39 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-13-22

  1. “Politics can be messy”?

    Um, I’d say we passed “messy” a long time ago with personal attacks on brothers and sisters. It’s unacceptable behavior, really.

    It’s clear what the most recent political “era” has ushered in — rudeness, attacks on anyone who dares to post disagreement. Where is this coming from? I get it that we all “lose” it sometimes, and I’d never say Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics.

    But if we can’t do so respectfully, we also may want to rethink even that. We need to have the presence of mind — and scriptural understanding — to repent of those attitudes and words and behaviors — and then to apologize afterward.

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  2. Good article, Nancyjill. I need to see if my new church has any flags in the sanctuary. I have not even thought to look. I think that the land in which God places people to live is a blessing He gives so a flag in the sanctuary could just be a recognition of His Providence and hand of blessing at work. Some churches have plants or floral arrangements which could be seen as another symbol of His blessings bestowed through His creation. Instruments used in the church could be thought of similarily. Things outside of the Bible can always be appropriated for use to steal God’s glory, but they don’t always represent that mindset. People are always given a choice as to how they view anything.

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  3. Sure….

    Great idea…. 🙄

    If you were trying to collapse the market…..


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  4. Oh good….

    He kept the receipts….

    They sound like insurrectionists, at least according to the rules they established for others.







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  5. Once again a Democrat admin weaponizes a federal agency to target their political enemies.

    “Republicans say FBI used anti-terror tools to target outspoken parents”


    “House Republicans say they have evidence from FBI whistleblowers that the bureau used anti-terrorism tools to investigate parents who were critical of school boards’ COVID-19 policies despite assurances from Attorney General Merrick Garland to lawmakers that such probes would not be conducted.

    “In sworn testimony before this Committee, you denied that the Department of Justice or its components were using counterterrorism statutes and resources to target parents at school board meetings,” Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, wrote to Garland on Wednesday.

    Jordan (R-Ohio) said the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division created a “threat tag” to track investigations into parents who spoke at school boards in opposition to vaccine and mask mandates even though they were exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.

    The Ohio congressman said the use of the threat tag followed a controversial memo the Justice Department released on Oct. 4, 2021, in response to the National School Boards Association’s appeal to use “counterterrorism tools, including the Patriot Act,” to target parents at school board meetings.”

    ““By Oct. 20, the FBI had operationalized your directive. In an FBI-wide email, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division and Criminal Division announced the creation of a new threat tag – EDUOFFICIALS – and directed all FBI personnel to apply it to school board-related threats,” Jordan said in the letter.

    In the Oct. 4 memo, Garland had directed FBI agents to work with local law enforcement to investigate “threats of violence” as instances of heated confrontations between parents and officials at school board meetings began generating national headlines.

    Garland testified at a House Judiciary Committee later that month that the department would not infringe on parents’ First Amendment rights and would not use anti-terrorism laws against them.

    “I want to be clear, the Justice Department supports and defends the First Amendment right of parents to complain as vociferously as they wish about the education of their children, about the curriculum taught in their schools,” Garland said at the time.

    However, Jordan said, thanks to “brave whistleblowers,” lawmakers know the FBI has opened investigations “in almost every region of the country” with the EDUOFFICIALS threat tag.

    “We now have evidence that contrary to your testimony, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has labeled at least dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division to assess and track investigations related to school boards,” the letter said.

    Jordan cited the details of several probes. ”



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  6. Traitors, led by Fauci.


    “Yesterday I wrote about the fact that NIH officials including Anthony Fauci have been paid hundreds of millions of dollars in patent royalties by pharmaceutical companies and others, raising obvious conflict of interest issues which the NIH has covered up rather than trying to address.

    But it gets worse: remember how Fauci constantly undermined President Trump during the early stages of the covid epidemic? It turns out that he was paid to do the exact opposite of his job–to subvert his boss, the president. OpenTheBooks.com has the story:

    To this day, Fauci continues to receive NIH-approved perks without a lot of accountability. For example, in February 2021, Fauci received a $1 million prize from the Dan David Foundation in Israel for “speaking truth to power” during the Trump administration.”


