3 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-14-22

  1. So frazzled, I looked into my batch of “already written blog posts,” to just throw one up on Tuesday without having to be creative writing a new one.

    To my surprise, the blog post references the book I have on sale this week.

    It turned out to be the perfect post.

    Huge sigh of relief.

    Bible study is interesting and going well–I don’t have to fight with it for once since we’re in a new book with a different Biblical and American author (of the Bible study book).

    Just thankful for God’s mercies after a crazy busy week.

    Maybe I can actually enjoy the party tomorrow? LOL

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  2. Wonderful visit with daughter and son in law and three grandchildren. But we stayed up until midnight because they were leaving at three AM..

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  3. And daughter texted to say they had a blow out on the horse trailer with the horse in it. First they were too close to closing but son in law persuaded them they should help. The horse is not trained so they were not taking the horse out for the work crew to change the tire. So son in law asked if he could borrow the hand tools and do it himself. Mission accomplished. And the crew put a new tire on the rim for him.

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