41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-9-22

  1. Up and at ’em people!!!! Amos and I have been up since 4:30!
    Dogs are fed. I am having breakfast. BG is still asleep. I am about to start work.

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  2. Good night, Jo.
    Good morning, Kim.
    Eggs have been cooked, and garbage bins are on the street.

    It is 51°and feels cold. It will be perfect for lawn mowing. The weather seems stranger than ever.

    Time for my Bible study and prayer.

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  3. Morning all….goodnight Jo.
    56 degrees here with howling winds making Coloradans a bit crazy these days…as if we weren’t crazy enough!!
    Pretty cardinal up there!

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  4. Oh, when we did the icebreaker game at the retreat, the leader put the name of well known Christian writers on our backs and we had to ask questions with yes and no answers to see if we could guess whose name was on our back. I was surprised that one lady had never heard of Priscilla Shirer or her father, Tony Evans. Mine was easy, Beth Moore, when someone hinted, “Contoversial.” Later at the table I made mention of Dr. Henry Blackaby and most had not heard of him or the book, Experiencing God. John Piper was a good stumper, too, for the game, and “Christian hedonism” was given as a clue on him.

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  5. Everyone has their own pet authors in their own bible study and church circles, I suppose. Sounds like an interesting ice breaker.

    I have oatmeal honey bread rising. However, it does not have much oatmeal in it, since I forgot to put it in. I did knead a bit in later, but that is not at all the same. It will be what it will be.

    We will have scattered storms and a warm-up today. We are slowly getting some greens. I see some of my daffodils are up and some early spring flowers by the house. No actual flowers, but that will come soon.

    I received a very surprising Mother’s Day gift–an online site that gives me a question once a week to write about. My answer is then sent to one of my daughters or more as I want. At the end of the year, it all goes into a book. Hopefully, I will keep up with it and write something interesting.

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  6. That bread sounds yummy and I love the scent of baking bread Kathaleena…it just brings a smile and an “ahhh” !
    My two older children sent me greetings and oldest sent me an Amazon card email…he also told me he loved me…that means more than he knows.
    The child still living with us said nothing at all…she was in her room all day long.
    Second child sent a text
    Third child I haven’t heard from in over 3 years….

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  7. I listened to a Beth Moore book a year or so ago. Mehhhh. I have enjoyed Kay Arthur (?) more.
    Kathleena, I wish I had something like that from a mother or grandmother. Maybe I will do it on my own for BG.
    My grandmother Black dropped out of high school to stay home and help take care of two siblings who were “water heads”. The biggest disciplinary problem at her high school was chewing gum. I did have to get those answers for a college class I took.

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  8. Beautiful day here. Low thirties or high twenties with a good cover of frost this morning. Cannot tell if the humming bird feeder froze over night. Have not seen any birds testing it yet. Maybe waiting for it to thaw. Maybe waiting for themselves to thaw. Still just seems to be the males here so far.

    Looks like a beautiful day to mow here, which is good as the grass and weeds are getting quite tall. But I will probably be off with my entourage to visit my dad. Daffodils are in about the third surge and tulips are open. We are moving quickly into the next season.

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  9. Our daughter made an offer on a house.

    Even though it’s heavily frowned upon, her agent had her write a letter to the trustees selling the house.

    I edited the letter.

    Yesterday, she got word all three offers were for the same amount.

    She got the house.

    Because of the letter.

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  10. Son got the job in Chicago. They found an apartment right next to work. And grandson will attend preschool right next to the apartment. Daughter in law will continue working same job from home with some travel. We are grateful to the Master Planner. And so life moves along.

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  11. Janice- I used to do a similar guessing game with students, except they had to guess using Spanish descriptions. Sometimes I’d send the student to get a drink of water while the class decided who he/she would be.

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  12. Took some pics this morning as it’s a beautiful day around these parts. Haven’t been out taking pics for a while. One is up now.

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  13. Mumsee, I did not know the term ‘Christian hedonist.’ That hint did not help me at all. I need to look it up, too.

    I did a Beth Moore workbook study years ago at the Methodist church. It was my first formal group book study, and it covered Fruit of the Spirit. I loved it, but had nothing with which to compare it. Perhaps she was better when she first began, before she got controversial?