    “Fauci’s Royalties And The $350 Million Royalty Payment Stream HIDDEN By NIH”


    “Last year, the National Institutes of Health – Anthony Fauci’s employer – doled out $30 billion in government grants to roughly 56,000 recipients. That largess of taxpayer money buys a lot of favor and clout within the scientific, research, and healthcare industries.

    However, in our breaking investigation, we found hundreds of millions of dollars in payments also flow the other way. These are royalty payments from third-party payers (think pharmaceutical companies) back to the NIH and individual NIH scientists.

    We estimate that between fiscal years 2010 and 2020, more than $350 million in royalties were paid by third-parties to the agency and NIH scientists – who are credited as co-inventors.

    Because those payments enrich the agency and its scientists, each and every royalty payment could be a potential conflict of interest and needs disclosure.

    Recently, our organization at OpenTheBooks.com forced NIH to disclose over 22,100 royalty payments totaling nearly $134 million paid to the agency and nearly 1,700 NIH scientists. These payments occurred during the most recently available period (September 2009 – September 2014).

    The production is the result of our federal lawsuit vs. NIH. The agency admits to holding 3,000 pages of line-by-line royalties since 2009. So far, they’ve produced only 1,200 pages. The next 1,800 pages of production will cover the period 2015-2020.”

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  7. So their answer?

    Spend more taxpayer dollars that can be laundered back to Fauci and company thru the pharma industry yet again.

    Same scam at work. Better run out and get your next 5 boosters while supplies last!

    “The AP Interview: US ‘vulnerable’ to COVID without new shots”


    “White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha issued a dire warning Thursday that the U.S. will be increasingly vulnerable to the coronavirus this fall and winter if Congress doesn’t swiftly approve new funding for more vaccines and treatments.

    In an Associated Press interview, Jha said Americans’ immune protection from the virus is waning, the virus is adapting to be more contagious and booster doses for most people will be necessary — with the potential for enhanced protection from a new generation of shots.

    His warning came as the White House said there could be up to 100 million infections from the virus later this year — and as President Joe Biden somberly ordered flags to half-staff to mark 1 million deaths.

    “As we get to the fall, we are all going to have a lot more vulnerability to a virus that has a lot more immune escape than even it does today and certainly than it did six months ago,” Jha said. “That leaves a lot of us vulnerable.”

    Jha predicted that the next generation of vaccines, which are likely to be targeted at the currently prevailing omicron strain, “are going to provide a much, much higher degree of protection against the virus that we will encounter in the fall and winter.” But he warned that the U.S. is at risk of losing its place in line to other countries if Congress doesn’t act in the next several weeks.

    Speaking of a need to provide vaccination assistance to other nations, Jha cast the urgency in terms of the benefits to Americans, even if they never travel overseas.

    “All of these variants were first identified outside of the United States,” he said. “If the goal is to protect the American people, we have got to make sure the world is vaccinated. I mean, there’s just no domestic-only approach here.””

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  8. You try to make the language less offensive, but it doesn’t change the fact that the act itself is what is offensive to most people’s sensibilities.

    “The ‘Pro Choice Caucus’ warns Democrats to use the word ‘decision’ rather than ‘choice'”


    “Just as Democrats have decided the battle over abortion could save them from a disaster in the midterms the Pro Choice Caucus has announced now is the time for a rebranding.”

    “There’s something pretty funny about the “Pro Choice Caucus” sending out advice that the word “choice” is harmful language. Dave Weigel noticed that the messaging is already having an impact on some common chants/slogans.”

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  9. ———

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  10. But muh narrative…..

    “Sixty-five percent of voters think abortion laws should be established by voters and their elected representatives. That’s exactly what will happen if Roe is overturned.”


    “f the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the conventional wisdom assumes that will help Democrats. The only question is how much. That assumption is based on years of polling, showing that a solid majority of voters oppose overturning that 1973 ruling. My own polling shows the same results.

    However, a deeper look at the data suggests that conventional wisdom may be wrong.

    Let’s begin with the reality that any poll asking whether voters want to overturn Roe is meaningless. Why? Because voters don’t know what overturning that decision would mean.

    Seventy-seven percent of voters mistakenly think it would make abortion illegal in the United States. Forty-one percent simply don’t know what it would mean (36 percent). Just 22 percent have some understanding of the issue. If people don’t understand what overturning Roe would mean, how can you possibly interpret polling data showing that people don’t want it overturned?

