40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-16-22

  1. Good evening, Jo. Good morning, other Wanderers.

    I miss Chas today.

    I did not have an egg this morning so it will be Cherrios later. Coffee and Bible for now.

    I will be in Revelation for a week with the online ladies. Not covering the whole book in that short time of course.

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  2. Good morning, dear friends. Before I feel comfortable enough to enter again into the usual chit-chat that we do here (if I ever do again), I have to acknowledge that that particular comment aimed at me the other day deeply hurt and upset me. My hands shook on and off for at least a couple hours afterwards.

    I am sorry (and have already apologized more than once) for offering “fact checks” on a couple of Janice’s Facebook posts over the years. Maybe it was more than just a couple, over the past several years, but they were rare. (And as I said, it is a common Facebook practice, not meant to be an attack on the other person.) What was not rare was that I made a habit to “like” most of her posts, and offer a friendly comment now and then, in order to be an encouragement. (It seems now that Janice has either deleted her Facebook account or unfriended me, not sure which.)

    Again, Janice, I am very sorry that what I thought was being helpful made you feel so bad. That was not my intent at all, and I feel bad about that. (But I don’t know why you felt you had to dredge that up on here.) And I again apologize for sharing that article the other day, which was not intended to be aimed at you personally.

    Some of you seem to think that this whole thing was merely two sisters-in-Christ having a little tiff. But I don’t see it that way. That comment was an attack on me and my character, grossly misrepresenting who I am and what I think. As Cheryl said, it was like a public shaming. My reply to that was strictly to defend myself, not to respond in kind.

    Thank you to Cheryl and DJ for offering their comfort to me privately.

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  3. The’re are times when I am in the midst of happiness that I feel sad.
    Friday night Little Miss spent the night. Papa had a Big Saturday planned. We went to OWA -an amusement park owned by the Poarch Creek Indians and walked around. They were hosting a Balloon Festival and we were hoping to see some of the balloons. Not well planned. They only take the balloons up between 6 and 8 am and at dusk. They weren’t even on the ground to see during the day. They were also hosting an arts and crafts fair so Little Miss got her face painted. From there we went to the candy shop where she got a “lolly” and some other candy. After that we went to the Track in Gulf Shores where she rode the swings, a train, a kiddie sized roller coaster with Papa and l then the two of them got on the go cart track. We ended up at LuLu’s for late lunch/early dinner. It was fun and she had a great time. So why was I sad?
    Because I couldn’t do this for BG when she was little. I used to beg her father to skip a Saturday of gold and let’s go do fun things with her. He couldn’t. His golf foursome depended on him. He played golf ever Saturday from 7am until he got home at 2:30. Then he did the yard work and wouldn’t even go to the neighborhood pool with us, never mind go to the beach.
    While I am glad Mr. P is a different kind of man and we are doing these things and making memories with Little Miss, I sure do wish I could have done it for my own child.
    Today is a big day for Little Miss. Her great grandmother is coming through P’cola today to meet her. This is “the boy’s” grandmother on their mother’s side. She has sent presents and checks to our house for LM. Most recently she sent an embroidered dress for her. I talked to her Daddy this morning to make sure she wears the dress for her great grandmother to see her in it.

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  4. I mean this to both of you in loving kindness. Janice and Karen or Karen and Janice…you need to take this off the blog and settle it between yourselves.
    A very wise woman (my ex-mother-in-law) once told me, “The more you stir the $&!( the more it stinks”.
    We all love both of you. Both of you are hurt. Again, I/We love you both.

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  5. Kim – It should have started off the blog, but it didn’t. That’s not my fault. It wouldn’t be fair for the initial comment to be there for all to see and then say that I cannot reply to it.


  6. As I stand before God who hates sin, I ask His forgiveness for how I have hurt you, Kizzie, with my words. He knows I did not unfriend you, Kizzie, and I believe you when you say you did not unfriend me. You assumed I unfriended you and I assumed you unfriended me. God knows who behind the scenes in tech land made that happen.

    I am sincerely sorry, Kizzie. May God speak to your heart the words you need to hear that I do not know how to express. My previous apology had words of defense for my angry outburst meant to offer an excuse for my actions. It was made in haste due to pressures I felt from people’s comments to give a quick apology rather than to wait on God to soothe my hurt feelings before responding. I, too, have been shaken by this whole episode. Nothing but the blood of Jesus is great enough to cover sins like this. He is the only reconcilement, and some reconcilements only occur in heaven. Life is short. We do not know when we may be gone. I ofter this to hasten a feeling of peace within our Christian community. Again, I ask God to provide words as a balm to your heart, Kizzie. I fear whatever I say will not be a satisfactory apology. May God work in each heart to provide whatever is lacking in what I have said because each person has different feelings and opinions about what would be sufficient. Jesus is the gap filler. I trust in Him to make things right if not today then over time and into eternity.

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  7. Although I would certainly rejoice if private contact between the two ladies would bring peace between them, that would not in this instance “resolve” the matter. The offense (the sin) was not private but public. So far the sin has not been resolved, nor even acknowledged. That is the elephant in the room. Since the offense was public, a public acknowledgment is necessary.

