17 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-4-22

  1. Good morning! I am still alive and kicking. I survived the EMS conference with only 1 nightmare as a result of a weekend of gruesome pictures. On a long work run now, 11 nights in a row, with some morning training at the track thrown in.

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  2. Good night all.
    God woke me this morning with some creative thoughts for my trip home. You see I leave here on a Friday and then fly out of Port Moresby on a Monday. Where to stay? and where to get the required covid test since it seems that the airport is no longer doing the tests. Details, details. Plus this is not a safe place and not sure even taking a taxi is a good idea. so thus the need to get creative.
    One of my students turned six today and then Wendy was sick. So how to get the Mother’s Day gifts done and deal with a class high on sugary treats.

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  3. Good morning to the rest of you!

    We had thunder boomers and rain in the night, but skies are clearing now in time for my meeting. Then we will have more this afternoon.

    Good to see you here, Rkessler. You are amazing in all you accomplish, too!

    I had purchased a nice Cuisinart food processor several years back but never had even gotten into the box. It was a replacement for one we received as a wedding gift in 1985. I decided I would give it to my friend, Karen. She has little energy to chop veggies given her double-sided heart failure so it should be a big help. It was a long ordeal getting it to her. Finally it happened yesterday. That was a huge accomplishment for me. I had to go into her apartment complex office with her code since I can not read a screen at the gate to punch in the code. That was the easy part. The harder part was getting Karen to make a time I could bring it and then getting her to give me the code. She was enthusiastic about getting it when I told her about it some months ago and said her husband was excited about it, too. Otherwise I would have just said forget it.

    Timd to get ready for my meeting.

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  4. My word, I use my Cuisinart food chopper almost every single day. I love, too, that it goes in the dishwasher. It really is a Godsend for those of us with hand issues.

    Good job.

    I probably didn’t tell you I had nine Zoom meetings in four days scheduled this week. One has canceled, so I only had eight–but four are at dinnertime. Craziness. I have three today, and in between I’m looking at a house with our EMT.

    My husband is looking at a house with her this morning.

    She quit her EMT job a year ago. “I’m happier than I was a year ago.”

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  5. I decided I can hand chop my cabbage and get needed exercise that way😀

    I don’t have much space for storing bulky things like that. I am happy to give it to someone who needs it. And I don’t have a dishwasher to clean it. A knife and cutting board are easier for cleanup without a dishwasher😀

    This morning’s meeting was a surprise. The speaker I thought was for today is scheduled for later. The leader of our group got tied up at the doctor’s office so my retired missionary friend got called on to do the Bible study spur of the moment. She did a great job. Thankful it all got worked out and was not just a gab session.

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  6. I am still having fun giving things away. Gave away my crockpot this week as I knew I wouldn’t be using it again. The friend I gave it to teaches and she is having nationals over twice a week. Folks that are here for the translators training courses. She raved that she feels like she is meeting the cream of the cream in PNG.

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  7. Jo, you’ll be flying lighter!

    Turned in my story; but I had a brief moment of panic when my computer froze completely while I was trying to convert a png to a jpeg — and I realized I hadn’t saved my story since I’d added a bunch of new copy to it.

    Editor was able to go into the file and save my story so I could shut down my Mac and restart it again. Whew.

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