    To get a true sense of public opinion, it’s necessary to ask polling questions without D.C. political jargon. When you do that, it becomes clear that most voters will be okay with the result of overturning Roe.

    With Roe in place, the abortion laws are set by judges. However, 65 percent of voters think abortion laws should be established by voters and their elected representatives. That’s exactly what will happen if Roe is overturned. Just 18 percent want to preserve the status quo.

    If Democrats truly believed voters were with them on this issue, they would celebrate this triumph of democracy. Instead, they are outraged. Perhaps they recognize that overturning Roe will call their bluff and highlight the unpopularity of their policy desires.

    Consider, for example, the legislation that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has scheduled for a vote this week. Presented as an attempt to codify Roe v. Wade, the legislation is loaded down with extremely unpopular provisions.

    Democrats’ Abortion Bill Provisions Lack Support
    The bill would make abortion legal at any point during the pregnancy, up to the moment of birth. That extreme position, now embraced by President Joe Biden, is supported by only 17 percent of voters. The vast majority — 72 percent —reject that extreme position.

    Thirty-eight percent of respondents believe abortion should be legal only in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is at risk. Thirty-four percent believe abortion should be legal only during the early stages of a pregnancy, and not later than the end of the first trimester.”

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  11. Predator Alert….

    Groomers ahead….


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  12. This is the type of clowns who Biden’s brown shirts want to protect from parents.


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  13. Yesterday I almost felt traumatized by having to vote here. On the surface it all appeared okay, and I was friendly since I have been a poll worker myself. But there is a sense when you go in to vote that you are entering the enemy’s space. I am sure it is not unlike what blacks use to feel in being the minority entering into white territory. But it is knowing what happened previously here that makes it seem so treacherous. They went out of the way to make it seem like everything was okay, but it never will be after what happened before. Our world and nation is never going to be able to overcome what has been done to it under this administration.

    I heard on a call with a group yesterday that one reason baby formula is in short supply is that the priority is to send it to the border. Not sure if it is true, but given other crazy decisions that have been made, I would not be surprised.

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  14. Janice there is a tweet from a congresswoman on yesterday’s thread with the formula for illegals issue.

    Yes, it’s true. DHS and the BP have pallets of it while store shelves are bare for Americans.

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  15. Or birds of a feather and their adversarial tv performances are just that, performances.

    The Washington press corps are entertainers today first and foremost.

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  16. I’ve seen him getting beat up pretty good at those news conferences, worthy of a political thread beatdown, I’d say.

    I never saw him react.

    Getting so jaded and assuming the worst of everyone we disagree with isn’t healthy for us, nor is it biblical.

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  17. This must be great for Psaki. Now she’ll still be Biden’s propaganda minister, but she’ll be paid by MSNBC and make much more. Her real reward for her gaslighting services. The WH to press corps and back again pipeline continues, unlike the gas pipelines that could be helping Americans. This is just the rich and connected speaking truth to their own power. It’s all a charade. A joke really.

    On us.

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  18. I would think she has bigger fish to fry, but like I said, it’s all a charade.

    They serve themselves and their agendas, not us.


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  19. Why am I so cynical?

    Because like I said, it’s really just one big happy family down there in DC… aka fantasyland.

    It’s fitting really, she lies to the very end.


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  20. Good riddance.

    “Goodbye, Jen Psaki — no one condescends quite like you”


    “So long, Jen Psaki! As White House press secretary, you were indeed very informative: Every day you provided an example of how today’s Democratic Party turns normie soccer moms from Greenwich into reality-denying attack machines sputtering insults and cheering on lawbreakers because they can’t face up to the unpopularity of the far-left agenda.

    As blathering Joe Biden retreated into the background and suggested to the world that America was in the hands of a man who should be shuffling around Sunset Acres in a bathrobe, Psaki became the face of an administration that is determined to head into the midterms like Thelma and Louise. “We’ll show those #$%$#@^%! Let’s drive off a cliff!” is the animating principle of the Democratic Party. Do polls say that American voters think the Democrats are doing everything wrong? Then “Pedal to the metal, Louise!”

    Ordinarily, White House press secretaries try not to look like they’re getting so rattled by rude questions that they stoop to insulting the reporters, but Psaki said Fox News’ Peter Doocy sounds like a “stupid son of a #$%$#” in the course of throwing in an absurd and evidence-free suggestion that Doocy is a ventriloquist’s dummy for higher-ups.