    Scripture tells us much about true religion and holiness. It tells us that unbelievers have a right to judge the profession of our faith by how we love one another. It also tells us that the way we care for orphans and widows tells a lot about our faith. We have among us a widow who lives with unsaved family members, and we were witnesses as she had her character attacked, and as she gently defended herself. We cannot let business continue as usual, i.e., smalltalk, and act as though this is none of our business.

    If this isn’t our business, then what, pray tell, is?


  8. I’m sorry, I should have refreshed. I rejoice that this has been resolved. Thank you, Janice–I know that was difficult. I love you both!

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  9. Kim, we cross-posted so I did not see your post until after I had posted. It is wise to keep things in private whenever possible. This all sort of mushroomed over time and space.


  10. Husband and son and the guy have finally arrived. Now we learn if the relatives are able to help. Or if they will all be driving back again. It has taken nearly five days to get there and they need to be back tomorrow. Think they will make it?

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  11. Morning! May that bluebird of happiness fly up your nose!! (Don’t hate me!)

    Laundry day here too and I pray your husband and companions make it safely!

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  12. There, you did it again NancyJill. Laundry day is not until Tuesday. Kind of like the L’s anniversary is next Sunday not yesterday.

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  13. I think until Jesus returns we will have some sadness, Kim. It is good you recognize the cause of yours. How blessed that little girl is! It makes me sad to realize how many children lack those people in their lives. Then I remind myself I don’t run the world or see the final joy in eternity for so many. Such experiences in our lives give us an empathy that often seems missing without them.

    We had a wonderful weekend with our grandchildren. Seeing where our grandson spent his time learning the profession of welding was nice. Swimming with his three sisters was fun. I hadn’t gone swimming for several years. We pretty much had the indoor pool at the hotel to ourselves.

    I was also able to watch my granddaughter frost and decorate her little sister’s birthday cake. She had made both gluten free cake and regular cupcakes. She decorated the cupcakes with the Russian tips I had bought her for her birthday. It was her first time to use them. They make beautiful flowers. I tried my hand at them and think I may get myself a set. I don’t decorate cakes anymore, but these are very easy. They would be fun for a special occasion.

    The youngest granddaughter was a bit upset at all the attention her sister was getting. She screamed at the top of her lungs that she didn’t like the song we were singing (Happy Birthday) just before the candle blowing out. Then when we were finished, she screamed that her sister could not blow out the candles yet because we had not sung Happy Birthday yet. It was very naughty, but how I wished I had a video of it for the future. It still makes me laugh. She was very tired from being out late for her brother’s graduation ceremony the evening before and it showed. She thinks she is queen of the world and it is so difficult for us to learn that just is not so. I wonder how often God shakes his head at us for similar outbursts against him?

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  14. I’m laughing, too, Kathleena.

    Our 3.5 was astounded, “But I want to open presents, too.”

    His jaw dropped. “But I want to blow out the birthday candle.”

    We never really get over it, do we?

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  15. See? I am older than dirt and I read too fast to comprehend. But I am still washing my laundry TODAY!! Ya’ll go ahead and put it off until tomorrow….cause tomorrow is another day….and the sun might come out…tomorrow….

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  16. Laundry day is Wednesday. It used to be Monday, and before that it was Thursday.

    I have to be flexible due to sharing our “laundry facilities” with Nightingale. But I think we’ve settled on Wednesday for my laundry. For now.

    When Hubby was alive, there were two laundry days in warm weather and three in colder weather, because of the layers of clothes he wore.

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  17. Kim – Tim Challies recently wrote:

    “We believe that God calls us to enjoy his good gifts, even when our hearts have been broken. And we can do this, for one of the paradoxes of life in this world is that in our deepest sorrows we are never without joy and in our highest joys we are never without sorrows.”

    I think I have been particularly aware of this since Hubby’s death. And now, while it is lovely and very enjoyable when we get together with Chickadee, there is a pain in my heart at the same time because of her situation. So I have to make myself focus on the joy while it is in front of me, and not dwell on the grief.

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  18. There was a time in my life–probably even a decade–when every day except Sunday was 2 loads of laundry a day. I could never have kept up if I did it all on one day.

    And my children would not have had enough clothes . . .

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  19. Has anyone used the FreePrints app? A follower on Facebook said she uses it and gets up to 85 4×6 free prints of her camera photos per month. She uses the prints to make cards. Of course there is a reasonable shipping fee.


  20. I had the sweetest lunch with eldest daughter…our. “Mother’s Day” lunch.
    It’s nice when that happens 😊

    I didn’t have horrible morning sickness when pregnant. Just a touch of nausea when smelling certain foods..like eggs! My first … he weighed 10 pounds. My second…she weight 8.6 and was taken by c-section two weeks early. My doctor didn’t want her to get to 10 pounds!

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  21. I had plenty of morning sickness. That was an interesting article.

    That bird is cute. What kind is it?


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