22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-20-22

  1. Goodnight Jo.

    Good Morning Kim and the rest of yas’.

    I’m heading out for my first cancer treatment in a few. See you all later.

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  2. Praying for peace and all to go well, AJ, and for that nasty cancer to be defeated totally!

    Good morning, everyone.

    We finally have a day with nothing scheduled, so will attempt to visit a couple of my husband’s siblings who are newly in assisted living.

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  3. Good morning!
    Good evening, Jo!
    Miss Bosley sends her MeOws to all.

    Prayers for you, AJ. God is with you the whole way to wellness. Jesus is covering you with prayer in the throne room. Your fans here are all interceding with Him for cancer to be obliterated. Praying for Cheryl and the rest of the family, too.

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  4. Wesley, Art, and I watched Driving Miss Daisy last night. Finally figured out how to get the dvd to work on the big tv scrren instead of using the little dvd player I got. We had to use the remote that came with the tv instead of using the Xfinity remote. Art had forgotten that so thay was why he could not get it to work, and why I got the little dvd player. We still can use that player at Wesley’s since he has no tv.

    Driving Miss Daisy is such a wonderful film. It was neat to see the arched doorways I went through only a few weeks ago on the Tour of Druid Hills homes. It was interesting to see the connection made between prejudice against both the Jews and the blacks as it contains both the Temple bombing in Atlanta and MLK delivering a speech.

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  5. Morning all! I awakened talking to the Lord about you Aj….in His care you are always and He is watching over you. Such a comfort. We love you ❤️

    And then there is that pesky barometric shift headache I have this morning. The snow is to make an appearance around 11 and will not move out completely until Thursday. This is going to be fun! It is already drizzling …. How we long to walk upon a moist forest floor! I do hope this front makes its way to your neck of the woods Rk!

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  6. Good morning, all, except good night, Jo, although it is nearly Saturday morning there.

    Sorry, NancyJill, they say weather does not influence headaches. Oh, and they are wrong. We who get those headaches are better than a barometer!

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  7. A three-year-old is coming over to boss me around this morning. Then, back to the desk for me.

    In other news, I apparently sent MY Bible study book, with lesson 1 done and lesson 2 half done, to a class member who wasn’t in class on Tuesday.

    That was instead of a new, unused copy I thought I was mailing.

    I may have to make a 30 mile drive tomorrow–once the book arrives in her mailbox–or redo the lessons.

    Hm. I wonder which will take less time? LOL

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  8. That birdie up there looks like a bluebird from the front but perhaps it is not. I would need to see a side shot of him…nonetheless he is beautiful sitting up there! We are a bit worried about our birds right now and their nests filled with eggs. They’ve been through it before and survived and they will again but we still worry. The hummingbirds are hovering around their feeder this morning….they know it’s a coming!

    M has a three year old bossing her around and we have an almost 5 month old puppy doing the same! 😊 My neighbor who is training her daughter’s 4 month old Aussie said puppy is at the brink of wearing out her welcome! Their daughter who is in med school will be taking said puppy in August to live with her in Denver. I am wondering if neighbor will miss the little fluff ball of trouble!

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  9. Prayed for you this morning as well, AJ.

    It’s a busy work day again, finishing up a Fleet Week advance and then dealing with my last election story which has gotten heated between two candidates with fraud and other nasty charges starting to fly that I now have to sort out.

    I hate-hate-hate political reporting, but I know I’ve said that before, numerous times. I’m so done with politics on all levels.

    I have a painter coming Monday to (finally) fix that south wall on the house that peeled so badly after the house was painted 4 years ago. I’ve had a couple others lined up in the past, but they’ve always been no-shows. I’ve actually signed the work order for these guys so pretty sure it’ll finally get done this time.

    And I need to call the vet, Tess is having some more incontinence issues, especially overnight; she’s already on a pill for that, so I want to ask if we can give her a 2nd dose of that each day instead of just the one.

    More dog meds to pick up also but don’t think I’ll be able to get to that today so it’ll have to wait.

    Kathaleena, I was amazed to read how your bed frame is pretty much beating you up! You must move fast to get into those kinds of collisions.

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  10. Ah, the winders of road work! (City life, Mumsee).

    I walked over, picked up her highness in the stroller and wandered home.

    We watched a steam shovel, dump truck, workers in hardhats, and learned to identify roses and poppies.

    We stopped at a little library and got a princess book.

    Now she has a kaleidoscope from the toy basket.

    What shall we bake?

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  11. Wesley is helping me box up books to donate to CLI Prison Alliance. We have a car full of boxes. So glad that they will be where they can be read rather than getting dusty in my house on the bookcases.

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  12. Foggy Saturday here. I need to decide about going to a party and/or going to school to work on report cards. of course, there is always packing.

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  13. I just posted a photo of me with the whole school. It is one of the last ones when I asked all the teachers standing around to join us. Such a good memory.

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  14. Thanks you all.
    I went to the 50th birthday party. It was very nice as there were only a few people. Not the crowd that I was expecting.

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