    “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue,” her boss famously intoned at his inauguration, but the Return to Civility (™) went out the window the minute Psaki discovered the existence of exactly one White House reporter asking questions more challenging than, “Why are you guys so awesome?”

    White House flacks don’t usually keep working for the administration after they’ve accepted a job offer from a partisan news outlet, but Psaki did that.

    Nor do they generally cheerlead for criminals, but even though Psaki is smart enough to know that intimidating judges by mobbing their houses is illegal, when asked whether her fellow Democrats should continue menacing the homes of Supreme Court justices, her answer was a green light: “There’s a lot of passion, there’s a lot of fear.”

    The Democratic mob’s effort to influence the upcoming Dobbs decision that might overturn Roe v. Wade by swarming the homes of duly appointed Supreme Court justices is so revolting that even ultra-liberal Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said it was “reprehensible.” Thanks to Psaki, voters now have excellent reason to disregard last year’s awful Jan. 6 riots as merely the analogue to what Democrats are doing to try to interfere with the business of the Supreme Court.

    It’s hilarious that, as Psaki turns her back on the podium and tries her luck at being an MSNBC star, Clueless Joe’s approval ratings just hit a record low of 34%, according to a Civiqs poll this week, and she acts as though progressivism is winning big-time.”

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  21. ~ I have also been given a sense of humility about what we can know for sure and how often we need to acknowledge that our point of view is limited and incomplete. This is sometimes called “epistemological modesty,” and it is a quality that we badly need more of in our discourse.~

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  22. Remember this the next time you fill up or go grocery shopping peasants.


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  23. ———

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  24. ——–


  25. Good news, despite what the NYTimes thinks….


  26. One big happy family too, but with a couple problem children.

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  27. Is he wrong?


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  28. Govt efficiency in action.


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  29. It’s good to see Psaki leave her position but I’m not so certain this new gal will be much better. Spinning for the President is their job after all.

    Peter Doocy is definitely a class act. I have never witnessed him getting”beat down” after having dealt out facts and asking pertinent questions to Psaki. I have seen him sit and listen even though he knew he was been condescended to along with being fed a line of spin and lies. He definitely is not bombastic nor annoying like a Jim Acosta or Yamiche Alcindor.

    Even though many of us here disagree on certain issues I don’t view those disagreements as attacking our brothers and sisters in Christ. Politics can indeed be messy…just like life in general. It can be frustrating and yes as followers of Christ we determine to be more like Him. We fall short at times and if one is offended we should reconcile and forgive that offense.

    Stepping on toes concerning certain topics does not necessarily mean it is a personal attack. Have I gotten my “feelings” hurt on this blog. Sure I have. I have gone quiet at times and during those times I have taken those hurt feelings to the Lord and prayed for the person who hurt my feelings. Like I said…life can get messy and the Lord is the One to whom I go when it does.

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  30. Wise words, Nancyjill.

    The steps taken to fix the shortage of baby formula must be faltering baby steps. Or maybe they are forgetting to ask, “Mother may I take two steps forward?” It is just wrong on so many levels about the baby formula. The only good thing is it may cause more to go the natural route of nursing their babies which is healthier.

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  31. The shortage of baby formula is heartbreaking. I could not nurse my babies…first two due to medical issues I had and well the last two due to adoption.
    I had to giggle at a young woman the other day who declared “just make your own…formula wasn’t even around 50 years ago!!” Well yes it has been around that long and even longer! I do know some Moms who have made their own with goats milk and other ingredients added and their babies did very well. What is aggravating is all those pallets of formula being given (free) to people who are here illegally while legal tax paying citizens cannot find it to purchase for their own babes.

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  32. Some people are sharing recipes for homemade formula, but doctors say that that can be dangerous. One that I saw involved evaporated milk (which is cow’s milk, which babies should not have) and sugar, with something else.

    One lady on one of our local Facebook pages is especially desperate. She was breastfeeding, but her baby girl is extremely allergic to something, which they have not been able to nail down yet. There is only one formula the baby can tolerate, which is very expensive and every place within an hours drive is out of it. But it was great to see people offering help in various ways.

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