43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-12-22

  1. Sports Day is tomorrow. For some, their favorite day of the year, for others, a day to dread. But some are team events where everyone gets a ribbon. Our sensitive vice principal had us switch the day around to begin with team events so that everyone could begin the day with a ribbon and a positive beginning.

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  2. It seems short sighted to leave behind the grill and the keyboard, but I suppose if they don’t fit in the vehicle… I pray this is a good move for them. mumsee.

    We had the regular music jam yesterday and then they were asked to play at the church of one of the members of the group. It was his church’s free community meal evening with free pizza, salad, beverage and ice cream bars. They typically have some music during the meal and then go to various activities if people desire. The church is not that far from a community college and a low-income housing neighborhood. They have never gotten a huge turnout, and this was the first night since Covid. They had three people come outside of the band and workers. Two of those came after being invited during the usual jam and are fans of the group. It was sad to see so few.

    We have lots of standing water again and flood warnings all over here. One woman had her basement flood for the first time in 65 years. This was before the rain last night and I am hoping her basement didn’t flood again last night.

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  3. Morning! That is the most perfect photo up there and rather took my breath away when I first saw it! It appears to be a nuthatch in his usual fashion. Great job capturing that moment in time Aj!!
    Another dry and windy day here albeit cooler in the 60’s for us. Praying for rain..or snow…or hail…or grapple…anything wet!

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  4. As to the move, I suspect they are flying and don’t have cars. They use public transportation or bike a lot. They are also keeping their townhouse and letting the church use it as a missions house. The church has a lot of coming and going so it should get used. And having a nice grill and keyboard along with the other furnishings should make it pleasant for whomever.

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  5. Good morning. We did the early voting early this morning. Hardly anyone was there. Three things were different. First, there were no signs right by the entrance to the library saying that people can not have any advertisements, etc., in the vicinity for political candidates. We mentioned the lack of signs and the
    workers assured us there were signs out there. I said, “I’m half blind so I must have missed them.” They really were not where they usually put them. We were told to not walk behind anyone who was voting to get to a booth. That was a bit strange, but, okay, whatever. And at the end when we put in the paper ballot it was pointed out that the digital count changed on the machine for the new ballot just inserted. The paper ballot is new backup to the screen only voting as was done in the big fiasco presidential election.

    At one point my Dec. birthday was discussed and how unfortunate those are. I was asked did I receive combination birthday and Christmas presents. I said yes. Then I said but now I am happy about my December birthday because I get to share it with Jesus.
    I took my card and voted.

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  6. This morning’s mail brought a letter to myself and the Wanderers.

    It’s from Chuck and Linda S. 🙂

    I will figure out how to post it for the rest of you to read in the morning. 🙂

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  7. I will look forward to reading that. Thank you, AJ.

    School year in the Arrow household is done! We finished just before noon today.

    5th and 6th Arrows are continuing to independently read some library books they checked out for school, though, which is good and they enjoy doing so. But for them and for me, the teacher-led part of our studies has concluded for the term. I had wanted to finish up by a week before the wedding, and that’s nine days away, so we met that goal on time.

    Now it doesn’t seem so daunting to have those three days of make-up piano lessons next week, when I don’t have home teaching to do in the morning and early-afternoon hours before piano. I’ll have more time to visit with 3rd Arrow next week — she’s taking the week off leading up to her wedding — and enjoy the last week she’ll be here in the household before marrying her man.

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  8. The movie “2000 Mules” was mentioned yesterday. This piece has a different perspective on it.

    A couple points it makes:

    “Returned ballots must be included in an envelope that includes the voter’s registration information, signature, and a bar code. Ballots delivered without an envelope aren’t counted, meaning ballot-stuffing wouldn’t work.

    True the Vote claims that cellphone location records show that “mules” visited multiple drop boxes in a day, but publicly available location data often aren’t accurate enough to prove that people actually stopped at drop boxes. They could have been driving by drop boxes on busy streets as they travel to and from work.

    None of the surveillance videos in the movie shows anyone visiting more than one drop box in a day.

    A map of downtown Atlanta displays cellphone travel patterns, but few of them intersect with drop boxes, which were required to be located on government property such as the Fulton County Government Center.”

    Other sources that get into some more detail are more associated with “the left”, so I did not share any of those.