    I mowed most of the yard before Noon. I have about twenty minutes left to finish. I forgot to attach the mulch bag. I pulled it over to the place where I dump out the bag and only then realized the bag was not there! LOL at silly me!

    I think yesterday was my last day to do Sunday afternoon prayer calls for the former church. Thankful to give that up although I very much enjoy praying with my friend.

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  14. That game sounds fun for the students, Peter. Y’all probably had some good laughs over that.

    Another game we played was to read the back cover copy/blurb as a group and then individually attempt to write what we thought might be the first sentence of the book (a mystery). That was interesting to see what others wrote. I think I was the only one who got the setting right in the first sentence (a barn where the horse was kept). The real first sentence spoke only about the open barn door. My sentence described the condition of the horse in the barn. The others in the group had focused on the family situation described on the back cover.

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  15. Michelle, happy for your daughter!♡

    Remembering riding by Emory University with you when you were here. Linda and I rode by there recently and saw Tyler Perry is the commencement speaker. That happens today, maybe even right now.


  16. I would have gotten Piper with Chrstian hedonist; not sure Beth Moore would have rang any bells, I haven’t followed her but remember my (late) friend Ellen from down the street was reading one of her books.

    Did she sort of “exit” the denomination dust up w/Russell Moore recently?

    (Don’t think they left the denomination per se but just removed themselves from some of the discussions that were roiling the latest assembly?)


    I hope today is easy, though I need to start getting to my assigned election stories. I already have an email charging one of the candidates with business fraud. I hate covering elections.

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  17. NancyJill – I am so sorry about that situation with your third child. I have prayed for reconciliation in that relationship. Do you have a way to contact her? (I think it’s a “her”, or am I mistaken?)

    Another friend of mine was estranged from her daughter for a while, until the daughter heard that the mother was having a health crisis, and then she came running back.

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  18. My mom’s sister’s 3 children were all estranged from their mom, barely spoke for years; it was never clear what caused the riff, but when one of the kids called to ask my mom for some family infrmation (while their mom was still living with mom), my mom gave him a good talking to about not even connected with their mother on Mother’s Day.

    My mom was never really sure what caused such a serious rift with the whole family, there were various incidents that would have probably contributed to it, she thought, but it was generally a family mystery at least on our end.

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  19. The first I knew of Moore being controversial had something to do with yoga (years ago). More recently it seems she was put down maybe about being a woman who had too much power in the Southern Baptist denomination which has males in top leadership positions. I think she was totally against Trump because of his treatment of women in the past. I could be wrong on some or all of that. It’s just what has lodged in my brain. I really liked her book about praying scripture which we used for a church library book club type meeting some years back.

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  20. Thank you Kizzie for your kind prayers concerning our daughter. Quite honestly I am at rest with the non communication at this point. Our last visit about four years ago was very difficult. She makes it known she despises our faith and relationship with Christ. She doesn’t like us and until she has a heart change it is better we not pursue contact. Oldest daughter recently mentioned that third child moved to Portland OR….

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  21. Would anyone be willing to run an experiment for me?

    I’m trying to figure out if this Google doc I’ve put together can be read elsewhere.

    Can I send it to someone? (You can even read it if you want).

    I just need to make sure if it works for my newsletter next weekend.

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  22. While it was probably easy for the seller in this situation to want to sell to a young single woman and help her get started on her way in life, think about this as part of the letter.

    “My wife and I are looking forward to finally being able to start a family”. While I understand this my not be controversial on the “edge of Sodom and Gomorah it would be other places.

    Or, “My husband Mohammed”. “I can finally do foster care”. “My 5 Pitbulls will ove this back yard”.


  23. My son wrote a letter and got the house. They knew others had bid the same amount previously, but it was all they could afford.

    I did one Beth Moore study. To me, it seemed to be more about her than the scriptures. I had been in BSF and knew how to dwell in scripture, but her study didn’t do that.

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  24. Just got a company email titled “Tips for navigating market fluctuations” (re our poor 401k’s with no matching funds)

    The answer?

    “Be optimistic about your future”

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