27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-28-22

  1. That’s my wild flower patch in the backyard. I have another in the front, but it’s plants are just very tall, green, leafy plants that flower later.

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  2. Those are beautiful flowers, Peter. Some are dianthus if I am not mistaken.

    I was in WordPress reading mode so had not seen the photo before now. I would love to have those in our yard!

    We only have a hydrangea in bloom now. Florence gave it to me last year so this is the first crop of those blooms by our front porch.

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  3. Such a happy photo of wild flowers…we call them Sweet William and they scatter everywhere! I have them in the rock beds and on the border of the wall out front. I let them go where they may as they tend to themselves!

    Daughter and I have been to DMV, Cracker Barrel and the Paris Vintage Outdoor Market. DMV was quick and easy if you can even imagine that! Cracker Barrel was practically empty at 8am but had quickly became crowded as we enjoyed our breakfast.

    Time to plant flowers in their containers and tidy up the flower beds. The only plant that has bloomed around here is the creeping phlox….it actually survived the 16 inches of snow. However part of the plant has not survived Pip’s favorite “pee spot”!! Oh and the moths are back….with a vengeance!! 😳

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  4. Those flowers were easy to plant. I bought a packet of seeds (mostly perennials), hoed the ground, and spread the seeds. I watered them a few times and let them go. Now they come back every year.

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  5. Nancyjill has been busy and on the move.

    I’ve been to the kitchen and living room. That’s it.

    I had to add a photo to a story I turned in yesterday and answer a couple emails, including a church friend who’s wound up in the hospital being treated for a blood clot in his right ventricle.

    The painters made good progress yesterday, that south wall is now beginning to look normal with all the peeling paint long gone, the wall fully prepped and now covered with a tinted primer coat (brand is called “cool wall” as it helps keep spaces that get too much exposure to sun and heat cooler, which was part of the problem in the earlier paint peeling).

    LA Fleet Week continues this weekend, one of our freelance photographers got some nice shots out there yesterday.

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  6. I just shopped at Sprouts while Wesley stayed out in the car and now he is in the library while I keep the car company.😀 A nice breeze in the shade with qindiws down keeps me happy.


  7. I cleaned house today. We went to Target and got Little Miss 2 swimsuits. She will be going to Summer Camp 3 days a week and Wednesdays with have water something’s. A stylish young lady cannot be seen 2 weeks in a row in the same suit. The Easter Bunny brought her the one she wore last week for the end of the school year party.
    I got some exciting stuff too. A new mop and 3 new toxin free non stick skillets. Oh the difference 30 or 40 years can make in what you get!!!
    Now we are watching Expedition Unknown

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  8. Somewhere, someone decided yesterday was the day to do something to the internet. Doesn’t work too well when you need to do report cards. I lost one comment when it failed to update, so came home. I wrote comments on paper and will try to get on to put them online. Of course there was also a comment that the online program would be closed for Memorial Day. I will try to get on from home, but you never know.

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  9. Planning to go to church today, for the first time in a long while. I decided to drive down to nearby and then walk. We haven’t had rain for a week or so and the roads are terrible. You see the gravel comes up out of the roads. Very treacherous.

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  10. The painters decided to show up on my day off, of course. One’s outside, one is dealing with some peeling on the dining ceiling. I hope the indoor work doesn’t take too long.

    For now, the dogs and I are pretty trapped in the living room and bedroom.

    But it’s 4:30 so they don’t have that much time to work, I don’t think.

    Awkward until then.

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  11. Beautiful flowers! We don’t have anything blooming up here yet, but everything is up that survived the winter. Sadly, my lupines did not seem to make it. And all the cosmos seeds from last fall were likely feasted on by mice. Sigh. Oh well. Bought some more flower seeds and hopefully we’ll soon have some blooms. Our double flowering plums are close to blossoming.

    Got most of the bedding plants into the garden – cucumbers, spaghetti squash, zucchini, tomatoes, salsa peppers, green peppers, corn seedlings. Back breaking. I also managed to seed one row of peas and two rows of purple beans. Husband got the potatoes planted as well. Still need to get 26 cabbages into the ground! And then the carrot, beet, dill, summer savoury and radish seeds. Watermelon vines will wait until the rest is all done.

    But a good day overall with a 2 hour nap. My house needs cleaning and tidying desperately but the garden is the priority right now.

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  12. Good evening, all, except good morning, Jo, although it is probably afternoon there.

    Got up and out early for our all day turn with my folks. My dad has recovered from his fall though he still uses the walker and is happy with the lift chair we took him, but he never uses the lift operation.

    Husband and his dad got stepmom home. Her daughter and two granddaughters swung by the hospital just before they set her free for a quick visit. Now husband is on his own. He thought of heading home since the daughter was coming by to help but is glad now that he didn’t. He will plan to remain until home help can be lined up and in place.

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  13. They gave me a farewell party today from 2 to 4. It was my wonderful fellowship group. Counting them fifty people came and bunches were children I have taught. Two gals were there from my very first class, the one that I taught for two years. very special. I was expecting maybe five to come. amazing. You lead a very quiet life and then find that people have noticed.

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  14. Kind of hard to lead a quiet life as a tour guide. Yesterday was my first scheduled day as Mark Twain. I entered the stage and said, “Good morning, he said to no one in particular.”

    There was no one there.

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  15. We had a good rain of just over an inch last night. Such a perfect steady rain. I think this is the most we’ve had in one shot in over a year!

    Jo, that all sounds lovely! And report cards almost done – yahoo!

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  16. The senior pastor was still out because of the Covid he and his wife have been recovering from. Art has not heard him preach yet! Both Art and Wesley attended again today. The worship leader preached and did a wonderful sermon on the Fruit of the Spirit.

    My brother came over late yesterday. Wesley and I showed him the neat new trails we have found with the super board walks that look like something in an amusement park with all the switchbacks. We also were on a trail bridge as a freight train passed right beneath us. That was exciting. Later we played Upwords while I, at the same time, chopped veggies for pizzas. Not a strategic move when thinking is involved in the game playing. I lost the game but made some awesome individual pizzas!

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  17. Video is against the bosses’ wishes. I might record an audio version for my children, and could possibly send it out to others, as long as it didn’t get posted on line. I think all of you are trustworthy.

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  18. Painters are due back today but only for touch-up work outside, cleaning up the window frames, putting the screens back on. Everything looks good, it’s a relief, really, to have that done, though it wasn’t cheap.

    Original friend/painter insisted the 1920s stucco was “too old” and that’s why that one wall started to peel shortly after he’d finished, so he said doing it over would be pointless; but no one else I had come look at it agreed that was the problem. The said it just needed to be redone with more careful prep work.

    This painter also used a primer called “cool wall” that helps keep areas cooler that are over-exposed to sun and heat (as this south-facing wall on my house is and that appeared to be the main problem — peeling occurred nowhere else on the house).

    So that’s done.

    And this is another day off tacked on to the weekend for us in the work-day world, nice.

    For several years running (when our vacation day pay made it worth one’s while) I’d volunteer to work on Memorial Day and cover the big ceremony at the nearby cemetery — they always had excellent speakers (a cell mate of John McCain’s is one who stands out) and I never left not having shed tears.

    Meanwhile it sounds like LA Fleet Week went off smoothly, today’s the last day; I’ll follow up with the organizers this week to see if they have attendance counts yet. The weather was perfect, in the very low 70s, and we had a couple large carrier ships in port for folks to tour.

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