  9. i had a feeling this day would go sideways. Our local LA councilman has dropped out of the mayor’s race, I got some reaction and now am trying to get an interview w/him while one of our group political reporters covering the mayor’s race is chasing the immediate breaking news story.

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  10. AJC has been leftist for years. I have lived here almost seventy years so I know what I would conclude as a distinct possibility. God knows.

    Please, Kizzie, live here for a long time and then comment based on experience. It gives a whole fresh perspective😃 interesting how people discount another’s personal experience in favor of a stranger’s report. But who am I? Truly just a deplorable from the backwoods.

    I just commented on my Proverbs Bible study about those who seek to get “a rise” of anger from people. So sorry I mentioned 2000 Mules on here. I still feel taken by those who pulled the wool over the sheep’s eyes.

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  11. My Proverbs verse from this morning from the NLT:
    Proverbs 30:33
    “As the beating of cream yields butter, and striking the nose causes bleeding, so stirring up anger causes quarrels.”

    My comment from this morning:
    “Verse 33 indicates that there is a pattern of behavior that angry people go through that always results in quarrels. They stir up ill emotional feelings wherever they go. I have known some people who have intentionally sought to ‘get a rise’ of anger from people as a form of self amusement. I once had a boss that did that. Obviously, not a Christian behavior. It is very sad to witness people do something like that. It is indeed difficult to see.”


  12. Walked out the door to go to market and the singles van was not there. whoops! She must have forgotten that we agreed that she would pick it up after I got back from market. Oh, well. I walked down but got a ride back.
    Off to sports day.

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  13. I have not watched 2,000 Mules myself yet. I have been engaging in Secret Church streaming with David Platt on Identity in Christ. He goes too fast for me to get all my answers written down in the workbook. He has much to cover in 6 hours.


  14. This discussion seems better suited to the news thread.

    I will leave this here and then go over there to continue it.

    This thoroughly debunks AJC’s misinformed assertions.


    “The film repeatedly explains how they obtained over four million minutes of official government surveillance video viewing the ballot drop boxes (promiscuously deployed due to COVID-19). The trailer shows only a few snippets out of four million minutes. Even the documentary barely scratches the surface of that ocean of data.

    Yet the fact-checkers “analyze” the surveillance videos as if the few examples shown are the only surveillance videos. That is, they dismiss the examples shown only in the movie trailer. Had they actually watched the documentary, they would have known that the same mules are showing up again and again in various surveillance videos at different drop boxes all over the city. Not just once, as in the movie trailer.

    The four million minutes of video show mules stuffing dozens of ballots into drop boxes, not two or three. Often, we see ballots falling all over the sidewalk. The governmental surveillance video shows sometimes twenty or thirty ballots at a time getting stuffed into boxes already full.”

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  15. I shared it for specifically for what it has to say about the parts I quoted, which I also saw mentioned in other articles, and seemed to be valid concerns. Some people appreciate weighing differing perspectives.

    Janice – I realize that your other comments may have been a coincidence coming after my comment and your reply, but in case it wasn’t, I just want to assure you that I in no way am trying to stir up anger. There’s enough of that – too much really – on social media these days. I was merely sharing what I thought seemed pertinent information to consider.

    I often will read things that disagree with my point of view on a subject, to consider if what “the other side” has to say may have some merit or some other perspective worth considering.


  16. I like to hear other views, there’s nothing wrong with that. We can then make up our own minds. We probably will not all agree. And that’s OK.

    I know nothing about this video, didn’t watch it, so won’t / can’t comment on it.

    Question though: Will we even make it through another election cycle here?

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  17. Since I went to vote today, the heart is tender especially today after having gotten burned so badly in recent past. Not a good day to hear what the AJC has to say about anything, and especially to hear them described as not being liberal. They’ve been liberal long before Trump was in politics. I don’t want to remain in this mode so, yes, please move any more discussion of it to the news thread, and let’s keep the peace here.


  18. Janice – I assumed that it was a daily newspaper, which may lean liberal, but not as liberal as other sources I saw. So I did not mean to imply that it is not liberal at all.


  19. And not talking about it “here” (on the daily thread) doesn’t erase the disagreement or the issue of how we handle these political differences (interesting as some don’t think politics is dividing Christians or the church these days, but I see it absolutely playing out in a microcosm right here).

    Whatever the “thread” something appears on, we should be able to handle it as adults and as Christians.

