33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-29-22

  1. Morning all. Finished with my Barton tutoring and just waiting for the class to get back from music. Then we will begin another episode of Planet Earth.

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  2. Early good morning from Atlanta. I see others beat me to first! And good evening to Jo in PNG. We won’t be able to say that for too much longer.😃😢 Mixed emotions on that thought.

    I hear the doves cooing. Such a calming sound. 59° feels chilly this a.m. but the temp is suppose to hit 79° as a high. Another two wardrobe day around here.

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  3. still waiting on tickets. Since the agent is in Florida, anything I ask him about has to be answered the next day. Did I mention my hop to Sacramento didn’t include any luggage? So I am waiting to hear about what that means.

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  4. My online Bible study group is committing to memorizing the following verses from Proverbs, the current book we are going through. Just wondering how others feel about these verses? I looked at Biblegateway and chose the version I preferred to memorize which is from the HCSB.

    Proverbs 23:17-18

    “Don’t let your heart envy sinners;

    instead, always fear the Lord.

    For then you will have a future,

    and your hope will never fade.”

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  5. The other day, the fig tree was mentioned, the one that did not have a fig for Jesus when He was hungry. It was sandwiched between His arrival on the colt, when He arrived, He entered the temple and looked around before leaving, and the next day when He returned, passed the fig tree, and scoured the temple of moneychangers. Hmm. Connection? We have all heard of hangry but I don’t think that was it so much as He was seeing the temple was not up to par. Maybe saying that the message was not coming from the temple and their corrupted views of serving God? Fine tuning that thought.

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  6. Morning all. It is a cool start to the day and the winds are predicted to launch us into the “extreme fire danger” warning this afternoon.


  7. All the pomp and circumstance at the temple and the strutting of the ‘important’ people in the Jewish system and yet Jesus said they not only were not entering heaven but keeping others from entering. No fruit from them; no fruit from that tree. Jesus walked among 3 years trying to get them to listen. If they hadn’t yet, they were not going to. The gardener in another scripture said to give the tree one more year. If it still doesn’t produce, then cut it down. God gave the Jewish elders time, but now the end had come, and the time of the gentiles would begin soon.

    I have found that the best verses to memorize are ones that seem to speak to us. Difficult to assign those in a group setting, however. I also find it easier to memorize sections of scripture or whole chapters. The verse you shared is similar to ones in Psalm 37. I memorized the whole first section. It is a great joy to realize not only that I should not envy the wicked or fret about them, but that I will be rewarded at some point, for not doing so. It is amazing how easy it is to envy sinners without realizing it! Memorizing scripture really aids in meditating and on renewing our minds. I am grateful for all I have memorized through the years when in various bible studies. I am sure I have forgotten more than I would believe. Yet sometimes they come to mind, and they aid me anyway.

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  8. Jesus also could see onto the future and knew that tree would be fruitless over time/forever.

    The verses in Proverbs to me are basically related to keeping our focus on God (Ten Commandments) as our priority. I was reluctant to say I would memorize the verse because I do weekly choose the ones I feel personally led to, like you said Kathaleena. I think our teacher was choosing one that is mentioned in several different ways in Proverbs, repeated by God over and over, so very important to Him for His brloved children to remember.


  9. Just reading about a boy who killed himself due to cyberbullying. The comments were mostly blaming the parents for not knowing. But truth is, schools (adults and children) will provide your child with a device if you have determined to have control. And you would never know.

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  10. Got the day off today as I had a dr appointment, a followup on the palpitations — also met my new GP (virtually) yesterday which was good. I’m sure I’ll like her, she’s a young woman (maybe from Canada?).

    Unfortunately, I am now on another medication that makes me unable to take that once-a-day prescription ibuprofen that gave me so much knee relief.

    Honestly. Always something.

    I am looking again at stationary bikes, but not sure where to put something like that.

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  11. I enjoy my bike! It really has helped with my aches and pains. You could put it out on your front porch so you could wave at the dog walkers. Or the back porch to watch the pine tree grow.

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  12. I was thinking on the patio, if it can be “outdoors” — there’s a covering over the patio and I could buy a bike cover for it. That would really be best if it’s workable.

    I loved the bike in PT and it really helped the knee.

    And I just remembered, I still have to get up to the vet’s to pick up dog meds.

    I’ve had more enjoyable ‘vacation’ days.

    But life changes and had its dips and turns.

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  13. I used an outdoor one on my deck for a while. But somewhere along the line the cover did not work and the bees liked to build inside of it. But it was a lot of fun out there. Now I am upstairs over the garage, looking out the windows, listening to Christmas music on my ipod.

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  14. decisions, decisions. I found out the cost of luggage for that last flight. My girls say that they are fine either way. But the drive to sfo can be brutal and I know how to chill in airports. When you add up the cost of gas and the time, I think it is worth it.
    Time to email my agent to go ahead.

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  15. I had a really great afternoon. My friend had tickets for a tour of some old Atlanta homes of distinction. We went to the one that was used in the movie Driving Miss Daisy, the one owned by the Quakers that was used for sanctuary for Martin Luther King when he was under threat, one that had been gotten thrpugh money stolen in the twenties by a top leader of the Baptist Homef Misdion Board, and one in the family (inlaw) of Bobby Jones, thd pro golfer. We saw the lawn and garden where he probably got married. Also we toured a home owned by the president of the Rich’s department stores (bought out by Macy’s). Afterwards we went to dinner at Downwind and sat on the deck by the runways of Peachtree Dekalb, our local airport. My friend was very happy to learn about that new to her place to dine. Art and Wesley love to go there when Wesley is in town. I am tired again. A good tired! Art iscca gettong home now and saying Hi to Miss Bosley waiting at the door

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  16. Even though I am sitting in the car watching grandson play a double header this is getting old…and I am not getting any younger!!! And I am hungry! 😂

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  17. Grandchildren and sports. It can be tedious, but something they’ll remember, I hope. We’ve been to many soccer and baseball games, as well as dance recitals. Soon they’ll grow up and have children of their own, and maybe we’ll go to the events of great grand children.

    Time well spent, in many ways.

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  18. We aren’t particularly close to the grandkids but we do try to make it to their events when we are invited. Tonight the games began at 3:30 and ended after 7:30…with cold winds howling. My ears began to hurt so I sat in the car and had a very good view of the field….there were about 25 other cars with parents/grandparents sitting there watching as well!. Husband braved the outdoor bleacher sitting the whole time and was frozen when he hopped back in a warm car after the games ended. And grandson’s team won both games!

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  19. still clearing stuff out here and tossing lots plus other things to take to school and give away.

    My friend asked how I could have another drawer to go through. Well, I counted. My kitchen only has 2 drawers, which makes it hard to organize the kitchen stuff, but my bedroom has 14 drawers and 2 cupboards. When you have spent years stuffing things out of sight….

    rain is coming closer across the valley and I hear thunder

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