    Now it’s watering the hydrangeas in the front which are so dry and hot, at 8 minutes on the timer, each.

    The days are just packed.

    Now I’m picking up, putting away groceries and awaiting a Facetime call from Hill in Sicily.

    Adorable 3 is coming over soon.

    And I still have to practice my teaching for next weekend. First speaking trip in 2.5 years; I’m teaching on Psalm 64.

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  8. I had a day off today to get Tess up to the vet’s for a check up and other errands that just needed to get done. I’m also hoping to get in for a haircut tomorrow, my hair is way long — it’s probably been close to a year since I had it cut last — and it feels and looks awful, I think; I keep it tied up in a knot most of the time.

    Meanwhile, my front “lawn” is shot. I’m trying (again) to do some research on how swap this out for a low-water native plant option for cheap by finding rebates and making use of offers for “free” designs. The city and state are really pushing these changes right now so it’s theoretically a good time to save money to do it. My gardeners could “execute” it, I think.

    Today is cool (again), we’re hovering consistently around 70 degrees and mostly overcast with some sun in the afternoons. Sweatshirt weather in June. (But not always that unusual, it’s said that we go from May Gray to June Gloom.)

    I’ve lucked out for election day — editor has put me on the “non-election” general assignment day shift, hooray.

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  9. Was sunny now cloudy and raining!!! Hoping this goes south to Rk!! 🌧
    Picked up Pip’s pills at our Vet in town…and hoping it works for her.
    Still praying Aj…may there be no discomfort afterwards! ❣️

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  10. That is a lovely PEE uh nee up there. 🙂

    When Nightingale was a toddler and preschooler, she loved the Popeye cartoons that were shown on a cable channel in the earlier hours of morning. (She would be up by 6am each day, and sit on my lap to watch some cartoons for a while, until we were ready to start the day.) They also showed various cartoons from the 30s and 40s, which were pretty neat.

    I noticed that many of the cartoons from the Depression era used a lot of red and a teal type of color. Those pigments must have been more easily available and less expensive than others, I would guess.

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  11. I am finally able to get on here. Internet has not been working. Email comes through but nothing else. What a headache. Please pray that things will work.

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  12. PEE uh nee – not my favourite flower. :). Daughter asked me what the plants were in her new yard that her dog always peed on. Yup – peonies.

    Finished up a busy busy week with full school groups at camp. Praying they saw Jesus. Our staff are amazing again this year. So grateful for youth that want to serve.

    Son and DIL called this week – new grand baby will be a boy (most likely – it was difficult to tell on the ultrasound). Three boys under two!!! Going to be a very busy household.

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