26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-18-22

  1. Good morning! It is a day the Lord has made to rejoice and be glad in it!
    Good night, Jo.

    I am off in search for office supplies today. Thank goodness paper supplies have been available. I heard over the weekend how hard it is to get new furniture. A lady I know has been waiting a year to get a headboard and footboard.

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  2. If I ever have to buy another bed, I will not buy a footboard. It just gets in the way more than anything. I have only had one and it is on the bed I have now. It would have been better to not have wasted the money on it, IMO. Live and learn. I have hit that thing more times than I can count. I have a quilt rack full of quilts in front of it, so it doesn’t show a lot anyway.

    On that note: good morning, everyone.

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  3. Husband should be home this morning. He has dropped son off at his home. Then husband heads to Boise this afternoon. And my two weeks with granddaughter will be done.

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  4. https://riskfactor.com/

    In case you want to assess your address.

    According to that site, our house is at a 1 for flood–no surprise–and a 2 for wild fire.

    I hope it’s right.

    Looking out my front window at the hillside covering in burnt and dead trees is NOT reassuring.


  5. I love full-framed beds for their classic looks. And I’m short, so a footboard is never a problem in that sense.

    I will have two crazy busy days today and tomorrow jamming out these two election stories. I didn’t sleep well the night before last so spent yesterday working but nearly nodding off as well. Hopefully I made up for all that lost sleep last night and now can hit the ground running (so to speak, as much as one can run with a messed up knee awaiting surgery).

    My neighbor’s surgery went well, though they’e watching to see if a previous stent in there will need some straightening out with a quick followup “tweak” surgery. They’re expecting him to come home Friday unless that followup procedure is required, then that could require a couple extra days.

    I’ll be glad when this week’s over, I hate doing election stories and will be glad to get those off my plate. Then it’ll be an election night to “look forward” to, grown. In between will be Fleet week to jam out for this weekend also.

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  6. I am still working through Secret Church. The section I am on is about gene editing and artificial intelligence. The question was posed about what each person would find acceptable as an appropriate use for gene editing. One point made in all of this is that without God’s wisdom being applied then it can all be used with wrong motives and horrific outcomes result. It would have been better to do this in a group at church for discussion purposes, but vision and stamina wise, it has been much better to break it into chunks instead of a straight six hours. I gave up on following along in the book. Listening has become my preferred input method.


  7. Morning all. Foggy time of year here. I went to bed at 7:30 last night. Then woke at 8:30 with a horrendous leg cramp. The medicine took care of that quickly, then I got a good night’s sleep.

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  8. The secretary at our school asked me to figure out how to deposit funds that they got from selling food at sports day. Sure I can do that. But I did not realize that they don’t have accounts here. Just bank accounts. So she must want me to deposit into my account and then get the cash to give her. Not good. Plus I already got out my cash limit this month.

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  9. I sleep in a 4 post rice bed.
    Funny, I went to look it up so I could show you what I was talking about. I found it. It’s a limited edition. It has about an 18 inch drop which is why it doesn’t have a dust ruflle. You can buy one yourself should you so desire for $70. Yep, SEVENTY DOLLARS! I find that funny. It has sentimental value to me so while it has a few squeaks it is priceless to me.


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  10. Mine is black wrought iron. I have run into the footboard when walking around the bed. I don’t have a problem hitting the foot board when I am in it, Dj. I am short, too.

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  11. Our county just applied for emergency aid because of all the flooding happening all over. Lots of people are filling sandbags for around cabins, homes and resorts. A paved road, not far from us, had a culvert failure and had to be detoured around. If we could just spread that rain around.

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  12. Only a headboard here. Built by my husband and also has a painting of poplar tree trunks inset. Sort of a continuation of the view outside the window behind the bed. I agree with kicking the footboard. We had one with our previous bed and I loved it, but my toes!!

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  13. Hmmm….Word press is being fickle again. I hope this works.
    We got a couple sprinkles today but we should have a foot of snow by Saturday….bring it on!

    Our dear friend came home from AZ and the four of us are back together….we had tea which lasted four hours 😊 The four of us have been meeting together every week for well over 25 years. Then S decided to be a “snow bird” for six months of the year. We miss her during the winter months! She hates snow….but she shall see some this weekend! ⛄️

    I have a Mission Oak bed and I agree Kathaleena….if I had to do it all over again that footboard would not be there! Tucking in the quilts and hitting my baby toe on the post is annoying.

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  14. Love the iron frame beds.

    Another exhausting day with another one tomorrow. Rather than trying to “schedule” phone interviews with candidates for the final race (they’re busy and now so am I), I told them all to call me tomorrow — Friday.

    Right. It dawned on me as I headed out to the grocery store after work day had ended and I’d just sent off all those emails.

    So I had to follow up that email with no, I meant Thursday. (I think?)

    I figured it would be easier for them just to call when they could and I’d keep these interviews short as I already have enough info from them (but said up front I’d also have phone interviews). Too many (4) of them, though.

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  15. Nancyjill, that’s so sweet you’re able to see your friends.

    I think this pandemic has really driven home the importance of those connections.

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