    Personally, I like diversity, I think it’s healthy and good for all of us, there is too little of it anymore; I’m not fond of bubbles or echo chambers. And I think issues can be discussed peacefully by Christians from different perspectives, but it’s not always easy, it needs to be intentionally and carefully or maybe not at all if an issue can’t be approached in that spirit.

    Maybe we’re not ready for that right now as a group that has lost several folks over the past couple years, voices that I think tempered the discussions somewhat or at least added new layers of ideas to the discussions and discourse.

    I find taking a break from it all helps at times. The nation and world are operating in “outrage” mode and most of us probably don’t tolerate that very well (nor should we). Social media has blown things up and us with it sometimes, sadly.

    Interesting read here from a Christian, and it’s short: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/ray-ortlund/why-i-got-out-of-twitter/

    I find myself feeling way too agitated at times, and it’s not healthy spiritually, mentally — or even physically — for me. I need to step away from it during those times I’m being prompted to do so by the Holy Spirit. Maybe — probably — I need to do it more often than I do.

    Remember that old World Magazine adage that politics is a “contact sport”?

    Maybe not such a good practice after all, when it’s all said and done, at least not in these times that are so volatile.

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  20. We have had an outside day today. I even planted a few trees. Clippings from the apple trees and others that got rabbited due to my poor animal husbandry skills.

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  21. Yeah, Mumsee, plowing with the mules😃 Down on the farm in Atlanta. We do have a horse farm near us. No mules there.

    Art said the AJC has leaned liberal from before we were born and he is 74, but I guess one has to live here to be aware of such things. We are very territorial like that. Where hd works they are still stuck in Gone With the Wind. The museum is there and a plantation house.


  22. Christians, more than anybody, ought to be able to discuss about everything under the sun, without darts and arrows. Iron sharpens iron and all. Every second of our lives is to be spent in worship. Digging holes for trees, weeding, eating, politics, our daily thread, news, quilting, interviewing, teaching piano, fixing water heaters, etc. That leaves no time left for battering Another’s servant.

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  23. I am interested in hearing other viewpoints. That is evidenced by the fact that I am still good friends with my friend, Karen, and my CA friend since college days. I get an ear full of other viewpoints and the bashing of who I vote for. I don’t bash back. Funny how that works.


  24. And I apologize for the times I’ve gotten “snarky” in some of my rejoinders. That’s when I usually know it’s time to step away. But I also should apologize on the spot as well.

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  25. While publications can and do lean left (and some right), that doesn’t mean all the writers “lean” in those same directions; so that’s not a full argument, either. There’s some good journalism to be found everywhere, despite our own biases or expectations.

    In California we’re pretty much surrounded by folks to the left. lol. It’s the norm.

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  26. And good journalists are trained not to allow any of their personal biases to shade how they cover a story. Some are quite good at that, so it shouldn’t be assumed anything in a publication believed to be liberal is tainted. Judge it by its merits instead.

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  27. Also, there’s that old saying that a stopped clock is still correct twice a day. 🙂

    We all know that Mother Jones is considered a liberal source, but I have seen friends who are more on the conservative side share an article from them now and then, because the article had something valid to say.


  28. I grew up with my dad reading the blue streak evening paper for the latest news of the day. Then I later subscribed myself and enjoyed it for awhile. But then it got out of balance, way out of balance. It was like that with the Alliance Theater at the High Museum of Art. We were season ticket holders but then it went really off base. With the paper it seemed the editor had an iron fist that would not let much get through that was unbiased. With the plays at the Alliance, they were pretty much by all black writers and the language was often not to my liking for entertainment. They went out on a limb in those days. They lost people like us who had been regular supporters.


  29. It is easy from afar to say what it is like somewhere else, but until you walk a mile . . . or actually live somewhere for at least twenty years, I think it can be assuming to speak as if one knows the truth about a place based on reading a few articles.


  30. There’s a fire in one of the canyons near here, but it will likely be out soon. Still helicopters flying overhead.

    The fire in OC last night was horrifying, I had an aunt and uncle who lived near there years ago, beautiful area.

    Our fire season is starting early.

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  31. So sorry to hear about those fires, dj. We have never dealt with that in this area. One year we did get smoke drifting from the fires in the swamp that borders with Florida, a long ways from here. I can not imagine what it is like to have it so nearby.


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